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Twilight Taylor Lautner Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny He’s a Big Homo


Those rumors about Twilight beefcake star Taylor Lautner romancing the same-sex might have easily died down, at least for this press tour, if the entertainment media did its job and let celebrities stay in the closet. But they did not!

What’s this about you being gay?, Rolling Stone magazine threw at Lautner for his cover story interview.

Supposedly dating Taylor Swift, Lautner isn’t exactly making a convincing argument the pair are anything more than friends. He tells the magazine: “We instantly clicked. And she”s – she”s an amazing girl. Aside from being beautiful, she”s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around, and so we definitely get along. We”re close.” Wow, we can feel the sexual tension!

And as for those rumors that he’s a big fairy?


Playing coy, Lautner would only say he’s “possibly” dating someone, which could be Swift or somebody named Sean Fox Zastoupil (pictured), whose name has been curiously planted in B-list celeb blog reports as dating Lautner. (Us? If a guy is tweeting about the supposedly secret relationship — “LMFAO now i got people screaming faggot at me because of this #taylorlautner chaos! even if we were together it is no ones business!” — we doubt it’s real. That, and The Hills‘ Lauren Conrad was somehow linked to him. Sounds like a badly orchestrated attempt to lift his celebrity status.)

“I’m really big about, like, commitment. Loyalty is a major thing for me,” he tells RS. Except, the mag asked: “Another possibility is that maybe you’re just sort of discovering yourself …”

Lautner replies: “OK.”


Rolling Stone: “… As a young person trying to figure out his sexual identity in the world.”

Lautner: “OK. I see where you’re going. Interesting choice.”

Rolling Stone: “It is a possibility.”

Lautner: “There’s a lot of rumors out there.”

Well that’s certainly not a confirmation. But moreso, it’s not a denial, which is usually the obvious choice for actors who are heterosexual, and the scripted choice for actors who are gay but playing heterosexual in public.

For now, Lautner is a 17-year-old actor with overnight success. We’d love to have him on our team. For now, we’re comfortable speculating.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I really don’t know how I feel about media bothering teens about their possible sexuality–especially when it only seems to be done to possibly queer teens. Would RS hammer a het teen like this?

  • El Brucio

    Unless Taylor has never seen the internet, I’m sure he’s aware of his sizable gay following.

    And while coming out as gay would probably be career suicide for him at this point, confirming nothing either way allows all his fans to keep their fantasies about him.

  • Same Crap

    Why do we gays like/care about this kid again?

  • FakeName

    Because he has ripped abs of course, and all other considerations fall before the ripped abs juggernaut.

  • bystander

    This is just to get attention for his movie and career. He’s publicly straight to avoid major controversy, but his publicist probably plants gay rumors to get more attention. His real orientation? Who knows…. He is attractive… Below the nose.

  • G

    Yeah, that’s just creepy. I don’t really want to be speculating about a 17-year-old’s sex life. Also, his management probably told him not to answer the gay question. Young guys these days know that avoiding the question just leads to a bigger gay following, which leads to more $$$ in your pocket.

  • TommyOC

    Did you even *see* “The Adventures of Sharkboy and LavaGirl”?!?!?

    That movie has ‘mo written all over it!

  • NoDoubleStandards

    It is no more or less creepy than Britney Spears or that Cyrus chick. We internalize so much of what our culture says we should believe, and do not even think about it. Although I hate Lambers music, I happen to think it is right about the double standard, but would add as this example shows- it is not just for him, but on any issue involving sexuality. Are we seriously going to argue now that it is inappropriate for them to show who the teens are dating?

  • Josh

    Wow, I didn’t realize that he was only 17.

    I didn’t know there were rumors about him either.

    When they won’t say whether they are gay or straight that usually means that they are gay.

  • Glasser

    My take from watching his bubbly interview with Leno, from the uber happy laughter to the “Absolutely!!!” high inflection, that he is one hot Blo-Mo in bed. If not, we sure can fantasize all over that pretty face and those hellacious devil boy abs. Either way he’s a walking talking mega watt Christmas tree just in time for the holidays.

  • naghanenu

    I doubt it. Probably just probing all this to make all u sweat and get attention. Heard the same thing about Gale Harold on Queer as Folk then had the pleasure of meeting his long time girlfriend.

    They need all this attention cos it keeps them relevant…sort of. But i really doubt this kid is gay

  • Josh

    Gale Harold has always been openly straight.

    I remember an interview that he did with the cast of QAF on Larry King during QAF’s first season.

    He even admitted that he use to be homophobic (in the sense that he would be uncomfortable seeing gays being affectionate with each other in public).

  • SoCalTeen


    Sorry, but he is. I’m not trying to spread rumors or anything but we lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same elementary school. Even though we split up in junior high when he came out as “bi” in 8th grade it was pretty controversial amongst us preteens ‘cus of the ‘small’ town we lived in.

  • Forrest

    Gross to even speculate he is a child!

  • mac mcneill

    Who cares whether he is or isn’t. He is pleasant to look at, even dream about. But is it really anybody’s business but his own? He’s young let him live and do what he wants. Same with Adam Lambert, he is who he is. I thought his performance was hot on the AMA.

  • Nelson G.

    Really? Speculating about one’s sex life is the stuff for many gay bloggers.

    The likelihood of anyone here getting between Taylor’s legs is slim to none, so we have a few homo’s dropping the gay bomb in the asinine belief girls and women will turn off and disqualify themselves of that likelihood too.

