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Tony Ward’s Phallic Nose Helped Him Become A Top Model

554_13_tony-ward-37-zIn 1985, I saw Tony in a blue magazine called In Touch. I knew he was a star. He had animal magnetism that transcended gender. I booked him immediately, and he was the model for the first photo I’d ever taken. At the time, I was styling for Herb Ritts, so I took a few Polaroids to show him and he said ‘I don’t know, Rick. He’s like, I don’t know what. He’s not my type, I don’t like his nose.’ ‘What do you mean?’ I exploded. ‘His nose is Romanesque. It’s like a second dick. He’s the world’s type!’ Tony Ward is the longest working male model, so I think my instincts were correct.”


Fetish photographer Rick Castro discussing his discovery of Tony Ward, who’d eventually date Madonna and costar in her “Justify My Love” video as well as the gay film Hustler White, in an interview with Dazed