Tom Daley’s Secret Boyfriend Is… Dustin Lance Black

It appears we were on to something back in October when we reported that Olympic diver Tom Daley was spotted hanging out with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

Yesterday, the athlete made a big splash when he released a video announcing he was gay in a relationship with another man. Since then, everyone’s been dying to know who the lucky man who convinced Daley to open up is.

“In spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and they made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great,” Daley said. “And that someone is a guy.”

According to E! News’ Marc Malkin, that special someone the 19-year-old Olympic bronze medalist mentioned is definitely 39-year-old Academy Award-winning screenwriter and LGBT activist Black.

We contacted Black, who just returned from screening Milk in St. Petersburg, Russia, for comment but haven’t yet received a response. If the rumors are indeed true, then we congratulate the sexy new couple. May your love blossom and grow this December.

Photo credit: E! News.

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  • G_K1

    How utterly depressing, from someone who runs in the same circles as Black. Dustin Lance Black is a plight on any young up-and-comer in Hollywood, and it’s a pity that Daley wasn’t privy to that fact. He jumps from one barely legal guy to the next, and I know so from personal experience. I personally know 3 guys that were 18-22 when approached and seemingly wooed by Black, all in about the same timeframe too. He made attempts to woo them, basically tried to get them to fall in love with him, and they just went around and fucked other people. Yes, we all enjoy a good casting couch story every now and then, but this guy is such a goddamn LEECH. I understand liking people younger than you, but once this relationship fails – and it will, because Black canNOT hold a relationship without cheating for more than a few months – I hope that he starts bumping up his demographic a few years. Otherwise he will eventually be that “successful Hollywood 70-year-old pedophile.” I hate to sound rash, but he really is a bad person when you boil it down. It’s a pity that this man has taken advantage of so many young guys, using his status to get him ahead. Tsk. I don’t want to make out any stereotypes that gays are pedophiles, because we aren’t. I think that Daley being involved with THIS man in particular is extremely toxic though, yes.

    Also… let’s be honest. Black merely ADAPTED the documentary “The Life and Time of Harvey Milk” and exploited the works of others to get where he is now, and his movies since then have been nothing more than sorry attempts at historical fiction. Not a lot of imagination there. I know he has personally screwed over a few other Hollywood players – i.e. Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer – by acting as their partners and then ducking out and stealing projects on his own… Looks like there’s not a facet of his life that is a bit honest.

    I man sound like a guy who’s been scorned by him, but that’s not the case. I just am sick of sitting back and letting this semi-talented douche bag corrupt and ruin one guy after another. His advocacy campaigning is to be applauded to be sure, but he needs to walk the walk as well. Give me a break already…

    I just hope that if they ARE in fact dating – and I wouldn’t be at all surprised because I’m sure the second Daley hit the screen at the Olympics Black was already purchasing his airfare to set up a “chance encounter” – I really hope that Black’s extensive “slutty phase” is over and he doesn’t turn on a handsome young guy with his whole life ahead of him who was brave enough to make a stand for himself and social advancement.

  • Greg Garavani

    Ugh lame, thought it was someone else. Good for him though, wish them best of luck!

  • Charlie in Charge

    @G_K1: My, these grapes are sour.

  • G_K1

    @Charlie in Charge: Absolutely they are. Too bad that so many people have been forced to taste them over the past few years.

  • dsr_nyc

    Ironically, Tom feels safe with a guy who had pictures of him going bareback winding up in public.

  • Tackle

    I wish them well, but this is a surprise. A 40 yr age gap is not the biggest problem, but the state of mind. I’M just curious is to why Dustin, a self confirmed/and self identified gay man , would choose to be in a relationship with someone who seems to be testing the gay waters, and who just yesterday stated,( I still fancy womem)? Maybe it’s not that serious, but if Tom is gonna release a press statement, then somewhat tells me it is.

  • G_K1

    @G_K1: Not “forced” I guess. Tricked :P

  • G_K1

    @Tackle: It’s because DLB latches onto any young, twinkish type that he can get his hands on. That’s the honest truth. The man isn’t an idiot and knows the types of things to do or say to woo them in and make them think they’re worth a damn before ending it and moving on to the newest PYT.

