Neal Boulton deals the biggest blow to bisexuals ever

The (Recently Decided) Closeted Straight Man Running a Gay Magazine

Neal Boulton is the editor of Genre, the gay men’s magazine, and something called, a bisexual men’s web magazine. Clearly the man has a thing for mixing media and gender identity, as the various “anonymously sourced” items about Boulton’s NYC sexing — which reek of having been planted by Boulton himself — also suggest, as does his former editorship of Men’s Fitess, which is basically a magazine for straight guys to ogle other guys. Not terribly surprising, then, that his on-and-off (and back on) partner for the last 16 years, Claire, used their sometimes open relationship to sometimes enjoy the company of other women while her husband was off dabbling with homos. And now, like The Pregnant Man, they’re on a road to sharing their story with the world. Read on, America, for the next great chapter of the LGBT movement.