The Stupid Decision To Force ChristchurchQuake.net Offline

Have you been having trouble accessing ChristchurchQuake.net, the truther website devoted to exposing how Gay Ski Week and other pro-homosexual pissed off god so much he pushed tectonic plates around to cause $10ish billion in damage and killed more than 140? That’s because its ISP, Bluehost, has pulled the plug on the site after receiving “thousands” of emails from people around the world who had a problem with the site posting things like, “To the hundreds of thousands of people who suffered because of the Christchurch earthquake: Ask yourselves: ‘Was the profit from meals, accomodation and transport from 900 poofters and lesbians attending ‘Gay Ski Week’ worth the $4 billion damage, worth the homes destroyed? Was it worth going to sleep night after night not knowing if the roof will come down on you by morning?’” Ugh. C’mon. Let crazy people say whatever they want. That’s the web is for. None of us give any credence to the ChristchurchQuake.net’s claims, and all of the site’s traffic overages have probably been good business for the hosting company. Let’s not confuse disagreement with the need for censorship.

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  • kernelt

    It’s good to censor hate and other ignorant things, I’m for it…

  • kernelt

    P.S. (queerty really should have added an edit option to comments post) Those things were never good for anyone(not that I’m for making decision for the vast majority) nor does it justify logically

  • Justin N.

    @kernelt: And the Arbiter of things ignorant or hateful is???
    Well, that would depend on whose opinions matter about what constitutes ignorance or hatred.

    Free speech isn’t just something addressed by our First Amendment, though it is that. It is also a concept in its own right, and it’s an AWESOME thing. It confirms the right of every individual to hold and voice an opinion. And the resulting cacophony of opinions means an INFORMED POPULACE rather than an echo chamber.

    Kernelt, I really think your heart is in the right place. Hell, these IDIOTS piss ALL of us off! But if there are people out there of this ilk bullying, killing, voting, and slandering against us simply because they don’t like what we do to our genitals, then the more they speak, the more they inform EVERYONE. They want everyone to know how much they hate us. The more they speak, the more everyone DOES know that. And, I want everyone to know how much they hate us, too.

  • David Gervais


    Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

    Let them have their web sites. I’m sure NZ has late night comedians who love the free material.

  • Charlie

    I don’t think Bluehost is required to host the site because the crazies have a right to free speech.

    If I were living in Christchurch I’d be happy to see it taken down.

  • Ro

    These ignorant people realise the earthquake took place in ‘Christchurch’ right?

    “Christ” “Church”

    Not the NZ town of, ‘Pooftersodomy’

  • kernelt

    @Justin N.: I wanted to have complete faith in humanity to distinct between good and bad; wisdom to see truth in all things. But reality is not all can (of course those who can have more power to themselves) they don’t have an open-minded and loving heart/views. And when someone come along spreading hatred and prejudice it ought to awaken the ugliness within.

    Even with my opinion stated above, I still have great hope of the future as we continue toward a full equality society and individual freedom…

  • Seb

    I live in Christchurch. I was there when the quake hit. When I looked out the window after it hit, there were dead bodies in the street outside.
    Websites like this are an insult to the victims. Instead of wasting time making hateful websites, help us clear our streets of debris. Help us give food to those who lost everything. This is our time of need, a time to be strong, a time when we must stand together. We do not need some idiot with internet access trying to turn us against each other.

  • HAL

    BlueHost’s Terms of Service explicitly list “Obscene, Defamatory, Abusive or Threatening Language” as grounds to terminate an account. So I don’t see what the problem here is at all. They terminated the account in accordance with their own policies, good for them.

  • Jim Hlavac

    While there is the right of free speech, and the wackos do have the right to put up what they can — there’s a corollary right that businesses don’t have to do business with wackos. See: “We reserve the right to refuse service” signs everywhere.

    If the “the blame gays on everything” movement wants to put up a website, let them host it themselves on their own servers. No one is obligated to publish mush just because they own a publishing company. I’ve owned magazines — some authors told me that I had to publish something because they have the right to free speech. To which I could only answer — you certainly do, but not in my magazine, go publish your own, here’s the name of a printer.

  • Justin N.

    @kernelt: Well said!

  • pelican

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