    The same way gay bloggers attack gay other bloggers, but I’ll save that for someplace else.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Well he’s certainly into his body. Why not embrace by fanbases. As long as they don’t act like the Claymates.

    (Free Dance Station)

  • eagledancer

    Frankly I’m just pleased Queerty finally put up beefcake pictures of someone who is at least part American Indian, in terms of his ancestry.

    Speaking of Native Americans, remember we have an additional term, “Two-Spirit,” which overlaps, but doesn’t exactly mean the same thing as “Gay” or “Bisexual.” It would be interesting what his response would be if he were asked about being Two-Spirit, but I concur with so many other posters that it’s unrealistic to treat a 17 year old as an adult in terms of our expectations.

  • RomanHans

    #16 Nelson G:

    > Really? Speculating about one’s sex life is the stuff
    > for many gay bloggers.

    Wow. You’re smart. Now tell me what heterosexual bloggers do.

    > The likelihood of anyone here getting between
    > Taylor’s legs is slim to none

    And thus all my hopes and dreams come crushing around my head. I don’t get your point here: if Taylor were gay, would that likelihood increase?

    > so we have a few homo’s dropping the gay bomb in
    > the asinine belief girls and women will turn off and
    > disqualify themselves of that likelihood too.

    Sigh. That’s one of the stupider claims I’ve heard in a long time. Yes, we’re claiming people like Tom Cruise are gay so women will abandon them and they’ll be sexless and sad too.

    Call me crazy, but that doesn’t even make my Plan B.

    > The same way gay bloggers attack gay other
    > bloggers, but I’ll save that for someplace else.

    What an idiot. Everybody’s vicious online. Generally, though, they’re not so stupid as to attack people on their own turf. Go sell your homophobic stupidity elsewhere.

  • Nelson G.

    My so called homophobic stupidity was enough to get you going. Pay me beeatch.

  • Jacqui Smith

    He’s 17? What? Now I feel dirty :(

  • schlukitz

    Is it just me, or does the pic of Taylor Lautner flexing his biceps remind anyone of the teenage heartthrob, Robbie Benson, when he was Taylor’s age back in the 70s?

  • Quake

    That man is too yummy for words!

    Straight or gay I’m pretty sure both sexes would rape this guy.

  • alan brickman

    He’s so young..let him make up his own mind…gay teenagers should be respected whether he is gay or not…

  • hephaestion

    He sets off my gaydar a bit. But I guess we’ll have to wait a while to find out. If he is gay, I do hope he will come out after he makes a ton of money from “New Moon.”

  • Shae

    Whoever gets Taylor is the luckiest boy/girl in the world…..hopeing ts a boy so my fantasys can live on!!! Baby boy is fiooooonnnneee!!!! lol

  • RubiesInTheSand

    I must take umbrage with the comment posted by “Quake”, above. With all the violence perpetrated against people these days, ESPECIALLY gay people, I think it’s sick and disgusting that someone would post anything about “raping” someone, whether gay, straight, male or female. You should be ashamed, Quake!!!

  • Mrs. Taylor Lautner

    It’s gross that u guys talk about him as if he is gay. He is not gay. We clear on that people?

  • Sexy Rexy

    His alleged bf is a fucking troll.

  • So Yo

    @ Mrs. Taylor Lautner:

    It’s gross and sad that you post using the name ‘Mrs. Taylor Lautner.’ You are not and never will be Mrs. Taylor Lautner. We clear on that?

  • Mrs. Taylor Lautner

    well lets be clear that u suk ur brothers balls so yo. i dont give a fuk what u care and i dont care how many people think im a dork. and how do u even know who i am, lets take a look there.

  • romeo

    Mrs. Taylor Lautner? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Are you the one that used to be Mrs. Adam Lambert? More HA HA’s

  • Chad

    Ok, regardless of all this Taylor and Sean if in fact they ARE dating which I am guessing is 99% true. Most rumors turn out to be… IT’S THEIR BUSINESS! They are Both freakin FINE as hell! These websites use the worst pics of the alleged other. Sean Has a million other great and amazing pics!

    Just let them be! They seem to really care about each other.


  • naghanenu

    I still say he isnt gay.

  • John

    Chances are high he is bisexual, statistically speaking. Gaya and bisexuals often don’t fully come to terms with the idea till they are college age. 17 is a bit young for someone to come out as gay. Bisexuals often don’t even experience homosexual sex till they are 30 or even 50. Considering the beauty of the guys who would be throwing themselves at Taylor, he might not be able to wait that long:)

  • jason


    I tend to agree with you. I think most men are bisexual in orientation. However, many self-described straight or gay men won’t admit it for reasons that are homophobia- or politics-related respectively.

    Gay male sexuality in the United States is heavily politicized, thus compelling many men to declare themselves “gay” even though they have some interest in women. It’s like saying one’s a Republican even though one shares similar values to a Democrat.

    Of course, there are men who are exclusively oriented one way or another, but these are in a minority in terms of numbers. Ovearall, I think what’s important is the concept of male homosexuality, whether as a subset of a larger bisexuality or not.

    Homophobes oppose the concept of male homosexuality – it’s important to understand this. Even if you are 0.0001% homosexual – either in orientation or practise – homophobes oppose it.

