WATCH: Adam Lambert And Beth Ditto Talk Nipples On Watch What Happens

Queer pop stars Adam Lambert and Beth Ditto both have new albums out, so its not that surprising they both ended up schmoozing with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night It was a little shocking, though, that they both discussed what foods resemble their nipples.

In the clips below, Beth makes nice with Katy Perry and Adam talks about how his sexuality affected his American Idol experience.


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  • Belize

    It should be interesting to hear these two sing together. I’m not really a fan of Adam but I can image him working a Gossip song.

  • QJ201

    You missed the part where Andy asked Beth and Adam what is their favorite Clay Aiken song. Both responded…don’t know any Clay Aiken songs, so don’t have one, LOL.

  • Basch

    @QJ201: Andy also asked Adam to say 3 nice things about Clay Aiken, to which he said he had nothin’.

  • Alexa

    When did Adam Lambert become such a dick?

  • lotusmoon

    And here I thought I didn’t like Adam, just because he couldn’t sing. Now it is nice to know there are other reasons not to like him.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Lambert has never ONCE mentioned Clay Aiken’s name, except as a rebuttal to shit stirring of Aiken or, like Andy, when [baited] asked.

    Don’t mistake his kindness for weakness.

    Clay Aiken May 2009

    “In a lengthy blog post on his official site — which has since been taken down but can be viewed on Gawker.com — Aiken ripped into the show and Lambert, accusing the former of having lost its way and showing “blatant favoritism … towards one contestant,” and the later of being, well, terrible and sort of scary.

    “I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute Adam Lambert was singing ‘Ring of Fire,’ ” Aiken wrote. “And, at that moment, I thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful and slightly frightening. I wasn’t really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me they liked him.”

    Aiken then turned his ire on “Idol” itself, writing that, in the early seasons, the show was about finding “real people who happened to sing/ entertain well,” but it has since lost its way, turning into just another character-driven reality slog where judges openly show favoritism.”

    Clay Aiken, on Face the Nation 2 weeks ago compared Adam Lambert to Malcolm X and called him a turd stirrer.

    Aiken very deservedly has a new album charting around 120 LOL. And to think, I used to feel that Kathy Griffin was wrong to continually humiliate and harass the guy in public for years, before I knew anything about the bitch.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    LOL 3 years of “he can’t sing” is really getting old. Since the whole world knows this is just silly, can’t you come up with a more accurate attack? Oh that’s right, you said as much.

    Adam Lambert light opera Brigadoon LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJYyqzUr6jU

  • Jason2

    Yeah, what ScaryRussianHeather said to lotusmoon and Alexa.

  • Roxorz

    Not really a fan of Beth ditto’s music but she was hilarious on this show. I had no idea she was so quick witted!

  • Ron

    this content is currently unavailable…

  • jason

    Adam Lambert is becoming more and more trivial, I’m afraid. I see a career in off-Broadway productions.

  • Alexa

    @ScaryRussianHeather: Oy. The crazy Glamberts are as obsessed as the crazy Claymates.

    @Roxorz: Beth Ditto is awesome. Go see Gossip in concert if you get a chance.

  • Mal

    Sometimes I wonder if it is jealousy that causes so many negative comments about Adam Lambert on some of these sites that cater to the gay community. The guy has major talent, has been supportive of his community in his openness and through the Trevor project, and now has claimed the No. 1 spot as the first openly gay singer to debut an album. Yet it seems that it is the Rickey Martins and Clay Aikens that are celebrated for hiding behind a straight persona and then finally coming out when it was a good fit–and rightfully everyone should be able to make that choice. But I just don’t get why Adam is not more celebrated in the gay community–could it be because he appeals to so many straight girls and women? Is that bothersome? Or is it because he is trying to be a pop star and not a Broadway star where some people want to put him? I am an educator in a school and believe me Adam has made a difference in some of the lives of students there–they see him as representing a proud gay celebrity role model where there just arent’t many. So I just thought I would put it out there–I just don’t get the negativity.

