The Quest To Make Sure Every School Computer Can Log On To Dlist

As part of its “Don’t Filter Me” campaign, which asked students to see if their schools were filtering even G-rated LGBT websites, the ACLU is sending out letters to schools in Kansas, Missouri, and Michigan alerting administrators they need to call their IT guys immediately if they don’t want to be accused of violating students’ First Amendment rights. Because fifth graders need their Queerty fix.

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  • McMike

    This op-ed piece is perhaps the worst piece of trash I’ve ever seen on Queerty. Queerty, once again, shows it deserves absolutely no respect and every ridicule hurled at it. This is a serious issue and to only make fun of it by saying gay teens need access to gay hook-up sex sites only feeds the fire any anti-gay crowd can muster.

    In other words, “F*ck you Queerty”

  • rk

    This post is quite a disappointment. When web filtering software restricts access to LGBT content, it prevents students from finding important information on topics ranging from gay-straight alliance formation to suicide prevention. In most cases, schools that filter pro-LGBT sites permit access to anti-gay reparative therapy sites, that further harm LGBT youth. This is a serious topic with real consequences, and I’m personally thankful the ACLU is doing something about it. It’s surprising and disappointing that Queerty would mock it.

  • mconyc

    Uhm, it’s called SARCASM. There was no mocking. Get a sense of humor. Besides, this isn’t CNN so expect things to be given to you in ridiculous ways.

  • greenmanTN

    @mconyc: I get that, but is it too much to ask that ‘snark,’ sarcasm and irony be reserved for discussing RuPaul’s frigging Drag Race and not serious issues, if for no other reason than they’re not terribly good at it?

  • rk

    @mconyc: The whole point of snark and sarcasm is to illuminate the ridiculous. This post uses rather banal sarcasm to suggest that the ridiculous thing is the need to have access to LGBT content rather than the filtering of the information. Hence, epic fail on the part of Queerty.

  • DavyJones

    @rk: Yep; one might expect a conservative right-wing blog to post the headline like that; not one that’s supposed to be a gay-advocate… Then again this is Queerty…

  • Joel S

    Go DList! They rock. And it isn’t a sex hookup site. It’s a gay social network that actually doesn’t allow adult content and is safe for young gay men. Shocking!!

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