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Twilight Taylor Lautner Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny He’s a Big Homo


Those rumors about Twilight beefcake star Taylor Lautner romancing the same-sex might have easily died down, at least for this press tour, if the entertainment media did its job and let celebrities stay in the closet. But they did not!

What’s this about you being gay?, Rolling Stone magazine threw at Lautner for his cover story interview.

Supposedly dating Taylor Swift, Lautner isn’t exactly making a convincing argument the pair are anything more than friends. He tells the magazine: “We instantly clicked. And she”s – she”s an amazing girl. Aside from being beautiful, she”s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around, and so we definitely get along. We”re close.” Wow, we can feel the sexual tension!

And as for those rumors that he’s a big fairy?


Playing coy, Lautner would only say he’s “possibly” dating someone, which could be Swift or somebody named Sean Fox Zastoupil (pictured), whose name has been curiously planted in B-list celeb blog reports as dating Lautner. (Us? If a guy is tweeting about the supposedly secret relationship — “LMFAO now i got people screaming faggot at me because of this #taylorlautner chaos! even if we were together it is no ones business!” — we doubt it’s real. That, and The Hills‘ Lauren Conrad was somehow linked to him. Sounds like a badly orchestrated attempt to lift his celebrity status.)

“I’m really big about, like, commitment. Loyalty is a major thing for me,” he tells RS. Except, the mag asked: “Another possibility is that maybe you’re just sort of discovering yourself …”

Lautner replies: “OK.”


Rolling Stone: “… As a young person trying to figure out his sexual identity in the world.”

Lautner: “OK. I see where you’re going. Interesting choice.”

Rolling Stone: “It is a possibility.”

Lautner: “There’s a lot of rumors out there.”

Well that’s certainly not a confirmation. But moreso, it’s not a denial, which is usually the obvious choice for actors who are heterosexual, and the scripted choice for actors who are gay but playing heterosexual in public.

For now, Lautner is a 17-year-old actor with overnight success. We’d love to have him on our team. For now, we’re comfortable speculating.

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