This Is Not Gay: Hanging Out With Your Friends Swinging Your Penises To Music

Expect the Sunday Times to be all. over. this. In three months. It’s called “Dick Slang,” and it is a style of dance, available only to men, wherein performers turn their lower bodies rapidly from side to side as their semi-erect penises sway in their bloomers.

“Why ‘Slang’?,” asks The Awl. Because: “It would seem to be because it’s a sort of past-tense version of the verb ‘sling,’ which, OK, sure.”

Is this the equivalent of women shaking their tits? And how come these young men, while standing off to the side as each takes a turn gyrating his manhood in front of the camera, are not saying “no homo” between takes?

Also, how do you judge talent? By size? By sway? By applause? I have so many unanswered questions.

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    Seems like a waaay too complicated version of “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” :-p

  • Hilarious

    Were they doing something homophobic? Why make issue of whatever they’re doing?

    What if they are gay? What if they’re not?

    Why does it matter?

    I’m not seeing the point of this article.

  • fredo777


    also, super-stupid.


  • Pip

    um, yeah, i don’t even know what to say to this.

  • Fitz

    As a homo of a certain age, I found this adorable– not sexy, just adorable.

  • ossurworld

    Let me guess what they are selling…


    It’s so cute when Gay people find out stuff that’s been going on for years in the “hood”.

    Check out Youtube of any Black Male Stripper crew and you’ll see this. It’s sort of the stripper moves White girls do when they get to Vegas (trust me, I’ve seen plenty of that.).

    Harmless, unless you get too close and get dick slapped.

  • fredo777

    @DEREK WASHINGTON: I’ve seen something of this nature before, too, posted on another forum I frequent.

  • Darling Nikki

    Brings back memories even though I still haven’t quite recovered from the whiplash.

  • tjr101

    I have to admit that video is quite arousing. I think it’s stupid but seeing cute, young guys like that gyrate with the flopping in their pants… well lol

  • Pip

    @DEREK WASHINGTON: are there black male stripper CREWS now? Is Fiddy Cent in a black male stripper crew??

  • Skipp

    The guy in the grey sweats is totally packing.

  • dvlaries

    What a relief. I was afraid we wouldn’t come up with something more childish in my lifetime than grown men with ‘cute’ nicknames for their dicks.
    Why not? The oil is still gushing into the Gulf and we’re all gonna die anyway…

  • AlwaysGay

    Most black males are flamboyant regardless of sexuality. These guys likely are heterosexual.

  • t money

    derrick, this aint been going on in the hood for years.
    (tru, dick slapping is old, but htis aint dick slapping) this dick slang, wang slang, whatevs is new .
    sure its been done by strippers, but these aint strippers. while strippers (mostly black ones) have worn those sock thongs to show off their junk, that stuff has never been part of hip hop culture. its cause for ridicule.

    look at the heat the game got when it was rumored that HE once WAS a stripper.

    so while you think its old, this is in fact a new craze.

    and the “no homo” is a lil saying these guys having been uttering to prove that they are supposedly not gay themselves, while they acknolwedge what they are doing is in fact gay, or SUSPECT.

  • *J_C*

    Its the new gay chicken I love it lol

  • Hilarious

    @AlwaysGay: Do you always make sweeping generalizations that aren’t remotely true or did you just feel like showing your ass for us because we’re special?

    You can find just as many flamboyant white males anywhere in the US.

    Does that mean “Most white males are flamboyant regardless of sexuality.”? No.

    Stop smoking crack, Whitney.


    This is so not a gay pass time. All the gay men I know and I know plenty would not be wasting their time slinging dicks, they would be wasting their time exploring dicks.

    So, yeah this is a hetero thing all day every day.

    And if this is the new past time in the hood then the hood has really changed from when I used live in the hood. I think Akon and Wyclef may have also added to this mess with their performance and dick slinging in africa a few months back… IM JUST SAYING!

  • AlwaysGay

    @Hilarious: White heterosexual males would only do something like this if they were drunk or joking around. Proportionately, there are no where near as many flamboyant white heterosexual males as there are black heterosexual males.

  • Kieran

    Looks like your typical boys only sleep-over party to me. What’s the problem?

  • rodrigo

    mmm lucky me, i’ve always had a thing for bulges in metallic basketball shorts.

  • alan brickman

    its not gay to do this….straight guys like to show off too…and they didn’t have to put wigs on at their highschools to do this….