  • me

    It was funny on Conan O’Brien. Conan asked him something like, “Don’t you just love all these girls chasing after you?” He gave a drawn out, almost fake-sounding laugh, lowered his head and gaze at the end of it and let out this sigh-like, “Yeeeahhhh (no, I almost heard him say) :B

  • ossurworld

    Let the kid make up his mind before you make him Prom Queen.

  • terrwill

    To the Bitter Old Queen Brigade (BOQB): Taylor Lautner is 17 years old. He is above the age of consent for every state in the union. The Gays get enough shit from the rightwing-nutbag zealots accusing us all of being boy diddlers. Taylor is vgl with an extraordinary body. There should be no difference between the marketing of him and Miley Cyrus who IS under the age of consent. They are fully aware that they are being marketed to promote their projects. Taylor was faced with losing his gig because the producers thought he was too scrawney to play the role of a wolf. He worked his butt of to get that body and he is rightfully proud of it.

    As to he being a Gay. Until recently I never saw him except for clips from his movies. I caught him on Leno and the gaydar started pinging like a clock shop at midnight. There is no way in holy hell that he can come out. Which is too bad because someone like him could probably be a great role model for young teens if he was able to come out and possibly still have a successful career…….

  • Bill

    Let us not forget that is is the STRAIGHT media that is really the maniaclly obsessed party driving this whole ‘who’s a gay teen’ crap.

  • Same Crap

    “I think most men are bisexual in orientation.”

    I don’t think this is true at all. Despite what the gay porn industry would have you believe with their marketing of “str8” (lol!) actors, most straight men have no desire or inclination to fuck another man. I as a gay man do not have any preference for women. I’ve never had sex with a woman nor do I desire to. Why is that even hard to fathom that a straight man doesn’t want to have sex with a man. Not everything is latent homo or bisexuality.

  • tjr101

    LOL… this is too funny, Taylor Lautner is certainly not gay. He’s just a straight teenager on the shy side. Every time there is an emerging heart throb the media has to go wild about who they have sex with. And the gay media wants to know if they can lay claim to them. Not every straight guy you see have gay inclinations just as not every gay guy has straight inclinations.

  • Same Crap

    Right. It’s never the ugly trolls the gay community wants to count as its own.

    Paul Giamatti? Steve Buscemi? No way. You straights can keep ’em!

  • ricky

    did they make him get a nose job between the first and second movies?

  • NOexcuses

    Did Lady Gaga had a nose job?

  • NoDoubleStandards


    ” Which is too bad because someone like him could probably be a great role model for young teens if he was able to come out and possibly still have a successful career…….”

    That is the Catch 22. The one thing about race and the business is that because one could not be in the closet regarding race eventually the industry had to deal with it. I am left wondering lately if we will be given the opportunity to find out gay Will Smiths (please no jokes) due to the closet that gay men both force on themselves and that is forced on us by others.

    Same Crap:

    There are several guys in the past who pinged as gay to whom I am not attracted, but never the less thought they are gay. I never thought NPH was attractive until recently to be honest. Yet, I suspected a long time ago that he was gay. It must be easy living in your world where all gay people are out to get their dick wet whenever they suspect someone else is gay, but that world is just the shit that you tell yourself to justify being an idiot about the subject of whether this kid is or is not gay. Honestly, I don’t even think he’s all that attractive.

  • terrwill

    To those who question why everyone considers so many celebrities and entertainers to be a Gay. Chances are you haven’t had any personal contact with any of them. Now everyone go back in time and visualize all those students in the drama club, glee club, and all the other creative groups (you know where a lot of the famous peeps got their start)……….see where I am going here???? ;-P

  • Marcus

    If Will’s gayness is found out by the public, NoDouble, then it will be in some form of scandal.

    I have to admit: I’m curious to see how his life plays out. Historically speaking, things don’t end well for the big closet stars. From alcoholism (Cary Grant), to AIDS (Rock Hudson, Anthony Perkins, among others), to just nutbaggery (Monty Cliff), it may not be a pretty site.

    TERRWILL, people don’t really like to buy into that because they know it’s true. ALL the movie and TV stars are straight in their minds…

  • NoDoubleStandards


    I think a lot of things are changing, and, if he is gay, I do not know where his career will end up if he is somehow out for whatever reason. I really do think we will come to a point in 10 years or so where the first major gay movie star will open a straight film without people making a big deal about it other than surprise it took so long. We should not confuse what Hollywood believes with what is reality. 15 years ago that said a black person could never open a movie as an action star. They claim that a black person could not sell internationally just 5 to 10 years ago. But the truth was that Hollywood never tried to build such a star. Then they started to see hits happen, and they changed this minds. But, I suspect that the public had to be far ahead of them because how could the hits have happened if the audiences were not already open to them? So, my point is that we can not know the answer to that because Hollywood beliefs (which tend to be conservative about bankable talent) is not the same as what the public may actually be okay with seeing. Remember just a decade ago a show like Brothers and Sisters would have been impossible. A movie like Brokeback Mountain would be unheard of. A political gay movie like Milk would have been impossible. NPH would not be a star on the level he is now. So, things change. We don’t know what will open the flood gates. But, I do think it is possible that they will open. I think NPH may have that potential, but I have yet to see him in a big budget movie where he’s the bankable talent. If he makes that crossover from TV, I think he has the shot at it because people (including myself) think he is talented.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    Forgot to say-we are seeing that transformation at the TV level already. With straight actors playing gay and gay actors playing straight.