  • Sean

    Yeah. Echoing Mal above I just don’t get the scorn either. My opinion, he’s an amazing singer but if you don’t like him – you don’t like him. Fair enough. But the amount of energy that goes into then reflexively mocking him, by folks I suspect know very little about him, is amazing. But then maybe not. The most crap I’ve ever gotten about my sexuality and how I present myself has been from other gay men. Early on, I realized that whatever nerve I was striking had way more to do with them than me.

  • jabaroo

    @Ron: Doesn’t work for me either, because I’m in Canada. I’m sure it will end up on youtube soon though.

  • jabaroo

    @Mal: Agree 100%. I’ve havn’t seen nasty comments directed at them (at least not as bad as Lambert gets them). Adam has been out his entire career, never once denied it or tried to hide from it. I’m a fan and respect him 100%. He has done a lot, yet some people don’t want to admit that.

  • Daniel

    @ScaryRussianHeather said: “Clay Aiken, on Face the Nation 2 weeks ago compared Adam Lambert to Malcolm X and called him a turd stirrer.”

    Clay did not ever mention Adam on Face The Nation. Adam is not a political pundit and has no voice or reason to be mentioned on that program.

    Clay did however mention him on Sirious OutQ which was later reported in parts at the Huffindton Post, and said that both kinds of gays are needed in the fight for equality, the shit stirrers and the peacemakers. Malcolm X vs MLK.

    His statement was inclusive of Adam being part of the fight for equality. The Glamberts don’t have the brains to know it.

  • Daniel

    @Mal, we don’t like his screeching and his image. We don’t want him shoved down our throats. We like to pick our own music and our own heros. Straight women will never get it.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Alexa: Since YOU became such a C**T! I swear…I can hear the cannibalistic crunch of Glambert’s amazing bones as he is ground into the catty windmill of Gay Meowville’s gaping maw!
    Beth is funny, sure. And the girl CAN sing.Oh wait….Big, funny, talented singer who is also a FEMALE? ALL reasons for HER to be a GAY ICON right? But not Lambert…since he’s only mega-talented and is truly an OUT, PROUD GAY MAN…Read that as M-A-N!
    Seriously….Lambert just accomplished what no OUT artist has ever done…A number one Debut album on the BB Charts.And I’m not talking about those who came out AFTER they were stars! (ie: Aiken, Elton, Freddie Mercury, Martin, George Michael,Rob Halford, etc.)
    It doesn’t count to say “well, c’mon…everyone KNEW…..”….No. Unless the person declares it, you do NOT “know” it for a fact.There was a time when people swore that Bowie was GAY! He even wrestled with his own orientation before settling on a hetero marriage with longtime spouse, female supermodel,Iman.
    Before I go, back to Beth Ditto a sec…..As a lesbian (self-proclaimed) she also has had ZERO number 1 hits in the USA.She hasn’t even charted in the states. That says more about on-going homophobia (and lack of support in the LGBT community) in America (and perhaps elsewhere as well) than it does about real talent, which both she and Adam have in spades!

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Daniel: Before you slam Lambert’s fans for not having the “brains to know it”….you need to be aware that stats show that 47% of his fans are college grads. We are from all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc.
    Re: His “screeching”…..You’ve obviously NOT heard MANY of his ballads, nor his performance of “Come To Me, Bend To Me” from “Brigadoon” (on YouTube) nor his ballads, “Soaked”, “Outlaws of Love”, “Afermath”, “Underneath” and MUCH MORE.
    In fact, I’d wager that I, a hetero woman (well educated) have spent far more time learning about the gay culture/sub-culture (as a result of Lambert’s influence as well as friends of ours.. a gay couple who’ve been together 35 years) than YOU have bothered to spend in finding out just WHO Adam Lambert really is and why YOU (as a gay male) SHOULD care.
    Please do not insult us by saying that WE do not “get it”…In this case, my dear, it is YOU who is the naked emperor.Go get some clothes on. ;)

  • Daniel


    How many Aiken albums do you own? Just how supportive of talented out gay artists are you?

