The animated dad from 'Inside Out' looks into the camera in a screen capture from the film. He has thick brown eyebrows, a brown mustache and five o'clock shadow, standing with his mouth open.

The dad from Disney’s Inside Out films is a certifiable DILF, as established by the past ten-plus years of internet thirst tweets.

But what is it about the computer-generated daddy (voiced by Kyle MacLachlan) that makes him so danged attractive? And what would he look like IRL?

OK, so we don’t have a concrete answer.

But the internet — read: Gay Twitter X — does have some loud opinions, and they voiced them en masse over the weekend after one user shared a photo of his resemblance to the animated hunk.

With nothing but good intentions, Brazilian-based gay Tomás (who tweets under @tr0mpa) posted a mustachioed pic in a gray tee purposefully posed like Riley’s father.

“I did something,” he captioned the post, simply. It turned out to be a bit of an understatement after it went massively viral, garnering 5.5 million views and counting.

Perhaps it was boredom over a holiday weekend or an affinity for Inside Out 2, whose stellar box-office performance made it the highest-grossing film of the year so far and the fifth-biggest animated film ever.

Whatever it was, Tomás’ post prompted the gays of social media to simultaneously thirst openly, loudly disagree, and ponder the Inside Out dad’s space in pop culture. I guess you can say they experienced a full range of emotions, quite like the film itself!

As Tomás himself noted in a later tweet: “They’re beating the sh*t out of me in the QRTs.” Never underestimate the danger of thirst traps — or the power of a hot Pixar dad!

Nevertheless, he seemed to appreciate the wit from some of the trolls (“Ok, this one kinda ate,” he responded to one meme in Portuguese) and we’ve got to admit, he certainly bears a resemblance to Mr. Andersen, considering the outfit, mustache, and pose.

That being said, what’s so distinct about the fictional character anyway?

As some partakers of the discourse pointed out, there isn’t much to this 2D papa beside slightly unkempt facial hair, brown eyes, and an indescribable aura of “dad.”

Does this mean the computer-designed dude we’ve all been crushing on is, gasp, average?!

We’ll let you be the judge on the likeness between Tomás and the Inside Out patriarch.

However, the intense backlash seems a bit unwarranted. Especially considering he’s not the first queer man to compare himself to the animated character — and he won’t be the last.

If there’s one takeaway from the overwhelming conversation, it’s that while the Inside Out dad remains a hottie, his undeniable sex appeal might be less about him than it is about his mustache.

It’s a theory queer artist Adam Ellis seemingly supported, as he shared a hilarious comic in response to the discourse.

What can we say? There’s something undeniable about a lil’ face caterpillar. And “literally any generic” guy.

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