Vatican Claims Gays In A “Different Reality,” Chasing After An “Unattainable Utopia”

st-peters-basilica-vatican-cityAll right, the Vatican needs to take a timeout.

After the Pope’s incendiary comments about gay marriage, the Holy See’s “semi-official” newspaper has blasted gay couples as being in a “different reality” than heterosexual couples and that pursuing marriage equality is simply chasing after an “unattainable utopia.”

L’Osservatore Romano printed a front page editorial on Monday taking umbrage with the weekend’s pro-marriage demonstrations in France and particularly with French Catholic weekly Temoignage Chretien‘s endorsement of the country’s controversial gay marriage bill.

The Hindu Business Line reports:

“It is upsetting because in taking this position, the most banal politically correct arguments were used,” the Osservatore Romano said, adding: “Being Catholic is about much more than embracing fashionable cultural standpoints.”

“We cannot base a society on these foundations without then paying a very high price as happened in the past when there was an attempt to achieve total economic and social equality,” the paper said.

“Why repeat the same mistake and chase after an unattainable utopia?”

So for the record, economic and social equality is an “unattainable utopia.” Sounds like heaven to us.

Anygay, the weekend also saw a peaceful protest during Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly prayers interrupted by police. Activists were responding to the pontiff’s intended message for World Peace Day that gay marriage is a threat to civilization.

Who’s living in a different reality again?

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  • 1EqualityUSA

    Attain this, pedophile.

  • jwrappaport

    An old man in a dress who claims to be god’s representative here on earth has the balls to say we’re living in a false reality? I don’t even know where to begin.

  • Dionte

    The demon is right, there will never be a utopia on earth as long as they are leading very large groups of people.

  • FStratford

    Did you guys miss that? They are saying that gay marriage = communism.

    A bunch of idiots, that’s what they are.

  • Dugdigger

    He’s getting ready to move on to the transsexuals, wait for it. We’re all going to be trans now, trying to build adopted babies from mud and sticks. This stuff plays huge to the dummy breeder set. The kind of leeway that this nazi pedo has to run his Monte team for Jesus is unreal…I guess if you can never come out of a closet, you can build them around others really easily.

  • alexoloughlin

    I think the old windbag is confused or has the onset of dementia. The gay utopia is in his own backyard, the catholic priesthood. The world’s largest closet for self-loathers. and kiddy fiddler perverts.

  • 2eo

    We’ll never have a utopia while you exist catholic church.

  • erikwm

    The buildings in Vatican City are beautiful. The people inside them? Not so much.

  • 2eo

    @erikwm: Built for opulence and wealth accumulated by the suffering and blood of billions over a millennia.

    It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of the buildings when you know just what they’ve done and continue to do to achieve it.

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