  • terrwill

    Guess What In the not too distant future being a Gay isn’t really gonna be a big thit. Any poll that has anything to do with the Gays always skews more negatively as the respondents ages increase. The older gen wern’t exposed to Gays. If they didn’t know a Gay (they all did but because of how difficult it was to come out very Gays few did) all they had to go on were negative stereotypes. There were basicaly no out students in any educational setting except for college. Therefore a blue collar person could go thru their entire lives without actually knowing an out Gay and therefore they were so much more willing to accept that we were all deviants whos only goal in life was to diddle their children.

    Now you see kids in elementary school comming out, and actually being accepted by other kids. I knew 100% I was Gay as soon as I could grasp the idea of anything sexual. I was actually 8 before I was 7! (do the math :-P )
    Kids see Gays all the time. MTV is one of the most positive influences on teens today. And basically everyone of their programs contains Gays in some capacity. Dating shows, reality shows all have Gay cast member(s). And in the reality shows the Gays are portrayd really no different than the straight teens. Teens see being Gay as no big deal. The biggest thorn in the collective Gay side is still the majority of the older gen. They simply will not accept the Gays in any capacity. Fortunatley for us as they die off the acceptance of Gays goes up. (We basicaly have to wait for them to F-off and die – literally!!) I am kinda thinking this Taylor kid is actually Gay. As I have stated I only recently saw him being interviewed and the Gaydar started pinging like a clock shop at midnight. On one of the interviews they asked about his “girlfriend” Taylor and how it was going. His response was “whatever she says” as he looked away. And I don’t know if Sean Fox is simply hitching his wagon to Taylor’s ride, but he gave more than enough subtle tweets that there is something between them, and actually sounding like a pissed off BF. Because of the changing tides who knows if he wants to be the first teen idol to come out at the peak of his career…………………

  • Chad

    True Terrwill! His tweets were really pissy like he was annoyed everyone is messing with them. They are probably trying to keep it under wraps so Taylor doesn’t lose his fame so acting annoyed and pissed off would deter people from thinking they are dating! I SERIOUSLY THINK THEY ARE TOGHETHER! If they weren’t Sean wouldn’t even probably respond to any of this!


  • NoDoubleStandards

    It does not matter if he wants to come out. Hollywood will say no to coming out or no career. The publics view on this may or may not ahead of the curve, but Hollywood sure as hell isn’t. I am not kidding about the Will Smith comparison. They were saying that a black guy could never open as the lead in a sci fi action in as late as 2000. This is how they view shit in Hollywood. They are extremely conservative about their business model. It makes sense. Most things flop as much as they make money. I remember the number being 20 flops for 1 success story with movies. If things blow up, it will be in the indie or semi-indie area with a major star who is gay being in the lead and the movie having a cross over success. They will say that one is a fluke, but that may open doors for other movies like that to come up the pike. It will probably be a trickle before becoming a norm, but you got to realize that if the U.S. is in the 1950s for gay rights (when we look at it compared to black rights) some parts of the world are in the 17th century (as in the enlightenment has not even happened yet) when it comes to gay rights. Thus, any producer will be looking at their box off being limited to the U.S., and say no because they will not obtain the necessary financing. These are just some of the realities that gays face toward becoming BIG stars in Hollywood. They must sell abroad just like Will Smith had to sell abroad. And people outside of Europe and other small enclaves can be racist and bigotted on a big scale. I mention TV. It is getting easier there, but you still have obvious gheys like the kid from Glee who was out, and now not due to pressure from Fox. This is the reality. They want to make money. You can do anything you want, but don’t let it become wide knowledge.

  • jason

    I didn’t deny that there are men who are exclusively straight or gay in orientation. I believe, as Kinsey did, that there is a spectrum of orientation, from exclusively gay at one end of the scale to exclusively straight at the other. Most men are at least marginally bisexual in orientation.

    How difficult is it to accept this simple research-based proposition? It’s usually petty gay men or homophobic men in general who refute it.

  • Peter

    This is ridiculous, leave the guy alone. Really a pathetic article, and a pathetic attempt by rolling stone. The guy summed it up perfectly “i see where you’re going. interesting choice.” aka i’m too polite to say thanks for trying to get me to come out, fuck off.

  • Marcus

    No, I don’t think Rolling Stone was pathetic at all.

    He was doing an interview, and Taylor’s gayness is the word on the street–at least here in L.A. for at least the last year or so–and they asked him about it.

    This is what happens in interviews–journalists ask questions.

    Does Taylor have to answer? Of course not, but the journalist did their job.

    Taylor is a bright kid–he knew this would could up at some point.

    I think his answer tells us a lot.

  • ossurworld

    On and on it goes. Asking a young actor if he is gay is akin to the old chestnut about asking a straight man if he is beating his wife….no win situation.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    “No. 57 · ossurworld
    On and on it goes. Asking a young actor if he is gay is akin to the old chestnut about asking a straight man if he is beating his wife….no win situation.”

