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The Trans Woman Who Came Between Kelly Osbourne And Luke Worrall

Around Christmas, former reality show castaway Kelly Osbourne tweleted (that’s tweeted, then deleted) about her ex-fiance, who she’d been dating since 2008: “Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of shit. He has been trying to get back with me. I only came home for Christmas to see him, meanwhile he has been fucking hundreds of girls, as well as men, behind my back.” I’m guess she was referring to Miami’s Elle Schneider, a pre-op trans woman who claims (likely in exchange for cash) she had an affair with Worrall. “I was open with Luke that I was born a boy. He didn’t mind – in fact it turned him on more,” says Elle in a story that’s sure to last at least two hours in the celebrity news machine. “He is a very good-looking guy and when I first met him, he seemed so vulnerable and messed up, I wanted to look after and protect him. He always insisted to me he was single and I had no idea he was engaged to Kelly ­Osbourne. … He told me that it turned him on knowing I was once a boy. Luke is very different to most guys ­sexually. It was a relief to find someone who accepted me as I am. Since I was a kid I have always felt I am a woman trapped in a man’s body and I was determined to have a sex change as soon as I was old enough. It was only when I took my clothes off he saw I had a penis. He wasn’t fazed by it – he was very ­complimentary. He was drunk.” Kelly reportedly saw text messages between the two just before Christmas; hence, her Twitter rant. So now Luke gets branded as a cheater, but also a trans-friendly straight guy. How about just one awwww?

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  • Qjersey

    I’ve heard many pre-op trans women opine that any man that pays any attention to their penis is just a closet case.

  • Qjersey

    …and my other favorite from pre-op trans women: “Any man that wants my t*ts on his back is gay.”

  • Vinny

    He may be bi or just kinky….not many self-identifying gay men are very interested in pre-op trans women.

  • Tek-9

    I am a pre op and well, I have to say that most of the guys who go for me are either open minded straight guys who see transsexuals and bio girls as equal game, bisexual guys, or gay men who want who like femme guys.

    But a guy who is 100% won’t date me. But oh well, plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Robert

    Meh, he was too hot for her anyway.

  • misssanthrope

    Maybe he’s just a straight guy who just happened to like a trans woman? A guy dating a trans woman doesn’t automatically mean that he’s bi or in the closet.

  • gina

    “(likely in exchange for cash)”

    There is nothing in this article nor the article this quote linked to that has any proof Elle is a sexworker. Nor have I read a suggestion of that in any of the tabloid Brit press which would certainly report it if it were so. So basically, Queerty is suggesting any pretty trans-latina must somehow be a sexworker. Par for the course.

  • missanthrope

    Gina, read a little more carefully and click on the link. They’re suspecting that she got paid cash to tell the story (or make it up) by the paper, not that she’s a sex worker. British tabloids have no qualms about handing out cash rewards to “sources”

  • gina


    You’re right… nevermind. I wasn’t clear what it was they were insinuating.

  • Jessie

    first of all, elle didnt have sex for money, she actually had a secret relationship with luke for a long time, and that photo is retouched, she actually is very pretty this is her facebook:

  • girlwsumthinxtra

    I’m a transsexual and I just can’t get over how there’s always this crazy sensationalism whenever a “straight” guy hooks up with a TS.

    When a relationship between a man and a TS there’s always this speculation that he must be gay or bi. Especially when it’s involving some celebrity it always makes the tabloids like it’s something to be gawked at.

    I mean, how many of you gay men out there would consider a relationship with a TS woman? My guess is nearly zero because a gay man likes other men, not women.

    Why then is there this double standard when a straight man dates a transsexual woman that he must be just a little bit gay or somewhat bi?

    I’m not bi-ing it.

  • Stephen


    Because there’s a cock involved, naturally. Duh.

  • NikkiH

    Frankly, I think the terms gay and straight are too simplistic. Guys attracted to Trans women are probably best described as bisexual if you have to put a label on it. I see it more as a sexual fetish than a sexual orientation issue. Gay men are attracted to masculinity. I think they identify with drag queens and trans folks because many are gender variant themselves, although not to the extent of being transsexual. Some gay men may like to talk about make up, beauty pageants, fashion, and recipes but sexually they want a MAN.
    Guys attracted to a pre-op Trans woman have a fetish for that. They tend to be turned on by the hyper-feminine appearance (big boobs, lingerie, stiletto heels etc) but also find the penis on a pretty girl exotic and forbidden fruit. That’s my take on it. Basically, the more feminine the better. As soon as the T-girl loses the penis with surgery, these guys are not interested. If a guy is actually closeted gay, he will quickly move from TGs to gay men once he realizes his attraction is to men.
    Guys attracted to a post-op woman are basically straight men since there’s no penis involved except theirs. They tend to be very open-minded and willing to ignore that you were born a guy if they find you attractive and you can make them happy. Those kinds of men are few and far between. Most straight guys run away if you tell them about your past history. They are afraid people will assume they are gay (which is absurd) and fear what their friends and family will think. It takes someone who is very secure in their sexality to date and appreciate a post-op Transwoman.

  • NikkiH

    By the way, tons of straight men have a fantasy to be with a beautiful passable pre-op Trans girl. It’s almost unusual for straight and bi men not to have this fantasy. Generally, this is a well kept secret fantasy that they do not tell other guys or their wife.
    Someone was telling me that the Trans hookers in New Orleans never made so much money as when the AMA had their convention there…lol. Like I said, it’s a very common fantasy but men will never tell you that they desire that for fear of being labeled as gay.
    You wouldn’t believe the gorgeous straight guys paying for sex with TS hookers in Thailand. I think the Internet is starting to open the closet doors because Trans porn is incredibly popular.
    Unfortuantely, true transexuals who are not sex workers (which is 95% of us) often get stereotyped as sex objects. It can be a huge problem to find a man who treats a Trans woman with respect.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    “By the way, tons of straight men have a fantasy to be with a beautiful passable pre-op Trans girl. It’s almost unusual for straight and bi men not to have this fantasy. Generally, this is a well kept secret fantasy that they do not tell other guys or their wife.”

    Exactly and it’s always been so. Not to mention the same fantasy to be with actual bio men, but now that Trans girls are more accessible, it gives them the whole package for lack of a better term. You have to also remember, before the internet even the existence of Trans girls was not well known except as an “oddity” or a plethora of mislabeling like assuming “hermaphrodites” were the only variant. Especially for younger men exploring/learning about sexuality. Unless you went to gay bars that permitted trans individuals inside, which was NOT permitted in the old days. Old as in 20 years ago lol.

  • Unknown

    Ew, a st8 man does not dream of fucking a trans. Don’t assume everyone is twisted because you all are, get it right. And your not a woman unless you have a pussy, no matter what you think. Sometimes I feel like I’m a billionaire, but I’m not!

  • Teleny

    Old article, but being trans when I was single I felt like a guy who hooks up with a ts woman and isn’t into her penis is closer to str8. If they were interested in dicks, they were almost almost always self-hating, closet queen bottoms.

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