  • cwiggs

    Guys…. its not true….

  • bystander

    Ugh that boy could have any gay man on the planet. I’d marry him in a second. Hope this particular juvenile mistake doesn’t last too long.

  • G_K1

    @cwiggs: I HOPE not. If so that’d be the best news all day.

  • gingerscruff

    he can definately do a lot better than this creepy dude thats for sure

  • Homophile

    Ugh – he should be with a guy on the gymnastics team, not this troll.

  • Truth Addict

    Tom said something in his video that made me think a story was coming in the press. Then, we find out today, that The Sun is going to run a story Wednesday. When I saw the video, I thought to myself that Tom didn’t have any guidance from any PR people when he put that out there. Now, I am convinced of it. The line about “still fancying girls” sounded to me like a 19 year old that was coming out but was scared to come ALL the way out. I feel sorry for Tom. I’m not sure he did this on his own volition. I suspect he was about to be outed and decided to get out in front of the story. He must have agonized over the decision. But, I am so glad that he has had a such a positive response to his video. On a side note, I’m kinda bummed. I was hoping to snag Lance for myself. Maybe I need to win an Olympic medal to get me a cute boyfriend. :-)

  • Deepdow

    Anyone but some Hollywood sleazebag Tom. Well, you’ll soon know.

  • jimbryant

    He fell in love with Dustin?? Couldn’t he have aimed a little higher?

  • Pistolo

    @G_K1: Interesting. For some reason, I don’t never had a good feeling about Dustin Lance Black. Some of these guys who make it big like him or Bryan Singer become total cads, they’re always banging pornstars or ingenuos then dispensing of them. I’m not a prude but some of these serial exploiters come off as very entitled to me. That’s not an attractive quality.

    I also think a lot of young gay guys are vulnerable in a way so I hope it’s not symbiotic if they are in a relationship. Look, if you don’t get to have those “slutty college years” (like they say in Bridesmaids) or in high school and you’re not allowed to be open you’re bound to spring loose in a big way. A lot of guys are very susceptible at 19, 20, 21, 22.

  • balehead

    Hey Tom Daley! I hear Richard Chamberlain is available too!….

  • balehead

    Black is like a flakey Al Gore is Gore was gay…think about it…

  • G_K1

    @Pistolo: Hah! I agree. It’s very sad… Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have made such a fuss but Tom seems like a sweet guy and I’m sure DLB will ruin him.

  • DShucking

    I’m shocked and disgusted. Someone please save this poor boy.

  • Franco C.

    It’s a bit creepy for anyone approaching 40 to date a teenager. For starters, what would they possibly have to talk about? And it’s important for a middle-aged man to be challenged by someone who has the experience and maturity that age sometimes brings. On the other side, if they’re both happy, that’s all that matters.

  • jimbryant

    I just feel that Dustin Lance Black looks like a half-female and has child-bearing hips.

  • tada-no

    What, this is new: older gay men still fixated on barely legal twinks young enough to be their sons? Most will just carry out their fantasies on barely legal porn, but sugar daddies with money or fame can have them. lol

    I hope Daley doesn’t get hurt and got that DLB tested for everything including rabies because I heard countless stories of DLB having a bareback lust for twinks.

    And DLB was recently in Russia doing an LGBT film festival. Wait till Putin hears about this and tell the world “this is the reason I pass these laws to protect youth from gay men taking advantage.” Russia is in “Occupy Pedophilia” season.

  • latinoguy1988

    They met at the Teen Choice Awards for fucks sake. WTF! Anyway, I hope, for his sake, Tom doesn’t participate in DLB’s fetish of sextapes. But then again…

  • niles

    I hope that this is not true. If it is, I also hope that Daley has sense enough to use protection – but I doubt it. We may have another Greg Louganis on our hands.

  • Daniel-Reader

    If true, eww… someone your dead father’s age… that IS creepy either way.

