University Granted Special Permission By The Federal Government To Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students


Score one for the “religious freedom” fighters. A Christian university in Tennessee was just granted special permission from the federal government to ban students who are gay, as well as unwed mothers, pregnant women and women who’ve had an abortion.

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Carson-Newman University is a Baptist college located in Jefferson City, TN. In May, Dr. Randall O’Brien, the school’s president, sent a letter to the federal government requesting exemption from Title IX, which prohibits colleges from discriminating against students for any reason.

Well, much to O’Brien’s delight, the government just approved his request.

So what does this mean exactly? Put simply, your tax dollars are now being used to enable discrimination at Carson-Newman University.

The school’s official code of conduct now states:

Persons who choose to become a part of the Carson-Newman family are expected to embrace moral, ethical, and biblical values on and off campus. In the area of sexuality, lifestyles consistent with biblical teaching are expected. Specifically stated, sexual intimacy is to be expressed exclusively inside the marriage covenant which shall be between a man and a woman. Our Christian values serve the best interests of all within the Carson-Newman family.

Students who don’t adhere to these totalitarian rules risk being stripped of their financial aid and/or being expelled from the university.

O’Brien told his local TV news station that discriminating against LGBTQ students and women “further make us a Christian school” and “strengthen our First Amendment rights.”

“This is who we are, our religious principles,” he said. “In a changing world we want to reaffirm who we are and intend to be.”

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