Thomas Roberts Launches New Segment Devoted To Top Gay Stories

MSNBC certainly knows how to make queer news more palatable for a mass audience. The network has enlisted its handsome and out anchor Thomas Roberts to host a new segment on its “Way Too Early” program in which he counts down the week’s top LGBT news stories. Roberts opines on Jan Brewer’s veto of Arizona’s antigay bill, early marriage licenses in Illinois and the popularity of Jason Collins’ new NBA jersey.

Watch his picks below.

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  • MK Ultra

    Roberts dropped the ball on one of the most important gay stories of the year when he went to Russia, congratulated the Russians, and then gave Russia a raving review.
    Some people will enjoy his work, but for me, personally, I really don’t give a fck what he has to say about anything and wish he would fade away into obscurity.

  • Icebloo

    I agree 100% with the comment above. Thomas Roberts is a traitor to our community. He chose to take a big pay check, go to Russia and support the anti gay legislation instead of choosing to support the rights and LIVES of the LGBT community. He is a disgusting, slimeball of a human being. He has made a living out of his looks and has no talent. He is typical of what is wrong with many gay men these days – he is self-absorbed and arrogant.

    We need to boycott this smug and talentless idiot.

  • Sammy Schlipshit


    I concur with the negative reviews on Roberts going to Russia. Bad move on his part.
    That all said and considered, I am glad he has added this segment to the show.
    Anything to help spread the word. No doubt there is a much more different audience at that time of morning….reaching a different set of folks.

    I must comment about your line…”He is typical of what is wrong with many gay men these days–he is self-absorbed and arrogant.”

    Oh brother, it’s not a new phenomenon. Those were elements as far back as the 70’s, 80′, 90’s and earlier I’m sure.
    I have tales to tell about life in San Francisco/Berkeley during those days.

  • Uisce

    I too wish to echo the prevailing sentiment. Roberts has completely lost any credibility. Not only did he bow to The Powers That Be during the whole Ms. Universe pageant, he toed the company line when it came to the Sochi Olympics, even going as far as wearing one of those horrific Team USA knit sweaters. He is motivated entirely by his career goals at this point. He’s somehow got it in his head that he is a pundit and an actor. But he’s just a pretty face newsreader who sounds like an ignoramus when he tries to join that adult table on Morning Joe. Kicking him from the 11am slot to the goofy pre-dawn death show sounds more like the network wanted to tuck him out of the way.

  • xzall

    Interesting take by all, but are the majority of the gay community paying any attention any longer to what’s going on in Russia since the Olympics ended? For instance, I’ve only seen very limited coverage given to the fact that this was supposed to be the start of the Gay Olympics in Russia but how it’s been a disaster so far. There’ve been bomb threats and several venues suddenly cancelled and the Hilton Hotel chain suddenly could no longer book athletes and visitors for it. But I’ve noticed no one pressuring Hilton or articles being written about this or concerns about what’s happening over there.

    Before judging Roberts we should consider how quickly the ball has been dropped by the gay media and public on this story.

  • Uisce

    @xzall: What “story” are you rambling about? Most people here have realized there is a palpable disconnect between Roberts’s supposed gay rights activism and his actions. He talks one game and plays another. And when you peel away his chipper rah-rah smile for the community, you see that he kowtows in an instant when it might affect his livelihood. I stopped listening to a word he had to offer when he said he was going to host Trump’s international stripper show in bigoted Russia as a political statement. Then he had the nerve to say that he saw and experienced no homophobia while staying in a luxurious Moscow hotel for a week. That’s some “journalistic integrity” he seems to think he has. He reads a teleprompter for a living. He is in no way a hard news reporter or altruistic civic leader. Everything he does is for a paycheck and to boost his exposure.

  • Stefano

    @xzall. @Uisce : you are both right. Gay medias AND Roberts failed.

  • xzall

    @Uisce: The fact that you had to ask ‘what story’ says it all. The Gay Russian Olympics was this week and it has not gone off well. Companies have been pressured to pull out of it like the Hilton hotels. Games have been cancelled due to bomb threats. And very clearly, almost No One in the LGBT media is reporting on this are you wouldn’t need to ask ‘what story’. I’m pointing out it’s not only Roberts who’s lost credibility but the community as a whole who now that the Olympics is over has apparently very quickly Lost Interest.

  • sportyguy1983

    Apparently he wants to be known as the gay journalist (and I use the term journalist loosely) rather than known just as a journalist. He was demoted to this show and he will probably lose this show as well.

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