  • jwrappaport

    Once again, I chose the wrong profession. Should have been a screenwriter.

  • devinjgray

    The average life expectancy of a male in the U.S. is 76. If you divide this by 12 (for 12 months) it’s 6.33 years per month. So this would be a March/June romance. Shame on you guys. I worry that this represents your true beliefs about men over 40.

  • Stache1

    @Homophile: DLB is a good looking guy. I’d take him over Tom Daly in a heart beat.

  • Stache1

    @bystander: Girl speak for yourself. I’m in NO way into that skinny young twink.

  • Stache1

    @Pistolo: Your absolutely right. However, I don’t think there are any victims here. These young good looking guys would not be into them in the very first place if they were just average joe’s.

  • kayakriver

    @Stache1: he prob wudnt be into you either

  • Apparatus

    Well this is just depressing. Not because an older person and younger person is gross or unsavory (it happens all the time) but because Black seems like a serial twink user & abuser and we all know how this is going to end: with Daley getting hurt just like all the other ones.

    Also can’t help but think Daley, who could have any guy on the planet he wanted just because of his looks, but who also seems like a genuinely nice person, could have have done A LOT better.

    And now Daley’s squeaky clean image is going to probably get ruined by a 40 year old guy from Hollywood who has pics of him having bareback sex all over the internet, and a trail of used twinks across the globe.

    Feels like a tabloid and maybe even health disaster waiting to happen.

    But making mistakes is part of growing up, and well…Daley still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Stache1

    I love it when you see these old fools prancing around with their new twink boyfriends. I live in West Hollywood and see it all the time. It’s like god girl. I know you can because your loaded but don’t expect me not to laugh when I see it.

    At least DLB is a good looking guy himself so it’s not so bad.

  • Stache1

    @kayakriver: Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t be into you as well with those 3rd grade writing skills:)

  • Rockery

    Are you that desperate Tom???????

    What a shame. I hope its not true. Absolutely disgusting, why would he scrape the bottom of the barrel like that?


    LOL!!!!! You are joking but I think that would be a better choice!

  • Dxley

    STFU, you old bitter queens. Get your own twink. These pricks! I don’t see anything wrong with these two pairing up and you’d better get used to it because there’s nothing you can do about it. Idiots!!!

  • LulaWSoto

    my neighbor’s step-sister makes $86/hour on the laptop. She has been fired for eight months but last month her pay check was $20442 just working on the laptop for a few hours. see post…….

  • the other Greg

    Tom’s grandparents are REALLY going to be confused now!

  • Stefan

    DLB is a serial user. Needs to date way young guys to capture his fleeting youth…blah blah blah. So pathetic. Maybe he write a screenplay about another gay historical figure if there are any.

  • Joetx

    Daley would be well advised to not engage in unprotected sex with DLB.

  • Rockery


    Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re an idiot. I didn’t click your link but I saw them yesterday and people were hurling all sorts of slurs at him. Now if you are trying to compare the general consensus of “Tom can do better” vs being called f*g and every other homophobic slur, that is just about the dumbest thing ever.


    I guess you missed the point. Your comment makes no sense. Re-read the comments no one is jealous of DLB. Most think Tom can do better. He is fresh faced, has a good body, he is an olympian and seems to be new in the dating scene. He does not need a washed up, haggard man, who has a sex tape of him being barebacked floating around.

  • Stache1

    @ryryr: I clicked on the link you provided and low and behold it sure sounds like what your hearing here. Same hate..different points of view.

    Also, not sure why people are making him sound like some innocent babe in the woods. He’s a grown ass man for fuck sakes that can take care of himself. He might have his own agenda with DLB. Celebrity couples do it all the time.

  • sickranium

    Seriously, folks: a blind guy in Vladyvostok saw that story coming….. I’m not willing to believe anything that didn’t come from the man himself. Just sayin’

  • Kangol

    I don’t know Daley and I don’t know Dustin Lance Black, but I do know that there are some very harsh statements and allegations on here, from a lot of posters, about Black. It seems a lot of people on here do not like him.

