Twitter is thirsting over Andrew Scott’s ‘racy’ Grindr photo

You’ve likely heard by now that Andrew Scott, the “Hot Priest” from Fleabag, is looking for love on Grindr.

The Daily Mail broke the “news” over the weekend with reporter Charlotte Griffiths claiming to have a copy of Scott’s shirtless photo, dubbing it “too racy” to publish, salaciously adding: “let’s just say he’s not called the Hot Priest for nothing.”

43-year-old Scott rocketed to stardom as the sexually ambiguous Jim Moriarty on the hit series Sherlock. Last year, he earned rave reviews for his work on Fleabag, leading Buzzfeed to dubbed him The Hottest Man on TV.

Naturally, people have had a lot to say about the news of this “racy” Grindr pic…

But that’s not all they’re saying…

The news has even managed to travel across language barriers…

Hmmm. Somehow we don’t think Scott will be on Grindr for very much longer.

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