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Todd from ‘Bojack Horseman’ comes out as asexual

A popular character from Netflix’s reliably nihilistic animated series Bojack Horseman has come out as asexual, and hundreds of fans are praising the creative decision.

Voiced by Aaron Paul (formerly of Breaking Bad), Todd Chavez is Horseman’s quasi-slacker roomie and co-conspirator. In episode 3 of just-released season four, Chavez opens up to Horseman about his sexuality.

 “I think I’m asexual,” Todd hesitantly reveals.

“A sexual what?” Horseman asks. “Dynamo? Deviant? Harassment lawsuit waiting to happen?”

“No, asexual – not sexual.”


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“I’m sure you think that’s weird,” Todd says.

“Are you kidding?” Bojack responds. “That’s amazing. Sometimes I wish I was asexual. Maybe then I wouldn’t have a strain of herpes.”

“It actually feels nice to finally say it out loud,” Todd later admits. “I am an asexual person. I am asexual.”

“That’s great,” Bojack says.

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Further on in the scene, the titular talking horse actor says jokes, “You know, for an asexual, more than not-friends is probably as good as it gets, right?”

“Yeah, I’m not really at a place yet where I want to joke about it,” Todd says.

“Got it, got it, totally,” Horseman says.

“But it feels good to talk about it,” Todd admits.

Fans of the show are reacting emotionally to the scene, particularly viewers who themselves identify as asexual.

Many are saying it’s the first time they’ve ever seen themselves represented anywhere in popular culture:

h/t: Pink News

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  • Luna1979

    I feel like coming out has become trendy and the people who literally have nothing to come out about feel slighted. My partner fits the asexual bill so I just asked him for shits and giggles if he’d like to officially come out. He said, “as gay? Um… do I need to do that?” I said No, as asexual, then went on to explain. He said, “you know, this is really getting ridiculous. No, I want to come out as a unicorn.” He won’t back down. Drawing his own flag as we speak.

    • max_isenberg

      except that asexuals can have, and like sex just as much as anyone else

    • max_isenberg

      aces have just as much to come out about as literally any other orientation. in fact, they arguably have more to come out about because of how unknown/ misunderstood they are, society enforcing sexual normativity, and much of the lgbtqa+ not accepting them

    • Griff_Greymuzzle

      max_isenberg: Asexuals like sex just as much as the next person?? Um… You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

    • max_isenberg

      Griff, pretty as an ace, i’d know what it means. sexuality is ONLY about sexual attraction or lack there of. Has nothing to do with actually having sex since that is a choice and you don’t choose orientation. you don’t need sexual attraction to have or like sex. sounds like you’re the confused one

  • NateOcean

    Asexual? Good.

    That just means there’s more for the rest of us sluts.

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