    Also, Black is only 39, not 59. There is only a 20-year difference between them, and if Daley and Black are happy, what’s wrong with that? Why so much disapproval of intergenerational relationships between consenting adults?

  • Smidgy

    I really truly sincerely hope this is not true. Quite frankly, Dustin Lance Black is far too old to be dating Tom Daley.

    Tom is a young, beautiful, innocent soul- honest and refreshing.

    Not to judge, but Dustin Lance Black is a known bottom barebacker- high risk for dis-ease.

    Tom did not have to make such a public announcement, though I admire his guts.

    Dustin is very talented, but also known in Hollywood for a penchant for young twinks, and apparently goes through many of them!

    Really don’t want to see Tom get hurt. He is very young, and perhaps emotionally vulnerable.

    DLB: Please date men your own age!!!! Leave that boy alone!!!!

  • sprocket

    This has to be a joke.

  • Apparatus

    Someone needs to show Daley “Behind The Candelabra” ASAP!

  • Zodinsbrother


    Oh dear, you seem to be cross posting and copying and pasting exactly the same text on every single on-line feature on this story. I’ve seen it a good few times at least.

    That would suggest that you have some kind of agenda rather than honestly commenting. Oh dear.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    some younger gay men fall in love with older men.. get over it.

  • AuntieChrist

    @G_K1: Just because someone says they run in the same circles and are privy to whatever does not make it true…Shouldn’t you be on E or Bravo or something spilling your guts there..?…TMZ…?

  • seahawk


    C’mon. Get real. If Tom and Dustin are lovers, so what? After their caring for each other, the only thing they need to know is that no one else’s opinion means a da*n thing. Their lives are theirs. If they don’t stay together forever, so what! Have a look at the heterosexual divorce rates!

    Good luck guys………

  • Merv

    @Stache1: You would take DLB over Tom Daley? Christ, I would’t take him over Tyne Daly.

  • AuntieChrist

    Somebody said that..”Moral indignation is just jealousy in disguise.”

  • scoobydube

    @Tackle: A FORTY year age gap ?? I think your “math” is a “little” off ….

  • dougmc92

    clearly a chickenhawk preying a a poor kid who lost his father…plus- let’s not forget all those bareback sex pics of Dustin!

  • sportyguy1983

    Yawn!! It’ll be over by next summer, or this time next year at the latest.


    @Merv: Merv
    “You would take DLB over Tom Daley? Christ, I would’t take him over Tyne Daly.”

    LOOOOL. you win the internet!

    Sadly, the fact I got that reference at all must mean I’m now old. Well, too old for DLB anyway.

    Every cloud and all that …

  • AuntieChrist

    Mark Twain…”Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”

  • TheMarc

    Wow!! He finally got one!! I know DLB was hunting Taylor Lautner among other famous “are they or aren’t they” twunks, but I guess that rabbit got away. Good luck Tom!

  • iMort

    Not creepy, not weird. I imagine them both having fun, and I imagine a little more too. When I was nineteen I would love to have been seduced by an accomplished older man!

  • the other Greg

    There’s a lot more going on here than people being upset at the age difference. It’s the “Role Model” obsession.

    Suddenly last weekend Tom Daley was REALLY famous – not for diving or for being cute, but mainly for being gay (or rather bisexual). Suddenly last weekend Tom Daley was the New Gay Hero. (Or New LGBT Hero if you prefer.) Everyone imagines all their hopes and desires for what they want to see in a Role Model.

    But a few days later his “secret boyfriend” is revealed to be… ack… someone we’ve heard only bad things about, someone who doesn’t fit the Role Model mold. Oh the horror!

    The main problem is this whole Role Model thing and how we’re afraid that now he’s going to “make us look bad.”

    LGBT celebrities need to be free to live their lives without representing an entire “community,” and potentially, making mistakes, like the rest of us.

  • Tackle

    @scoobydude:My math was waaayyyy off. Lol… Ment 20yr…

  • TheMarc

    @the other Greg: Truly excellent point. I also think there is a bit of concern by some as to DLB’s intentions as well driving the reaction.

