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  • J.

    Wasn’t Marc Jacobs the one talking care of Austin a few years ago? Pot meet Kettle…

  • Cam

    He has no job, is searching for a sugar daddy, never really established a modeling career and now is even apparently unable to try to get that career back…oh yeah, he’s sure taking care of himself.

  • echop

    and we care about this…why?

  • David

    Episode 3 was funny (in a good way). I don’t care what you all say. I’m addicted.

  • alan brickman

    very sexy…i’m sure he’s a good cuddle…

  • scott ny'er

    Rodiney is so hot and seems really nice. And that modeling agency is stupid. That really short A&F model books runway shows, magazines, etc.

  • Amber

    love this show!!!

  • spider_orchid

    They need to get rid of everyone but Rodiney and start fresh. Hell, I’d watch an hour of him running around NY talking to people in his adorable broken english.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Ugh, if I wanted to read a bunch of bitchy queens being nasty with each other I would just log on to my local chatroom.

  • rodrigo

    I love Rodiney and his puppy eyes with all my heart~!

    I’ll take him while Reichen is getting busy being a slut.

  • Joe

    I cant stand watching this show!
    It reminds of me of the days when I was living in Boston’s
    S.End in my 20’s during the early 90’s late 80’s.
    Dealing with the jealous, bitchy, catty and self absorbed
    boys of bean towns gay mecca.
    It got real tiring, real quickly.
    I often wondered what happened to those self-centered
    blow up Dolls with their denim go go shorts and black boots with dog tags around the neck.
    That hung out in packs in the clubs, gym and p-town.
    most of them were screwing each others brains out,
    for fear of not living to see the next century.
    Now that would be a great reality tv show, Where are they now
    type of thing!

  • john

    Rodiney is the only character in this silly series worth watching — he has a puppy dog face & is naive — I hope he gets the most career leverage out of this show — that one blond guy who lives in the penthouse with his black husband looks just like “Tweety Bird” one of the old Warner Bros cartoon characters !!

    I really hope the rest of this bunch are not representative of the younger pre 30 gay male generation — if so…….the advancement of the gay civil rights movement is certainly in trouble !!

  • The Artist

    “Drugs and crime spreading on the street and people can’t find enough to eat. Now our kids can’t go out and play, that’s the state of the world today.” Makes any conversation about this show important in our lives. PEACELUVNBWILD & THINK!

  • DG

    Man. This is the reason I work hard, make good money, and am able to completely cut people like this out of my life. So why am I addicted to this show?

  • Maxx E Padd

    Hopefully Rodiney will get his own show. Can you imagine Austin and Derek in ten years? There hatefullness will follow them throughout there lives. They will never be able to live past this series. I am sure they have their little group of friends telling them otherwise but as someone who never knew of them I hope I never have to come across these insults to the Gay community. In a few years Austin will be on the streets as a hasbeen. Wait you have to be someone to be a hasbeen so what will that leave Austin. Sorry Austin, Rodiney was the star of this show. He could teach you a thing or two about class.

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