    I am constantly amazed as the amount of self hate that goes into a comment like this. Being gay is equating in this writer above to beating one’s wife. And, for the record, ossurworld, there is a difference logically speaking in the question of “when did you are stop beating your wife” and ” are you gay” if you don’t see the difference that’s your baggage. I am not going to go into the circles of explaining why you are a self hating, but you are, and probably are too old to do anything about it. So good luck with that.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Mrs. Taylor Lautner aka Mrs. Zac Efron aka Mrs. Jonas…whatever…

  • romeo

    @ Jason: Some gay men feel threatened by the idea of bi-sexuality because there are those who think bi-sexuality is the norm, hence gay men should be bi-sexual. I think it’s understandable that exclusively gay men would feel threatened by that. It’s not about what someone else feels or does; it’s about what someone else is pressuring THEM to do. We had a blow up in this blog a while back on National Bi-Sexual Day. We had a lot of irate bi-sexuals on that thread accusing gay men of denying their true bi-sexuality. I’ve fucked women, and I know how I got through it. And I know that sure as shit did not make me a bi-sexual. And I didn’t need any lectures from petty bi-sexuals.

    That said, I think everyony needs to leave everybody else alone on this. No one inhabits your mind but you; you know how you feel. And I do subscribe to the spectrum theory on sexuality. I think there is a significant number of men who are actually bi-sexual. But also significant numbers that are gay and straight.

    Interesting that on any vote, gay issues now run close to half the electorate voting with gays. I think it’s because most of that half are either gay or bi. Only not necessarily out, except in the anonymous privacy of the voting booth. LOL Whether gay or bi, we’re a huge number and a huge force, and we’re starting to become less invisible.

    So, Jason, try to look at things from all sides. It’s more than just being “petty.”

  • terrwill

    ROMEO: #60 I wish to hell your stating that the reason why we are getting almost 50% of the yea votes on issues facing the Gays is that 50% were either Gay or Bi. If you read my post #51 I think it sheds credence on what is happening. The old foggies who had a “hate the Gays” mindset burned into their brains and thought our only goal in life was to diddle their children are simply dying off. Gen X, Y, and Z are exposed to the Gays at an eariler age, most of ’em know a Gay and a lot more of them are now commin out at very early age as opposed to years ago when a lot of Gays didn’t get enough courage to come out till after they broke their marriage up and really confused the shit out of their kids. I agree with your post that our percentages will certainly increase as this natural selection progresses. Many persons who were curious in the past never had the courage to acto on their impulses. When you see 13yo kids out and proud, no longer ascared to declare what they knew since they had a conception of sexuality its a sign that there will be far fewer tortured souls who spent their entire lives in the closet supressing their true being because of a sick hateful mindset of certain religions and political parties…………..

  • Joe Moore

    This kinda makes me sick to read. All this kind of story does is support the stereotype that we are all superficial, muscle obsessed, sex obsessed people. Ask yourself this, if TL were not buff, but a chubby kid who wasn’t playing such a beefcake role…would this be a story?

    When has there ever been a story about the possible sexuality of a fat actor? Or one not as cut and cute as this one?

    We’re just playing into the hands of the conservatives with this kind of story. If TL is gay and wants to come out, great. Good for him. If he wants to keep his personal life private, and doesn’t start bashing gays…great. Just because he is choosing to be in the public eye for his job, that doesn’t negate his right to a private life.

  • Same Crap

    “if TL were not buff, but a chubby kid who wasn’t playing such a beefcake role…would this be a story?”

    Hell to the no!

  • Marcus

    It seems we go through this discussion with every celebrity, Joe.

    His ‘right’ to a private life went out the window when he agreed to do those damned Twilight films.

    Will he be able to have some privacy–sure. But he WILL be reported on like his co-stars in the gossip blogs and magazines. Gay or not.

    If he would like to have more privacy, he will need to seek a different line or work. You don’t have to be a movie-star to act–there’s Broadway, indie-films and his best bet: dinner theatre in Rhode Island.

    FYI, I live out here in L.A. What some celebrities do that isn’t in the papers the next day would shock and amaze you. Believe me, they have more ‘privacy’ than you would ever believe. These folks are crazy.

    And Ossurworld–shame on you, dude.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 62 – Joe Moore and No. 63 – Same Crap

    Umm…does the name Pavorati, Drew Barrymoore, Kirstee Alley and Carol Yager and Raymond Burr of the TV series Ironside, ring any bells?

    Oh…and show me a famous tenor, baritone or soprano who ever made it big in opera without having a barrel chest and a large girth of waist? Skinny singers could never exhale the necessary volume of air to project their voices into the opera hall and be heard without the need for microphones, which is what most popular singers and actors rely on today.

    BTW, Adam Lambert was also a chubby kid of 250 lbs. at one time. Fortunately for him (and our eyes), he had the sense to get some self-esteem and take the weight off.

  • terrwill

    #65 SCHLUKITZ: Any one wanna see chubby Adam as you describe him?? check out:

    As to celebs. being “shocked” that their private lives are not so private any longer once they are no longer private with their private lives………Are you freaking kiddin me??

    Hey guess what: There is a new invention out there, its called as (Sen.Crankypants Ted said) the internets. Its a “series of tubes” which connects people all over the worlds!! If a person makes the decision to become a celebrity nowadays they are 100% fully aware of the loss of privacy such a decision will entail.
    The days of a celebs having a completley private life is waaaaay different now than when the studios in concert with the media carefully crafted any persona they wanted to. Its like the old saying you want to dance you gotta pay the band. And these celebs are paid millions of dollars for a few weeks of work. Which is multiple times the amount the vast majority of us will ever see during their entire career. I am sorry I can’t seem to muster up any tears for these poor,sad,unfortunate celebs and their horrible lack of a private life………………..