  • viveutvivas

    Jeez, I’ve never seen so many judgmental bitter self-hating ageist poisonous queens together in one page.

  • the other Greg

    @TheMarc: Yes, but I think a lot people posting here, if they came out at an age later than 19, they think of “19” as this sweet, pure, innocent, vulnerable, corruptible age (yadda yadda yadda), and it doesn’t occur to them that some 19 year olds are pretty mature. Not all of us were in college at 19; some of us were in the military, or backpacking in foreign countries, or just working, doing fairly grownup things, so we don’t think of age 19 as this idealized “innocent” thing. As someone suggests above, maybe the Olympian Tom can take of himself.

  • Stache1

    @Merv: Yes because I want someone experienced in bed. Not some twink that needs someone to show them the ropes. Plus, he’s a good looking guy IMO.

    Now DLB liking me back is another story since I’m around his age:(

  • alterego1980

    Personally, I think Tom has had such a structured life as a teenager/Diver that he probably feels more mature than other guys his age. Maybe this draws him to a more mature, older man. My sister started dating a guy 18 years her senior when she was 19. I thought she would change and outgrow him, but they ended up happily married to this day so who knows. On the flip side, I know way more than I want to about Black just from this blog. I hope that it’s not a “use him up and toss him out” scenario. That would be sad for Tom as he’s trying for a gold medal.

  • Stache1

    @viveutvivas: That’s known as the # 1 put down (old) gay men love to use. As if that in itself is enough to dislike someone. The next favorite is to call them ugly. Because only young and beautiful people count in the gay world. The last one is accusing them of being slutty. The inference is that they have HIV and thus deserve it.

    Gay men are known to eat their own. They’re their own worst enemies.

  • gobo760

    @Truth Addict: During my time in the gay community, I’ve actually known several guys who were bi (in that they also pursued the opposite gender as well), but all of them identified to everyone else as “gay”, simply because there’s such a huge stigma in the gay community against bisexuals. It’s sooo much easier to be “gay” and then pursue the opposite gender in secret, because so many gay people have this attitude of “oh the poor, confused, misguided thing”… so who wants to go from one orientation where you don’t feel accepted to another orientation where you still don’t feel accepted?

    Bisexuals are easily the most disenfranchised group I’ve ever met in society. Straits say, “oh… you’re with the gays” and gays say, “stop lying to yourself”. So if you’re bi, prepare yourself for a very lonely road.

  • YesIDid

    This one threw me for a loop! I think Tom is still emotionally vulnerable since his dad died from cancer, so he probably was looking for that older/dad type for comfort. I did that when I was his age, but it was with my college professor who was about 16 years older. I hope the relationship doesn’t last long. I believe he should date someone his own age or a little older. He seems like such a sweet kid and so likeable, he has his entire life ahead of him, so I wouldn’t want Black to influence him in the wrong way. The underlying reason of my rant is probably jealousy: imagine waking up to Tom’s smile every morning. I guess Black is better than so old sleazebag like those two keepers of the crypts Calvin Klein or David Geffen!

  • Chris-MI

    These comments are bizarre. Yes, DLB has a reputation for letting cute young things that want to be movie stars crawl all over him, but it’s not like the cute young things don’t know any better. There was a video floating around of Black at some Hollywood party with Brent Corrigan and the aspiring actors were all but licking Dustin, much to Brent’s disgust. Tom Daley can pretty much date whoever he wants and he’s chosen to date someone rich, powerful, decent looking, and connected. Nothing particularly new there.

    Also 19 is not pedophilia. It may be an unhealthy choice bordering on a fetish, but it’s not illegal and it’s the age society says you’re old enough to make your own dumb choices.

  • Niall

    Can anyone please kindly link me to these sources where DLB is confirmed as a “twink user”? Or is this just some kinda lame hearsay that someone says and one person picks up and passes it on, till it becomes “true”?