  • fredo777

    when i said it was super-gay, i didn’t mean that as an insult, obv.

    my point was that there’s something ultra-homoerotic about a group of guys standing next to each other + swinging their semi-erect (?) dicks around. i mean, come on…

    as for it being super-stupid, well that opinion stands.

  • jsmith

    @AlwaysGay: What? How do you make a generalization as bold as that one?

  • Jon

    Kids will be kids. Just being silly. Yeah they might be idk 17 to 22 but that is still a kid to me.

  • AlwaysGay

    I want to thank those that “thumbs up-ed” my comments, you are clear-headed.
    As I wrote before most black males are flamboyant. You can call it flavor or style regardless it’s still flamboyance.
    I don’t like how comments get folded if a certain number of thumbs down are reached. I think Queerty should remove that option.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    Oh yes, the one in the grey sweats wins hands down. I hope the do a tighty whitey remake. That dance is only for the HUNG.

  • MissLaWanda

    This is all so racist.

  • Amanda

    Their mothers must be so proud

  • Yet Another

    Its just a new dance. Get over it. Its the equivalent of “Booty shaking” for str8’s and tops. Its supposed to be this sexual and raunchy. Its dam near the equivalent of a mating dance so of course its erotic. And a lot of straight guys dont show the super-sensitivity to male eroticism that we might. So yes, they’re standing in close quarters with their friends swinging their penises and it doesnt make them gay or straight.

  • fredo777

    @AlwaysGay: I’m not sure why anyone would have thumbed-up that particular comment. How do you know how flamboyant “most” black guys are? Have you met 70-90% of the black guys in the world? I could at least see if you said “a lot of”…

  • AlwaysGay

    @fredo777: Great deflection. From my experiences and everything I see in the media most black males have colorful personalities.

  • fredo777

    @AlwaysGay: How the hell is it deflection to call out the definite fact that you don’t know what “most” black guys are like? You should have stated that you were judging by your own limited experience from the start.

  • The Artist

    Looks like they’re just having a bit of fun. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • blackjack44

    these dudes are so gay they dont even know it. I think the lines of whats gay and not has been blurred so much that these guys think flapping their dicks around together is something cool, straight, and attractive to women. And im sure if you called them gay they would all get offended. even tho they had a circle jerk after they finished filming this video. I love being black but things like this make me wanna change teams…

  • Jay

    I think they were gay. They dance a bit too well. I thought straight men didn’t move their hips haha

  • jeffree

    Yeesh: guys like to show off & compare themselves to other guys: body builders compare the size of their biceps, their chest or the diameter of their thighs. No big deal! Harmless fun.

    We do a version of this at the gym after step aerobics class or yoga. The women shake their mammaries. It relieves stress, people !

    SLANG: colloquial Southern past tense of SLING, conjugated like RING.
    Example: “I slang hash at Dot’s corner diner all through highschool.”

    Normal translation “I was a short-order cook at my Aunt’s restaurant during high school”

    Erudite-speak: ” I prepared victuals at Chez Dorthea whilst completing my secondary education.”

  • Scottie

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Eric

    Need to wear light colored shorts in order to see the goods, how we supposed to rate them then??? Teehee!

  • Cam

    They don’t seem gay at all. And I’m sure the round of manly hetrosexual blow-jobs they gave each other after filming this were just as non-gay as they dance was….No Homo!

  • jizzing right now, repeatedly

    wow gay or not this is so fucking hot. i would let those guys do anything to me

  • AlwaysTired


    You always say ridiculous things. You’ve got to think a little before you write. Maybe, you might want to meet a couple black folks in person, too, before you start making silly generalizations. I, personally, know some pretty bland black guys. And, nope, I’m a simple white boy here.

    If interested, here are some flamboyant straight white boys. Enjoy!


  • ewe

    That is not new. It is called HELICOPTER and young boys start doing that at the age of 10 or so.

  • ewe

    @AlwaysTired: I have a strong feeling those guys are enjoying the benefits of their parents paying big bucks for them to board at some college.

  • Bill

    So happy I’m gay.

  • suprman

    @AlwaysTired – that video was funny, but definitely straight guys – they can’t do camp at all. guy in the blue bball jersey was cute tho.

  • Jax

    @AlwaysGay: thats just rude and vaguely prejudice. thats like saying all southern guys are rednecks

  • gaysyouare

    Pull your pans up faggets!
    waiting for your friend to fuck you!

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