    Just as I thought. You’re a Gladam fan, you don’t give a shit about supporting out gay artists.

  • jonjon

    I would go straight for Beth Ditto. Hilarious and adorable and sexy and smart. What more could you want?

  • mlm

    @Daniel: I agree with what RedRoseQueen1 said. And yes I own three cds of Clay Aikens and one of Scissor Sisters. I started losing interest in Clay because he was recording material that didn’t appeal to me. Simple as that. I don’t care about an artists sexual orientation… I care about the talent.

    Adam was set up with that question about Clay. He chose not to say anything verses saying something mean or lying and saying something he didn’t believe to be true. Basically he was put in a dammed if he did or dammed if he didn’t position.

    If you don’t like Adams singing/music that’s fine with me, but there is no need to insult his fans!!

  • el polacko

    lambert is creepy. i do not want to think about his nipples…yuck.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Daniel:I do not own any Clay Aiken albums because I don’t like him or his boring songs.He’s far too “lounge lizard” for my tastes.
    But I DO have a 1974 LP of Steven Grossman’s “Caravan Tonight”. Are you familiar with it?
    HE was actually the VERY FIRST out gay man signed to a major record label (Mercury Records) and he released the one album in ’74 but the world wasn’t ready for him yet.His music was VERY OPENLY GAY (lyrically) Unfortunately Steven died in 1991 of AIDS (as did his partner a few short years later)
    I DO own quite a few Queen, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge and k.d. lang albums as well. Will those do? I’m simply saying that YOU do not OWN the gay community!
    “mlm” is correct…Why do you find it necessary to personally attack anyone who admits to being a fan of Lambert’s? I DO own the album, “Music For Men” by Gossip. I love “Men In Love”, “Heavy Cross” and “Dimestore Diamond” in particular. I’m not saying that one must support every gay artist simply BECAUSE they are gay, lol. I’m simply pointing out the needless, pointless,often brutal attacks upon “one of your own”. It is UGLY. Unbecoming.If you have nothing nice to say….follow Adam’s lead and say NOTHING.
    Finally, Daniel…in your post, you say “WE don’t like his screeching and his image. WE don’t want him shoved down OUR throats. WE like to pick OUR own music and OUR own heros.”
    Is that the Royal “WE” or do you profess to speak for the entire LGBT community? (By the way, you misspelled “heroes”)

  • Halston

    @RedRoseQueen1:He has a great voice. However, his singing can be over the top, dramatic (and not in a good way), and I agree that he screeches. And, no I do not need to hear this or that song to change my mind-I don’t like his music, his singing, or his image-but again I do think he is talented. He is little of a dick for his responses to questions about Clay Aiken (I’m not a fan of his either.

  • Alexa

    @Daniel: Thanks. A quick search of the Huffington Post brought up this – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/19/clay-aiken-discusses-celebrity-apprentice_n_1529511.html . It’s an interview he did with Michelangelo Signorile and this is what has the Glamberts panties in a wad:

    “I think a lot of people who are the most fervent supporters of mine are people who would have voted for a marriage amendment, but now might not. I speak more to people who are in the middle, sway-able area. I think some people, like Adam [Lambert] or maybe Rosie [O’Donnell], probably speak a little bit to a crowd where, it’s like, we already got them. But I think that Ellen [DeGeneres] and Neal Patrick Harris speak to that middle crowd too. I think you gotta have both. You gotta have people who stir the turd so that people can smell it. And you gotta have people who keep things as normalized as possible.You need to have Malcolm X so that Dr. King can be more effective.”

    He’s not insulting Adam (not unless he’s also insulting his good friend Rosie O’Donnell), he’s saying that we need both people who are popular in middle America like him and Ellen, AND people who are more outrageous and shake things up, like Adam and Rosie. I don’t know if the Glamberts are stupid or just looking for something to get upset with Clay about, but that wasn’t a diss.