  • Discodaddybob

    Tom Daley sez he still likes women. Sure he does…as a beard. He is no more bi-sexual than Richard Simmons and is simply trying to make it easier to come out as a gay man by suggesting he still gets it on with women. Whatever. I wish him the very best in his pursuit of more gold in the Olympics in Russia and in his personal life. As for Black liking young guys, I can’t get on his case for that since I, too, have been accused in the past of being a ‘chicken hawk’. I just hope for Daley’s sake that Black has a big dick and knows how to use it. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Discodaddybob

    @Chris-MI: Well said,Chris.
    Well said.

  • drivendervish

    This is the most depressing news I’ve heard in a while. I was definitely curious about who the lucky man was but I never thought it would be a tainted old queen like DLB. In our first gay relationship we learn so much about about how to function in what is essentially an ugly gay world as well as sexual techniques, likes and dislikes that stay with us forever. It is so sad that Tom will learn these things from a troll who wants nothing more than to exploit Tom’s youth and beauty.

  • Discodaddybob

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: I wouldn’t take him over Tyne Daly!” Give the Prince his winnings. By far the funniest comment of the day. Happy Holidays!

  • sportyguy1983

    The most disturbing thing is that so many people think Black is attractive/cute. He isn’t ugly but he isn’t even remotely cute. He is just blah looking.

  • viveutvivas

    What a bunch of mean girls commenting here. It sure struck a nerve with all the pasty jobless basement dwellers that he is dating someone older and successful.

  • viveutvivas

    @sportyguy, really, it is the most disturbing thing to you that people date who are in your opinion unequal in looks? Are you one of the 15 year old girls from Clueless?

  • Tim

    Seriously 39 old and creepy? So you’re telling me had Paul Walker not died in that crash he would have eventually passed on because he’s so “old.” Well I suppose in GAY YEARS it’s “old” but so is 29 in that case. It’s one thing to disagree about them being together but don’t be so shallow. Besides Perez Hilton spread all these rumors about Black and I’ll be damned to believe anything that spaz has to say. And yes Dustin is beautiful. Gorgeous face. But than again to most gays some Frenchy with a tattooed head is considered the sexiest porn star alive so what do you know?

  • robirob

    With soccer player Robbie Rogers dating Hollywood TV producer Greg Berlanti and now Tom Daly dating Dustin Lance Black I can only assume that the members of the Velvet Mafia have a bet going about who scores the hottest and most famous boytoy for the whole wide world to see.

    I think the times of the rich, influential, and famous A-List Gays having a gay or gay for pay pornstar as boytoy have passed.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @the other Greg: Wise words. Young gay guys often start out dating guys much older than them. A 20 year gap is big but I don’t see that it warrants quite this level of vitriol. Your heart gets broken quite a bit when you’re 19.

  • mz.sam

    @Discodaddybob: Well said! And whose to say how this relationship will end or contunue in the future. But to answer your query, leaked photos have been post DLB’s barebacking fat head. And in the meantime Tommy boy is forgetting about his girl fancying and told friends he ‘doesn’t care what people think’ of the age difference.

  • AuntieChrist

    SO ADORABLE… AT 15 I CAME OUT… Soon I thought, we gay folk are so unique, so special… Only to learn that some are vain, vacuous, vapid morons, so wrapped up in themselves and their own ideas of feeling so special, so smart, so different… Why?… Because we felt different… News flash bitches… The minute you think you are better, or know more, you become the thing that you hate.

  • BrandoPolo

    I only worry for Daley because out here in West Hollywood, DLB has earned a reputation for preying on young, soft newbies — and leaving them shellshocked, bitter, and broken. These stories are not made up, it’s not hard to run into the “victims” of the so-called Velvet Mafia. DLB hasn’t racked up as many as Bryan Singer, but they’re out there.

    However, unlike these boys Daley is famous in his own right — so hopefully he’s a little more savvy than your average 19-year-old. If anything, I see DLB getting a taste of his own medicine. Daley doesn’t need DLB’s influence or his money — that’s going to make this situation different, and hopefully better for them both.

  • LeNair Xavier

    Why is this news?

