tomdaleyCREDFacebookTom Daley‘s coming-out came as a surprise to many some, particularly to his dear old grandparents.

Turns out the 19-year-old Olympic diver only told Nana and Poppa a day before he made his big announcement via YouTube. Though Mr. and Mrs. Daley were admittedly “confused” — claiming the news came “out of the blue” — they won’t be disowning their grandson anytime soon.

“We only found out at 5pm on Sunday when he came to see us,” Mrs. Rosemary Daley, 65, told the Daily Mail. “We are confused because he’s always had girlfriends. We asked him if he was absolutely sure. He’s our first grandson from our son who died.”

Tom’s father, Robert, died from brain cancer at age 40 in 2011.

“We have always been supportive of him and we always will,” Grandma Daley said of Tom. “We’re not old-fashioned, in fact we’re quite liberal. But I do think he’s too young to be making this sort of decision. But we hugged him, we thanked him for coming to see us, and we’ll be seeing him over Christmas. We’ll always be here for Tom.”

All due respect, Nana Ro, but when it comes to coming out, age ain’t nothin’ but a number and everyone is ready in their own time. Meanwhile, grandparents really seem to be getting on board with the whole LGBT thing this year: storming out of homophobic sermons, sassing anti-gay priests, recording videos and songs in support of their grandkids.

Not to be left out of the Tom-loving, Mr. Daley, 66, echoed his wife’s sentiments: “We’ve always been loyal supporters of Tom and there’s no reason that that will change.”

As for Tom’s mom, he Instagramed this photo of the two of them a day before publicly coming out with the caption: “So lucky to have such a supportive mum! I love you!”

Guess she’s pretty on board, too.

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