  • schlukitz

    WOW! The pics of the Adam Lambert family are way cool, Terrwill. Thanks for sharing that URL with us.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your comments about celebrity privacy. I absolutely agree with you that the Internet has totally changed our concept about “privacy” and the carefully crafted “studio” images of MGM, Paramount, et al, in years gone by. It is becoming increasingly harder and harder to hoodwink the public anymore about anyone…and I think that is a good thing.

    Like you, I too find it hard to muster up any tears for your tongue-in-cheek description of those “poor, sad, unfortunate celebs and their horrible lack of a private life.” LOL

    Like it or not, everything in life comes with a price tag. Along with fame and money, loss of privacy comes with the territory, as they say.

    And, as another old expression goes, “If they cannot take the heat of the kitchen, then they should get out.” ;-P

  • Frank

    What’s really pathetic is an adult blog discussing the sexuality of a 17 year old kid.

  • RPatz

    Who is this guy Sean? I just saw some of his videos on his MySpace page and he is either on drugs or clearly a total cretin. Plus he’s ugly as hell. If THIS is what Lautner is dating, good God, whatever happened to taste?

  • PootieTang

    So is Taylor Swift a lesbo then?

  • theyonlywantyou17

    When I was seventeen and closeted but definitely into spanking the monkey thinking about guys, the mere thought of millions of people talking about my sex life would have been enough to go completely nuts…However, Mr. Lautner is a member of Hollywood Co….he is not stupid, not young anymore, and its up for grabs!

  • terrwill

    #70 PootieTang: Since the beginning of celebrity culture the many Gay men have been totally clean shaven yet had thousands of pictures taken of them with beards ;-P

    The majority of the actresses wern’t lesbians (although some were which was a win-win for both) Back in the day the old studio system would basicaly create what can basicaly be called an arranged marriage. Gay actor X would woo, and court actress Y and then they would get married. It was all prearranged, many times with an actual contract drawn up. There was a financial component with an ironclad nondisclosure clause. The actress benefited because they would mostly take c or b list actresses who would benefit from the exposure of being photographed with the actor. It would enhance her career and thus her future earnings along with the financial terms of the contract. After the contract was up, they would have a “heartbreaking” divorce and that would buy the gay actor a few years to “recover” free to diddle his boyfriends. With the dawn of the internets it is much more difficult because a picture can be sent worldwide in a nanosecond. Yet the system still is in place. Either side can piggyback the exposure from being with the other. A few still have elaborate contracts with specific terms in them as to legnth, access to projects, and even bearing children. (think of a certain very short actor……..)

    So there is my very long answer to your post, Taylor probably is not a lesbian (but she might be……and then we can have a whole ‘nother thread with posts about her!!)

  • Jim

    I want to work my tongue all up in his ass.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 68 – Frank

    What’s really pathetic is an adult blog discussing the sexuality of a 17 year old kid.

    Wrong! What is really pathetic, is an adult denying, like the RCC, a 17 year old man’s sexuality.

    Tell me, Frank…what were you doing at the age of 17? Playing with a pail and shovel and pulling your pud in the sandbox?

  • Carl

    I actually think Taylor should wait until he’s legal age before flooding the market with sexy magazine cover shots. He’s only 17. Most guys at that age are more gay than straight. Let him go to the prom and then he’ll figure out which team he’s really on.

  • Rainfish

    I get so sick and tired of every “post-sodomy repeal” homo thinking that 18yrs old is the national age of consent in the USA. It is not.

    Personally, I don’t care for chicken – besides I’m married to a wonderful guy.

    But below are the facts (READ THEM):

    “The United States of America is a federal republic where the age of consent laws are made at the state level. There exist several federal statutes related to protecting children from sexual predators, but none of them imposes an age limit on sexual acts.

    On 26 June 2003, both heterosexual and homosexual sodomy became legal in all US states and territories under a US Supreme Court decision called Lawrence v. Texas [6] (between non-commercial, consenting adults in a private bedroom). In Limon v. Kansas (2005), the Kansas Supreme Court used Lawrence as a precedent to overturn the state’s “Romeo and Juliet” law, which proscribed lesser penalties for heterosexuals than homosexuals convicted of similar age of consent related offenses [7]. There is ongoing advocacy for a uniform age of consent. One proposal would make the national age of consent 18. If a state has an age of consent below the federal limit, 10% of federal education funds would be withheld.

    Thus far, Congress has not considered this or any other proposal to change the status quo. However there is a common misconception among many Americans that there is a federal limit at 18, but that is false, as the age limit in most states is in fact below 18. There are some claims that this is due to most American television media being produced in southern California, so writers (and viewers by extension) would be primarily familiar with only one state’s penal code.

    State laws:
    Each US state has its own age of consent. Currently state laws set the age of consent at 16, 17 or 18. The most common age is 16.

    Age of consent 16: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia

    Age of consent 17: Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Texas

    Age of consent 18: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.”

    (attributions to your friendly neighborhood internet and Wikipedia — try using it…Google…or just go to your local library)

    ….So now you know, Little Red. You’re not a pedophile (in most states) if you fondle this hunky little Werewolf or let him huff and puff and blow your blouse down.

    Not my type…but now some of you can jerk off with a clear conscience.