    Articles like this appease the insecure gays who NEED a public figure to justify their own homosexuality.

    I don’t care if Tom Daley’s any degree of gay. And I especially don’t care if him and Dustin Lance Black are boinking each other’s brains out. For I’m secure enough with my own predominately gay bisexuality, and attending to the needs of my own prospective playmate(s) or lover.

  • AuntieChrist

    I hope you GIRLS are enjoying your FREE group therapy session. We all revel in your growth. The world is listening and EVERYTHING you say is so IMPORTANT. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AuntieChrist


  • Stenar

    LAME!!! DLB is old enough to be his father. Black is practically a pedo.

  • YesIDid

    @sportyguy1983: I know! He certainly has a “butter” face. I’m still having a hard time accepting this!

  • YesIDid

    @LulaWSoto: Oh, go fuck yourself.

  • bobby56

    In defense of the age gap, I am 19 years younger than my other half. We are still madly in love with each other and I can’t imagine being with any other man. We recently got legally married in California after 17 years together. We met when I was 33 and he was 52. I don’t know anything first hand about either DLB or Tom. I hope the nay sayers on here are just jealous or misguided. Even if the negative remarks about DLB are true, he deserves a chance to turn his life around. I wish them all the best

  • Cagnazzo82



    Tom could literally have almost any gay guy he wants, and he settled for that dude! Dustin Lance Black??

    Yo have got to be kidding me.

    This cannot be true. I will treat it as a rumor, because this is too absurd for words.

    I cannot believe it.

  • Stache1

    @Cagnazzo82: Yes he did settle. He settled for a good looking successful boyfriend and a nice life of luxury and privilege.

  • azpunky

    did it occur to anyone that Tom might be a player too? They don’t even have to have sex.. They both get tabloid coverage that puts their names on every supermarket newsstand, not just the gay ones. Watch the US tabloids pick up the story now, and you can see the benefit to both their fame aspirations.

  • azpunky

    The Tot and the Tart?

  • Camsean01

    My heart is weeping. Tom, Tom, you can do much better.

  • BrandoPolo

    @azpunky: Come on bro. A fling between an unknown British diver and screenwriter who won an Oscar four years ago is not going to be splashed across American newsstands.

    This is fun tabloid story for gossipy media interest gays like us; the other 99% of America doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

  • iMort

    @Camsean01: My heart is also weeping…But it weeps for ewe. Ewe. Get it…? EWE is sheep. Sheep is all of you.

  • mwalsh

    It’s so strange tat so many people think that all is said and done. Quite the contrary; anyone who’s come out and been 1/2 attractive and adventuresome knows that you kiss many toads and as many princes before anything becomes someone really special and then we miss that or choose not to have a one and only.

    Besides, while he’s quit young and we feel protective, we’re not his mother and need to let things click with him in his authentic and unique order. I have to admit: he’s young, sweet and cute as a button, but I wish him every joy in finding himself.

  • evdanker

    Are people taking rumors as facts? I don’t recall anything that confirms Tom is dating Black, only that he may have been a mentor of sorts. I give Tom Daley credit for being more worldly than one might think. He has experienced a lot in just 19 years. He can take care of himself.

  • JimboinLA

    Everyone needs to just chill out and watch ‘Chris and Don’ on Netflix. Some young guys like older guys. Tom is a Daddy’s Boy. That’s cool with me.

  • Sammy_f

    Dorian Gray and Henry Wotton.

  • Tcolors

    What is so adorable about a man that is 2yrs younger than Toms dad dating a teenage boy? Do you know that Dustin has had 3 teenage boyfriends in past 3 years? Google Jeff Daleacy and Dustin, google Robby Rasmeussen and Dustin, go to Flickr and search for Frank Fay. These are the teenage boys he’s dated in the last few years. An adult man that has nothing in common with people his own age has a problem. I would not call it cute. I would call it sad. Go to Duncan Roy’s blog and you can read a story about how Dustin treated Duncans teenage friend. Then tell me if your happy for yet another teenage boy with Dustin Lance Black.

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