  • Red

    I dont get some people who feel the need to constantly nitpick and undermine every little thing Adam does. There is an evident lack of openly gay solo artists on US top40 and there are hardly any openly gay solo artists on major labels in the first place. That’s because if you’re openly gay you’re not even gonna get a major label record deal, at least not in the US. The fact is much of this country is still homophobic. Seriously it’d be nice if just one time, people would drop the negative attitude and just acknowledge young gay man’s accomplishmens. If he is not a super model of homosexuality that you expect him to be, please feel free to step away from the computer, go into the real world and become the star and the beacon of gayness for all of us. Then come back and tell me if everyone (gay and straight) agreed with every single thing you did or every move you made.

  • Medo

    Well said! :)

  • Barca

    @jason: You know Adam was Fiyero in Wicked? When he would go on as Fiyero the entire cast would watch him perform in the wings because he was just THAT good of an artist. The producers hated him because he didn’t follow the notes as written, he did his own thing and true performers LOVED it.

  • Alexa

    @Barca: that’s terrible. When you don’t follow the script you fuck everybody else up. Wicked isn’t improv, they have a script and choreography that needs to be followed. Doing otherwise is incredibly selfish, no matter how good a performer you are.

  • Marielle

    @jason: @lotusmoon: After his new album just got raving reviews? I don’t think so.

  • Daniel


    Aside from Adam’s unpleasant nasal voice you just explained why Adam never made it out of the chorus.

  • Daniel


    All he had to do was plead the 5th which he chose not to do. He chose instead to say that there was nothing good about Clay because Adam is a jealous bitter tool.

  • mlm

    @Daniel: He didn’t say there was nothing good about Clay. He said he couldn’t think of anything to say, so why would it be any different if he had taken the 5th!? Would you of felt better if he would of made a negative remark about Clay. They don’t care for each other, which is obvious, so he did the right thing by saying nothing.

    I doubt there is nothing about Clay that Adam would be jealous about.

  • Medo

    I don’t care which one of them is a better singer, but, apparently, for many of you, Clay writing negative things about Adam is ok, but Adam saying nothing good but ALSO nothing bad about Clay is offensive… What the heck?!?!

  • Daniel


    What does Clay have to be jealous of? His 6 million in album sales? His ultra rare #1 debut on the Hot 100? His 7 album long career on 2 major labels? His 35 million in concert tickets? His 9,600 sq foot mansion on 10 acres? His fleet of high end cars? His private lake? His baby boy? His many organizations that he is an spokesperson/Ambassador for? His many trips around the world? His unbelievably hot boyfriends?

    Oh wait, that’s all Clay.

  • Daniel

    Adam doesn’t even own a house. Even his boyfriend is an import from a mail order bride service because no homeboy wants him. His record sales are under 1 million for 2 albums. Radio hates his music and won’t play it.

    Tell me what would Clay want that he doesn’t already have? Adam dissed Clay for publicity. Diss the guy that everyone loves and get a little attention.

  • jabaroo

    @Daniel: Adam doesn’t own a house? How in the hell is that relevant? Along with all the other crap in your post. You either: A) have invested WAY too much time in Clay Aiken, B) You ARE Aiken, posing under a fake name, or C)A troll. I would also like to mention Adam has only been in the buisness for 3 years, while Aiken has been in for 10 or so.

  • Daniel

    Clay bought his first mansion in California in his 2nd year. Adam is a flop. He has no visible wealth or success.

  • jabaroo

    @Daniel: Again, owning a house= completely irrelevant and says nothing about his success or character. Clay Aiken has had a good career, no one is denying that. You demonize Lambert for insulting Aiken (which he did not do), yet here you are insulting Lambert.

  • Daniel

    I’m not famous so I can insult anyone without repercussions but Adam is not so lucky.
    Visible wealth and success is totally relevant, it is how we score celebrities. Adam appears to have no markers and no points. His measly little sales and no radio is not going to help him. If he’s still around in 2 years I’ll eat my shorts.

