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Here is reason 1,430 to keep politics out of the bedroom!

Tee Lee is a black gay man and big supporter of Donald Trump who claims he was just dumped by his boyfriend of six years because of it. Did we say he’s a big supporter of Donald Trump? We mean he’s a HUUUUUGE supporter of the Donald.

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He lives in Trump Tower and tweets photos of himself wearing Trump slippers, as well as affirmations to his fellow Trump supporters that the “storm of thug protesters” will “soon vanish.” Why, he sounds like such an absolute catch we simply can’t imagine why his boyfriend decided to let this one go!

Look, here at Queerty (or at least at this writer’s keyboard) we’re big believers in the freedom to vote however you choose. We just think that judging from these tweets, there was more likely more at play here than the fact that Lee simply wants to “make America great again.” Could you imagine breaking bread (or the bed) with the guy that came up with these tweets? Yeah, neither can we.

It’s too bad, because Tee’s a cutie with some interesting (and NSFW) assets he’s not shy about sharing. Hey, we’ve got no political affiliation when it comes to a nice, round rump even if it’s attached to someone who stumps for Trump.

We’re sure he’ll meet the Log Cabin Republican of his dreams at the next Trump rally…unless someone mistakes him for a #blacklivesmatter protester.

We hear they’re not very welcome at Trump’s rallies.

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