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These 10 emerging queer Latin singers have got the bops to blow up your playlists

More and more queer Latin singers going mainstream thanks to the talents of Ricky Martin, Anitta, Omar Apollo, and Tokischa, just to name a few. But If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve compiled a list of up-and-comers who are bringing glitz, glamour, and fashion to genres of music that have been historically cis-hetero and forgettable.

Here are 10 up-and-coming queer Latin musicians who’ve got the bops to blow up your playlists…

Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product reached groundbreaking status in 2011 with her first hit, Holy Shit!. Since then, she’s built a reputation on calling out problematic rappers and the misogynistic dynamics that often run the hip hop industry. She has recently released new singles, “Jump,” “Te Dejo Ganar,” “So What,” and “Find My Love.”

Product, is currently on her Good Nights and Bad Mornings tour. In her collaboration with Bizzarap released three years ago, she introduces herself as Snow, stating that’s her name, just in case y’all don’t know. It’s about damn time she busts through the scene and makes her golpe, or hit, in the industry.

Brandon White

Brandon White, represents Guadalajara, Mexico on the queer stage, bringing extroverted, over-the-top, brat energy to his music. With only 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, White is slowly climbing the mainstream ranks. He creates music for the people who want to test the strength of their knees on the dance floor. Put on your best f*ck me pumps and throw on his most played song on Spotify, “Sativa.”  Remember–everywhere is a runway if you really want it, and weed is legal (mostly).

Prania Esponda

Prania Esponda is the face of feminist rap in her hometown in Tlaxcala, Mexico. She has gained popularity from performing alongside other notable voices like Vivir Quintana and for calling out the patriarchy standards that uphold violence toward women and gender nonconforming people.

Her music is heavily influenced by activism, using the voices of law enforcement in the intros of some of the songs where she publicly calls out the government in Mexico for allowing femicide cases to go uninvestigated. Her latest album Desobedienta features collaboration songs with other notable musicians like Vivir Quintana and Masta Quba.


Ptazeta is a Spanish lesbian rap/trap/dembow musician who released her first song “Mami” in 2019 with the help of DJ and producer Juacko. She re-imagines rap lyrics without gender roles and doesn’t perform for the male-gaze. Ptazeta has been around for years but has yet to gain mainstream popularity on a larger scale. 

Trixy Star

Trixy Star is a drag icon in Mexico, where she is locally known as La Filtro, Rostro, and Putssy. Star makes it her mission to create a safe space for the LGBTQ+ communities through perreos that test endurance on the dance floor and the bedroom, using sensual sounds in the background of her songs to remind listeners of the sexual forces that drive her music. She puts the “slut” in “slut pop.”

Renee Goust

If you love Renee Rap, turn your ear to Renee Goust, a nonbinary, musician from Sonora, Mexico who’s building their career as an independent musician, working toward deconstructing the cis-hetero, standards that keep musicians like them from ever reaching the mainstream. It’s time to join the revolution of queer feminist rancheras and cumbias. Goust actively refuses to allow straight men to gain licensing rights to cover their songs so they don’t become straight-people ballads. 

San Cha

If Chapell Roan is reaching new levels of fame for yearning publicly in a drag-inspired look, San Cha needs to get some of that same energy!

San Cha crosses cumbia, punk, bolero, electro, and the aesthetic of Latin American telenovelas, to yearn publicly over queer love. She does so with powerful and conspicuous lyrics, exploring her own identity as a queer Latina who has roots in Mexico, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

San Cha is building her presence slowly and breaking down the barriers in the misogynistic world of rancheras and punk by exploring the intersection with her art. 

La Bruja De Texcoco

La Bruja De Texcoco is a well-known but still highly undervalued force of Latin America. She is rapidly deconstructing gender and all its roles with a sublime and serene presence. La Bruja was born out of rejection of toxic masculinity and embracing trans-femininity through traditional Mexican boleros with lyrics about embracing love and acceptance. 

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