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 76 – Rainfish

    That makes two of us. I too, get sick and tired of the baloney of the “post-sodomy repeal” homos who are so quick to scream pedophile at the first available opportunity.

    Like you, I am not into chicken either and also am married to a wonderful guy in the Philippines. If Chicken (above the legal age in their particular state), is someone’s forte, then I say go for it. I see nothing morally wrong with it.

    This obsession with pedophilia on the part of some gays is really rather peculiar and makes me wonder if the ones who are so quick to point fingers at others, may not be like many of the clergy, who are quick to point fingers at gays, while diddling underage boys and girls on the QT in their parishes. The church brouhaha going on in Ireland at the present moment is a good illustration.

    My partner in the Philippines is 37 years of age. Yet, on several occasions in the past, I have been accused of going to the Philippines for the purpose of “taking advantage of the poverty-stricken young boys there” by several posters on these Queerty threads and was even stalked by them. Whether these inquisitors were straight or gay, I am certain of. Thankfully, these parties seem to have become extinct or were banned by Queerty from making further posts here.

    Thank you Rainfish, for taking the time to research this highly sensitive and explosive subject and sharing that illumination with us.

  • schlukitz

    Correction in paragraph four of my post no. 77. Sentence three should read:

    “Whether these inquisitors were straight or gay, I am not certain of.”

  • terrwill

    Schlukitz: I 100% agree (we are batting overall about 98%!) I have no idea why those from the Gay community are sometimes so damm quick to pull out the pedo card. I think its a very small majority of both the Gays and straights that are into diddling real youngin’s (whats the difference at that age anyway??) I don’t see the outrage when Miley Cyrus is causing sparks to fly off a strippers pole with her naughty bits. As Rainfish so thoughtfully pointed out, Taylor Lauther is 100% prime legal beefcake.

    ATTENTION GAY SHOPPERS: You can lust in peace!!!!

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 79 – Terrwill

    Loved your closing line. LMAO.

    Would that we could find such merchandise at Wal Mart. ;-)

  • kir

    Oh! It would be nice, if Taylor was gay! He is extremely cute, beautiful, handsome etc. etc. etc… But! Who is, damn, that ugly bustard Sean Fox Zastoupil??? I suppose, you can write (of course, very carefully — and we have seen it) everything on your Twitter to attract some attention because of your “possible” relations with movie stars. But it means NOTHING! I’m sure that Taylor could find somebody much better than that unpleasant lad… Does anybody agree?

  • SteveDenver

    Hook him up with Adam Lambert

  • Sexy Rexy

    @KIR – great minds think alike. Sean Fox Zastoupil is a major troll.

  • patches

    its a shame that society and the industry make it a big deal that if you are gay or not, will there ever be a day that people just get over it already? If he was to say he is gay then big frickin deal, his personal life shouldn’t effect his professional, he’s an actor and can obviously play “straight” very well if he wasn’t, straight people play gay all the time in movies and tv….its all about money making and the movie studios power over them, you can’t really come out otherwise your career is in “jeopardy” , and all the obsessed girls would be disappointed, sad but true that these young boys have to deny themselves the happiness of growing up without being true to themselves if he really is gay, and miss out on so many things that life offers you in happiness other than fame and fortune. One day i hope one of these “teen idols” has the balls to come out and stand up for himself instead of it all playing out in the tabloids or rumors on blogs and getting embarrassed in some stupid “scandal” later on or live a lifetime of misery being someone you’re not…

  • kir

    To Sexy Rexy: thanks for your support )

  • Erica

    I don’t think it is fair for anyone to judge Taylor and who he dates. I personally think it is fucked up that Sean Fox (Zastoupil) has a Million beautiful pics on his myspace and these websites wanna use ones that aren’t appealing just to make him look bad. I think he is Gorgeous too! It is their relationship and no one can judge that. I read Sean’s Interview on Taylor Lautner daily and he did avoid the questions about them knowing each other but If I was in their shoes I wouldn’t want everyone in my business either.

  • Marcus

    Well, if he didn’t want people in his business, why would he do an interview–he’s not a star, so why is he talking to the press?

    I’m confused.

  • B

    romeo wrote, “Mrs. Taylor Lautner? Are you the one that used to be Mrs. Adam Lambert?” … well, one hint might be the idiosyncratic spelling this guy uses!

  • hubert

    ok, do get the idea that this might be for publicity, did anyone forget that spehenie meyer is indeed a mormon… and how exactly do they feel about being gay? just curious am i the only one who thinks that this could ruin his career?

    Honey, stay in that closet as long as you want

  • AOG

    I don’t know what’s true or not. I think he’s probably bi at least… if not gay… But it’s okay if he is or is not. I’m 16 and I’ve known who I was since I’ve been able to walk. I’m proud of it. I consider myself bi-sexual, with a usual preference towards men but I do like women as well (Coming out as bi is a lot harder, cos ppl are like “get it together: you straight or gay!”. It’s unsetteling)
    I hope, if he’s gay or bi, then he’d be proud of it and not ashamed or afraid. I hope he comes out and has the courage to face the negative audience. I support him (I go to a christian school, in a 3rd world conservative country. Believe me- I KNOW negative audience)

  • kir

    I like the last comment. It sounds very brave, positive and encouraging. I believe as well everybody should accept himself and shouldn’t blame somebody who is little bit different. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in our world who are really fond of to judge others. I wish the last commentator be very firm in his humanitarian ideas and maybe some time move to another much more tolerable country. I thank him for his optimistic point of view.

