Tyra Gives Away Sex-Change Operation

Oprah only gives away cars. Take that! On today’s even-more-very-special-than-usual episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Isis King, the transgender model on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 gets the surprise of a lifetime when Tyra gives her a gift that truly will keep on giving: A sex reassignment surgery.

Should we be thoroughly delighted that Isis will get to fulfill her longstanding dream or furious that a deeply personal decision is being transformed into a ratings circus? Can we both at the same time? We loved Isis on ANTM— not only was she able to pull off some fierce looks but she patiently kept at explaining that she was not a man dressing up like a woman, but a woman born into the biological body of a man.

Born Darrell Walls, the 22 year old had spent time living in a homeless shelter before America’s Next Top Model, where she received a mixed reception from the other contestants. Okay, one of them pushed her into a jacuzzi, but it’s impossible to determine if the fighting and insults are a result of racism, homophobia or just the usual cat fighting and backstabbing. Those girls are mean!

You’ll get to see Isis confront some of her frienemies from the show before Tyra reveals that she’s getting her surgery, at which point a stunned Isis says. “This is not happening. [I feel] Like I’m about to wake up.” Congratulations, Isis.

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  • Darth Paul

    I see no problem. We’ve (queers in general) been co-opted as a marketing machine so nothing is particularly sacred anymore. Not that it ever really was, but there we are.

  • Tara - Praenomenal

    Oh, hey Tyra, while your just handing things out I could really use some money for Laser and electrolysis so I can go full time.

    What?….Hu?….Oh, Ok. Sorry your right. I am not model hot…..No, no I don’t pass so well…..yeah I am poor…..Oh…

    Silly me, I forgot, I still have to work for everything.

    These shows annoy me. Great for the person, but they act like it is a gift to all Transpeople. No, many of us are still suffering, without the aid of millionaires and stylists.

  • fredo777


    I liked Isis on the show + was really pissed at those b*tches who were taunting her during the political-themed photo shoot.


    chop that sausage off!


    cont- congratulations on finally having your dream come true

  • Wazz

    to Tara – Praenomenal

    i don’t think anyone is acting like it is a gift for all trans people, but I do think it is nice that there is some understanding coming from some people that can be happy for her and not spew bitter grapes. I too have things I would like to have or need, but I am not going to want to prevent someone else from the opportunity should it arise. So many angry people. We would rather rag on someone we don’t know than to try just a little compassion and maybe be happy for someone else’s opportunity. i hope when you have something positive happen in your life you have people that will share in your happiness and not resent your good fortune.

  • Tara - Praenomenal

    @Wazz: Several thing to that.

    1. I can be in a bad mood, that is allowed right?
    2. Who are you to talk about my bitter grapes, seriously, judgmental much?
    3. Who ever said I want to prevent her from anything, why do people always try and add things that I never said?
    4. You’re damned right I am angry.
    5. Rag on people, like you are doing to me?
    6. When positive things happen in my life I do not get TV air time. There is always someone who resents others good fortune.

    However, all that being said, you made so many assumptions it drives me crazy. Like I said before, great for her. I do not have to squeel and pee myself over it however.

  • reversion

    This topic seems too personal to me for Tyra to talk about on TV. Plus it made me think of vag…ugh.

  • Wazz

    tara….thank you for your response. first and foremost i agree 1000% that the movement of rights for transpeople has a far distance to go and i think it is important that people learn about the situation and gain some understanding. It is a tough world for transpeople due to ignorance and many other factors. I am not judging you and they were not assumptions. i was merely commenting on your comments. open dialog is a great way to gain that understanding.

  • tara -praenomenal

    @Wazz: I dunno if you will have a chance to read this, but yeah honestly it had a lot to do with angst. It just felt like watching the prettiest girl in the room get the free shit. ::grumbles::

  • Wazz

    TARA–now that honesty i can identify with. THAT i can understand.

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