Ugandan Leaders Call UK’s David Cameron A Bully Over Gay-Rights Threat. That’s Rich!

Ugandan presidential adviser John Nagenda told the BBC that people in his country were “tired of these lectures” about gay rights and being treated like “children.”

Sounds like someone didn’t get his naptime!

After UK Prime Minister David Cameron made it clear over at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia last week that ex-colonies receiving aid from Britain should respect LGBT rights, Nagenda accused him over the weekend of using a  “bullying mentality.”

In case you’ve forgotten, homosexuality is currently illegal in Uganda—which gained its independence from Great Britain in 1962— and a pesky “Kill the Gays” bill keeps popping up in the legislature.  “I believe it will die a natural death,” Nagenda said of the bill. “But this kind of ex-colonial mentality of saying: ‘You do this or I withdraw my aid’ will definitely make people extremely uncomfortable with being treated like children… Those who have more should give to those who have less. It’s as simple as that.”

That line didn’t work with our parents when we were 15 and it doesn’t work now. When you take a handout, there’s strings attached.

Uganda isn’t the only Commonwealth country in Africa with a black eye when it comes to gay issues. Nigeria is considering a law that would make it a crime to even speak out in support of gay rights or same-sex marriage.  The BBC report notes that of the 54 countries in the Commonwealth, 41 have laws banning homosexual acts—many of which are holdovers from British rule.


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