Just as Don Imus finds a new platform on the Fox Business Network, fellow bigot Michael Savage gets kicked off his homebase: Clear Channel’s San Francisco radio station just dropped him. Permanently.

No longer with Savage’s anti-gay attacks be found on KNEW-AM, though it’s not entirely clear why. The station said only: “We have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information.” Which could be a vague explanation for, “We didn’t want to keep paying him $1 million a year for a 29th-place show.”

That “more contemporary content” refers to John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou’s conservative talk program, who go by John and Ken, who are taking Savage’s 3-7pm drive time slot. John and Ken, meanwhile, spent a good deal of time in the late 90s lambasting Karel and Andrew, the program that replaced their own, and just happened to be hosted by two gay partners.

Savage’s website says he can now be heard on KSTE 650, so it’s not like he’s been removed from SF’s queer airwaves.

And bringing everything full circle is news that Savage also lost — sorry, settled — a lawsuit with the makers of the short film Michael Savage Hates Muslims. Which is, frankly, wholly accurate.

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