Uganda’s David Bahati Summarily Nixed From National Prayer Breakfast


Up until 2009, the only thing Washington D.C.’s secretive The Family organization would acknowledge it did was host the National Prayer Breakfast under its official Fellowship Foundation name, something that fell out of favor when Obama took office. Since then, we’ve learned The Family, which harbors (counsels?) anti-gay politicians who cheat on their wives, and that there are sketchy ties between members of the group and Uganda’s lawmakers who are backing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Among them is David Bahati, the bill’s creator, who was reportedly flying to the U.S. next month to speak at the Feb. 4 Breakfast. Except now he’s been dis-invited. So don’t expect him there.

The Fellowship’s mouthpiece Richard Swett, the former ambassador to Denmark and New Hampshire lawmaker, insists the invite was issued before Bahati introduced the bill last year, according to Dr. Warren Throckmorton (who is quite the interesting fellow). And any request that Bahati attend has been heretofore rescinded.

Which is a shame, because Breakfast organizers had already updated the menus to include chilled Haterade.

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  • Andy


  • FakeName

    “You can’t come to the breakfast.”

    “That’s OK, I filled up on babies back in Uganda.”

  • Kieran

    Bahati must have removed the bone from his nose for this picture.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    David Bahati is high on the drug Khat like the Somalia soldiers responsible for the infamous Black Hawk Down. The Drug Enforcement Agency should check him for drug possession/influence before entry in the U.S. as it can cause rage, insomnia and super-strength – not a drug to be consumed in this terrorist age before boarding a flight to meet the President of the United States for a Prayer Breakfast.

  • Alex

    @ No.3 LOVE IT!

  • A now confused John from England


    Don’t get it. :-(

  • terrwill

    @FakeName: Ha Ha….That savage should be more concerned with all the baby buffets in his
    cesspool of a nation………….

  • schlukitz

    Perhaps they could serve Uganda’s David Bahati for breakfast?

    En brochette.

  • afrolito

    Nice to see the usual queerty racists out in full force.

  • painrelief

    If he still had a bone through his nose (and I’m sure that would have only happened in Hollywood from 1910-1960) then he wouldn’t have such hate against gays. Indigenous tribes and people don’t carry modern reactions to homosexuality in the way militant christian civilizations (America etc.) do.

  • schlukitz

    No. 9 · afrolito

    Nice to see the usual queerty racists out in full force.

    Ah yes. We can advocate for killing the gays, but don’t even think of mentioning the word black.

    You’re always so quick to play the racist card, but not a word of protest from you about the homophobes who want to criminalize and execute LGBT people.

  • Chitown Kev


    But I will speak about the homophobes (and in true Negro dialect, if necessary) real quick and I dislike the racism as much as afrolito does. Afrolito and I do agree on that much (and that’s about it, actually).

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The words coming out of his mouth should be our only concern.

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