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Vintage Gay Magazine Covers: Not Always a Pretty Sight

We love every adorable pixel of “Gay Magazine Covers,” our new favorite Flickr group. Like Flickr itself, the collection harkens back to an earlier, simpler time, when gay magazines sported names like “Today’s Man,” “Him,” and “Manpower!”

We also appreciate the tasteful “Physique Photos,” which was just fifty cents — what a bargain!

It’s also fun to take a gander at the issues of importance to yesterday’s gays. Issue 1 of Out magazine name-drops 90’s fashionista Elsa Klensch and Deee-lite. And a cover of Instinct from 1999 boasts, “Spend a meaningful weekend with your TV.” Television! Remember when people would watch that? Ah, the good old days.

And a couple of these magazines we’ve never even heard of. Wilde magazine? Les Girls magazine? They’d have disappeared into the gay ether if not for a few dedicated historians.

Do you have any old gay mags lying around? If so, add ’em to the group, lest those detestable “new gays” erase our queer past forever.