An uncensored Lil Nas X just punk’d the entire internet

Rap star, sex symbol and all-around badass Lil Nas X just released an uncensored version of his erotic video “Industry Baby.” Fans of the song–and the scantily clad men in it–didn’t quite get all they expected from the clip.

Lil Nas X–who has a history of trolling people on the internet–posted a link to the uncensored video to his Twitter account on July 28. “Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow – INDUSTRY BABY (Uncensored Video),” he succinctly captioned.

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When fans arrived at the YouTube page, however, things took a disappointing turn. After the beginning of the video played without issue, it then cut to the notorious shower scene, which features Lil Nas X and several male backup dancers grinding naked. No doubt fans hoping for an uncensored cut of the video had most looked forward to that scene. Unfortunately, the video cut to a shot of a showerhead with a “buffering” circle, freezing the picture in place as the song continued. The frozen picture of the showerhead continues for the rest of the song.

Fans on Twitter voiced their frustration–and amusement–at the prank.

“Please don’t talk to me about no buffering. Y’all just got slow INNANET,” wrote user @geesworId.

“I waited 30 minutes until I realized,” quipped @itskidcozy.

“i got so pissed bruh,” said @cluelessalt2.

“Sis my gay ass unplugged my modem whew chyle this is just—-” admitted @I8TheCakeIke.

“I have now been Dick Rolled,” joked @mariestanley6.

This is not the first time Lil Nas X pulled a prank on the internet. Earlier this month, he posted a video of himself about to kiss fellow rap artist Queen Blackwell. Just as their lips seemed about to meet, the video instead cut to the pair of them breaking flatulence at the camera.

Have a look and enjoy the “uncensored” video for “Industry Baby.” Frankly, we’re still waiting for a real full-frontal version.