Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Trapped In Russia After Emergency Landing

imagesWe have to admit we were a little jumpy when we heard this story about Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black involving plane woes over Russian air space, but thankfully all this ended up being was mechanical trouble.

Still, Russia is hardly the place you want to make an emergency landing.

The “sexiest man alive” (arguable) and his Oscar-winning beau were on a Virgin Atlantic flight which suddenly and inexplicably dumped its fuel. While there’s no info on what happened, this is a common protocol when a pilot suspects a fire, or simply to drop weight.

The plane landed in Irkutsk, a southeastern city close to the borders of Mongolia.

Daley snapped a photo of the mid-flight fuel evacuation, which fans were shocked by. Not because of the risk of sudden death, but rather Daley’s proximity to the wing suggesting the couple was sitting in — gasp — economy!

Not to be outdone, DLB utilized his Hollywood expertise and shared this truly captivating video:

Adding on Twitter:

Here’s Tom’s Twitter recap. Who said it best?!


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  • seaguy

    Appears the A340-600 they were on was experiencing mechanical issues so it landed in Irkutsk in Siberia and Virgin sent an A330 to pick up the passengers and continue their trip to London.

  • tricky ricky

    with those two flamers aboard of course they sent the fire brigade

  • DjARD

    Oh thank god they made it out! I’m glad that didn’t have to interact with any filthy, poor and oppressed Russians. That would have just been awful. With this, their privilege is intact and we can all breath a sight of relief*!

    *Except for the Ukrainians and Russian citizens being oppressed by Putin’s government, of course. But honestly, who cares about them? They’re not as hot and rich as Tom and Dustin.

  • timshundo

    @DjARD: or, you know, it could be because of the whole “banned homosexual propaganda” thing…

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