  • jabaroo

    @Daniel: Thats how YOU ‘score’ celebrities, and by that logic Nickleback is the greatest band ever to come out of Canada. Most people usually judge them by their talents and Aiken and Lambert are both great songwriters and singers.

  • jabaroo

    @Daniel: And no, just because you’re not famous doesn’t mean you can insult people without being a douche.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Daniel: Clay is jealous because HE didn’t have the BALLS to be OUT from the start of his career, sales be damned! Jealous because he’ll NEVER look or sound as good as Lambert! Jealous because he will never be anything more than a footnote in gay history. Jealous because he will never have the coolness factor that Lambert has. Jealous because Clay’s star is on the wane while Adam’s is still RISING. Jealous because no ICONIC group/band has EVER asked HIM to front them (ie: Queen+Lambert)
    Adam is just getting revved up. Slow and steady wins the race. Adam Lambert is HERE, he’s queer and he’s FIERCE! He is articulate, irreverent, funny, creative, talented and passionate.He has an awesome, loyal fan base and a family who has always loved and supported him. And he cleared just over $6 MILLION last year…not too shabby for a “failure”, LOL! His BF is HOT! The fact that he is foreign makes him even hotter. Jealous much?
    By YOUR criteria, I am more successful than Adam, as I own 4 homes! (3 in Cabo San Lucas and one in Las Vegas!) Hahahaaaa! You are a TROLL Daniel! GO AWAY!

  • Mal

    Daniel, you may certainly listen to the music of your choice. You missed my point, however–Adam Lambert means a lot more to the “not the norm” “square peg in a round hole” and/or “not quite ready to come out” kids I know who look up to him. They don’t care about whether he owns his home or not. He is someone who is proud of who he is and shakes off the negativity he gets from various sources–those not even giving him a chance but judging him on his “gayness” or “not enough gayness”–it comes at him both ways. BTW-that “nasal voice of his” has been lauded by many in the business including Queen who for “some reason or another” chose him to appear with them live for several upcoming concerts.

  • Daniel

    @Daniel: Clay is jealous because HE didn’t have the BALLS to be OUT from the start of his career, sales be damned!

    Is Ricky Martin, Elton John, George Michael and Freddy Mercury jealous of Adam because they weren’t out from the start? Course not. You’re an idiot.

    Jealous because he will never be anything more than a footnote in gay history.

    Is that why Clay is the spokesperson for GLSEN, A keynote speaker at Human Rights Campaign conventions? Is that why he’s received awards and recognition for representing gay parents so well in the media by the Family Equality Council and GLAAD? Is that why Clay is the representative for out gays that are fighting for equality on CBS News and “Face The Nation”?
    What is Adam doing? Nothing.

    Jealous because Clay’s star is on the wane while Adam’s is still RISING.

    Sales of 1st CD = 198,000,
    2nd cd = 77,000. Looks like he’s falling fast. Clay’s 2nd sold 1.5 million in 6 weeks. Clay’s sales went down too but Clay has dozens of other irons in the fire including TV and Broadway.

    Jealous because no ICONIC group/band has EVER asked HIM to front them (ie: Queen+Lambert)

    Clay just recorded a Duet with Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider on their album. Recording with an icon has way more cred than singing Queen songs on a karaoke tour.

    Adam is just getting revved up.

    Adam peaked already. He is on the way down.

    By YOUR criteria, I am more successful than Adam, as I own 4 homes! (3 in Cabo San Lucas and one in Las Vegas!) Hahahaaaa!

    Everyone is more successful than Adam.

  • Jabaroo

    Someone’s a pissy little shit.

  • Mal

    Daniel–Just to clarify, Adam’s first CD has sold 2 million around the world. I think we can agree to disagree without bringing this down to a childish level (your last comment is heading that way). Please enjoy Clay’s music as others will enjoy Adam’s. Let’s say it is a matter of taste without denigrating either artist. There is just too much negativity and hatred in the world. Let’s you and I not add to it.

