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Viral video shows gym bunny saying “I do” in sweatiest proposal to date


You think you’re sick to death of flash mob wedding proposals, but then you see this one and your whole world changes.

The couple — Nico Martina (white tank top) and Michael Sinclair — met at the gym, so the whole thing has a nice poetic ring to it.

It all goes down at their local gym in King’s Cross, Sydney (despite the fact that marriage equality isn’t yet a thing in Australia).

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It begins, as these things often do, with gym members erupting into a sprightly jig on the gym floor — and then Nico joins in.

Sinclair looks like he’s about to faint as he realizes what’s going on, just as Martina gets down on his knees to propose.

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Things take a shocking turn when Nico politely declines the offer and tells him he’s found another, much buffer lover. Not really.


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  • JerseyMike

    I love love.. love being in-love.. I am all for marriage but the public proposals seem to be for show..

  • SportGuy

    Happy for them, but public proposals are weird to me.

  • Jack Meoff

    Happy for the boys but even happier when our government get’s off their ass and legislates the change to make this a real possibility and not just a gesture.

    As for the whole public proposal thing I guess gay marriage is still so new that people want to make a big deal out of it no matter how corny it is.

  • Josh447

    with bunz like that I’d be on my knees too

  • Aromaeus

    masc4masc at critical mass

  • ChrisK

    @Aromaeus: They actually look pretty normal to me. Not everyone is an effeminate queen.

  • Herman75

    Look honeys, a flash mob~!

  • NateOcean

    These are getting kinda old.

  • Aromaeus

    @ChrisK: Yeah normal guys totally plan flash mob proposals…

  • imaqt2

    Look the gays are being bitchy jealous haters that must throw their shade in.
    I’m happy for them, this was thoughtful and unique. Maybe to you flash mobs are getting old but has anyone ever did one just for you? Have u ever been one? seen one in person? Probably not at least not a good one.
    Maybe flash mobs aren’t getting old, u are.

  • Binary Void

    I’m happy for them but I wish Queerty would be more diverse in their gay proposals. There is beauty and love in other places too beyond good looks and toned bodies which is what they mostly show to get clicks. They’re a business so I understand. But not everyone who wants diversity has a problem with the gay entertainment standard of hyper-masculine young White attractive gay men. They deserve the same amount of respect because they are people too. It’s just that it becomes a problem for the younger gay generation when social culture is rapidly changing while gay beauty standards are still the same.

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