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The DNC Wants To Own the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell News Cycle

If you happen to be searching Google News (but not Google’s regular search results) for headlines about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, like how tomorrow’s the deadline to submit the troop survey and just 25 percent of soldiers have done so, you might run into this sponsored link from Organizing for America, the Barack Obama post-election mobilization campaign that leads to My.BarackObama.com, which is run by the Democratic National Committee. There, the president’s head sits atop a web form where you can commit to “proudly stand with the President for the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’” There is no check box for “LOL.”

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  • mike

    “If you happen to be search….” is not proper English. Just FYI…

  • craig

    Who gives a rats azz Mike – I think we all get the point here.

    Our President is a joke when it comes to DADT. Instead of creating more bullshit sign up forms for us to complete so we can “join his team” and so they can beg for our money later, why can’t they just do NOW what they said they would do.

    It is like all those careers being runined right now do not matter, and for that I have zero respect left for our President and the Democrats who can’t make a thing happen for us on big no brainer issues. UNCONSCIONABLE Mr. Fierce Advocate. Unacceptable.

    Im about to give up on you Mr. President.

    -one of your State of Texas DNC Obama delegates

  • reason

    @craig: What is it that you suggest they do? They are trying to get it up for a vote, and people like John McCain who gave a long speech on the floor against are trying to use parliamentary tricks to block it. Once again some in the community are attacking the side that is trying to get it done at the most critical time. The community abandoned Clinton in the shark tank, and DADT was the result. Presidents are not monarchs. Why aren’t you attacking the people trying to block a vote in the Senate?


    Really I thought it was Queerty that wanted to own #DADT news. Surely the aim should be to promote the cause of equality and not about who reports it first? Your sounding kinda bitter now guys!

  • ConcernedCitizen

    @MADRIGAL MAN: If I could give you a thousand thumbs up right now I would. It’s luridly clear what Queerty’s overall political affiliation is and they make no bones about attempting to cram it down our throats!


    @ConcernedCitizen: And it’s scarily clear they control the cooments accordingly. We will be blocked now for disagreeing but hey there are a million pseudonyms out there!


    @MADRIGAL MAN: LOL Thanks for thumbs down. Its great that Queerty employees works Saturdays!

  • edgyguy1426

    @reason: We suggest that in order to stop these terminations, the Fierce Advocate issue a stop-loss order untill this is resolved by the Congress. The president looked into the eyes of Dan Choi and Victor Fahrenbach during their litte soireee and promised he’d take care of this, well one is out of a job and the other well on his way.

  • reason

    @edgyguy1426: What exactly would a stop loss accomplish? Stop loss does not prevent expulsion under the DADT statute, I don’t know how many times this has to get discussed before you understand. Read page 13 of this unclassified document for yourself ” http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:TM4dnTC3GlsJ:www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc%3FAD%3DADA484814%26Location%3DU2%26doc%3DGetTRDoc.pdf+sharon+alexander+stop-loss+sldf&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShrchypZpLv7oYJHI3vDkcKfic2b31SPrjl7YmnuMEgHYLs2yIvj9N290k21ZuET6J3EzK5hFWzwne5NukSj00rsE5NTbGqErSIwVEeQSy7dd0qlrxr8kIsqWdMIYMCDu0kyUvx&sig=AHIEtbSpQe5daCVFF6hAVbhzgwEmLeK50w ” the presidents hands are tied it will take an act of congress to repeal DADT. Obama has already changed the rules to set the bar higher for kicking GBLT out but that is about as much as he can do granted that he is not an absolute monarch.

  • Andy

    DADT repeal isn’t a particularly popular cause, and it’s a politically expensive cause, and Obama’s taken on a few of those so far (although universal healthcare’s only unpopular because Bill O’Reilly and other insane people live in America). If he wants to get DADT through without putting his foot through the bottom of his approval ratings, he needs to make little gestures like the troop survey so that he doesn’t draw full-throated attacks from the nutjob right, who are unfortunately still allowed to talk about politics and vote.

    Obama said he’d get rid of DADT, and it’ll almost certainly be done before halfway through his term.

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