  • AOG

    I for one don’t think he should stay in the closet because of his career! That shouldn’t be an issue. He should do what he wants, and if the public can accept him for that FUCK THEM.
    Though, if you haven’t seen it already, they will accept him anyway he wants to be!
    I just pray I have a chance with him!

  • Nauxist

    Well about the issue of him setting a “gaydar” off… he may have a bubbly personality but look how it draws you in and gets your attention more then just an actor who is dull or an ass with a nice bod. Anways its his personality makes him even more of a better person. He might seem like he is gay/bi or straight we may never know cause it his choice to tell the public what he really is and it can effect his career, but at the same time it can make it much bigger.

  • yo momma

    i think the kid everyone thinks is taylor’s bf is just trying to get attention. personally, i dont think he’s gay:he seems bubbly, confident, and an overall nice guy, which most people dont get in the movie industry, and since he isnt a boring blob they automatically think hes gay.
    and if he is gay, so what? hes very talented, ive been watching his films before the twilight nonsense came out.

  • chris

    @Nelson G.: um i know Taylor and he is bi so can u all just get over it allready
    HE IS BI. its his choice not ur’s and the bloggers could have a chance to get between his legs just got to be at the right place at the right time like i was

  • patrick

    Chris you said Taylor is bi but there is no evedence of this in the press and he shows no interrest in guys and who cares what he is these are modern Times stright,gay,bi who cares i am 16 myself and to have strangers talking about my sex life would make me stay in the closet to if i were gay .. :D

  • Jason

    @FakeName: You are damn right. It is both wonderful and terrible. The leacherous old man in me says he would be a good addition but the sensible, thoughtful part of me says that global warming, Darfur and poverty take precedence.

    In other words fuck it all.

  • Meee.


    Really? Do you have some sort of proof? Because that would make so much sense lol. Not saying I don’t believe you, it’s just kind of hard to take your word for it over the interent.

  • janedoe

    Believe me, he’s not gay.
    He may be bi, but he certainly liked the night we spent ;)

  • Erin

    Taylor Is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chad

    LOL then why did me and my friend See Sean Fox Zastoupil and Taylor Lautner at a Gay club making out Last night????

  • mikey

    @jason: thank you for stating that point jason. Am 26, bi, never been with a guy and still love women. The double standards dictate that women can be bi and it’s fashionable (just to get straight men’s attention) while bi men are greedy and must choose sides.

  • jujubee

    i think he is gay, but shame on rolling stone for trying to force him to come out.

  • IanJ

    Come ON! Regardless of Taylor’s “predilection”, I can’t possibly see him having anything to do with SFZ. He just does not appear to be the type of person he would be interested in.

    They are from two different worlds.

  • Glenn Beck

    A lot of gay guys act like bullies with their obsession for good looking boys/men in Hollywood. The kid is freaking 17 years old and every horny gay blogger aka Perez has to create rumors or constantly theorize how and why Lautner and other guys are “closeted” or secretly love and date men with their cover fag-hag girlfriends.

    Not everyone that you find attractive is secretly gay.

  • theotherlee


    Well, I’ve never heard of this Sean kid before.. and while I don’t find him physically attractive, maybe Taylor (if they’re dating) sees past the physical?

    I don’t understand why ‘we’ as a public have to bash on people because they may not be drop-dead gorgeous. It’s a shame, really.


  • Joel

    Who cares?

  • Mal Tempo

    Why should he confirm anything to a bunch of nosy parkers?

  • toobvious

    I would find it hard to believe that an 18 year old male would be completely without companionship of some sort, and since we have seen him with no tangible proof of being with anyone since Taylor Swift, I would say it’s safe to assume that he is gay.

  • unknown guy

    i was just here for the pics but then i started reading your convo sounds interesting lol but i think hes gay…ntn wrong with that he still has good looks!!!

  • unknown guy

    i was just here for the pics but then i started reading your convo sounds interesting lol but i think hes gay…ntn wrong with that he still has good looks!!!

  • unknown guy

    be on tomorow to check k BYE ;)

  • unknown guy

    @mikey: hi

  • unknown guy


  • Maria

    It’s pretty obvious that Taylor is gay. If there are still teenager girls and young women wanting him to be straight then they are delusional.

    It’s up to him when he comes out though.

  • Rizen Moreno

    In my opinion y the fuck does it matter.People these days hate on the damndest things.In my opinion nothing is wrong with being gay cuz u r wat u r.Homophobia is like cancer the only way to get rid of the roots.people need to know this is the 21st century.No one can help but fall in love.Even if it is of the same gender.In my opinion a different lover is not a sin and may be a sin,god said dont judge and to also marry some1 whom you r in love with.Being 13 and knowing this is a shame.

  • Bick Biffster

    Zientolgits must have him on their radar already. Let’s see if they get their claws into.

  • none of your business

    taylor lautner has had an artical with him where taylor said he does not like the people who just like him for his body he likes people for personality and does not just like getting told he is sexy becasue of his looks

  • Shannon1981

    If he were straight he’d just say it. Not that I care personally- he’s a kid and coming out at that age under normal circumstances is difficult at best, much less doing it in his position- but I honestly think he’s a ‘mo. He’s avoiding the question so that when he does come out, he isn’t caught lying.

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