  • Daniel

    Someone didn’t care one way or the other about Adam until he showed his ass. Then I put Google to work.

  • Mal

    The numbers have been updated since January. Can we be done with this nit-picking and just appreciate both artists and their contributions?

  • Daniel

    Not a chance he sold 800k in 4 months. RCA is full of shit to save face.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Daniel: I stand by my comments Daniel. And WITHOUT attacking you personally.Too bad you haven’t the class to do the same
    All the “Googling” in the world doesn’t make you right. Just as MLK once famously said in his “I Have A Dream” speech: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”….Now the civil rights struggle has moved to the rights of the LGBT community.And just as it was true then, so it’s true now…we should be judged NOT by our sexual orientation but by the content of our character.Go ahead and continue your hate-filled attacks. Even those readers who are NOT particularly Lambert fans can see the venom in your statements.Please seek help, NOT attention.

  • mlm

    @Daniel: First of all I never said Clay was jealous of Adam. You were the one that said Adam was jealous of Clay. Second of all Adams first album has sold 2 million world wide, earned 6 million dollars last year, nominated for a Grammy and has worked with several charities raising over 1 million dollars for them. He has also received awards/recognition from the LGBT for all that he has done.

    So he rents a house big deal. He is frugal with his money and not into material things as stated by him in an interview. As for all of Clays *hot* boyfriends, I’ve never seen or heard of him being with a boyfriend. Adam has had the same boyfriend for over a year and he is *HOT*!!
    Also Adam doesn’t have to diss anyone for publicity. He gets news coverage just by changing his hair style.

    We can go back and forth all day comparing notes, but it is a waste of time, so go pull out some of those Clay Aiken cds you love so much and keep on idolizing your guy!!

  • Daniel

    He has also received awards/recognition from the LGBT for all that he has done.

    What all has he done? Made a youtube video, sold necklaces to his fans, Asked the fans to give money to a charity for his birthday and um what else? Did he even get his hands dirty or is it the truth that he did nothing but it was all his fans digging deep to give when he did nothing.


  • Mal

    If RCA wanted to “save face” they would have done so by amicably parting ways with Adam Lambert after his first album as they have done so with many other artists. Anyway, I am done with this dialogue but am off today to see Adam Lambert in concert in DC–looking forward to some great music and vocals. Have a nice day everyone.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    You don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about. You didn’t even watch the show?

    While you hijack a thread to change the subject, with some jacked up Idol wank, that is EXACTLY what Clay Aiken said on Face the Nation. Read Huffpo May 19, 2012.

    Friggin “Claymates” always make statements based on nothing. And if you’re such a FAN, why didn’t you watch that week’s Face The Nation. I don’t even GAF about Aiken and I still watched it because of the subject matter.

    Lambert has never brought up Aiken’s name unless it was in answer to a specific question. Like twice. There was no reason for Aiken to make his half assed declaration about Lambert on Face The Nation.


    Discussing his fan base, Aiken noted that the people to whom he appeals are the very people whose minds need to be changed in America.

    “My fan base is very ‘red state’ typically,” he said. “I think a lot of people who are the most fervent supporters of mine are people who would have voted for a marriage amendment, but now might not. I speak more to people who are in the middle, sway-able area.

    ******I think some people, like Adam [Lambert] *******or maybe Rosie [O’Donnell], probably speak a little bit to a crowd where, it’s like, we already got them. But I think that Ellen [DeGeneres] and Neal Patrick Harris speak to that middle crowd too. I think you gotta have both. You gotta have people who stir the turd so that people can smell it. And you gotta have people who keep things as normalized as possible.You need to have Malcolm X so that Dr. King can be more effective.”

    END QUOTE (emphasis mine)

    Get now? The heroic relateable Clay Aiken is like the iconic Dr.King where the turd stirring Adam Lambert is like Malcolm X.

    Yes, I know exactly what you’re new reply will be. “That’s not an insult, that’s a compliment”. Willful ignorance much?

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    I’ve contributed here for several years, formerly as swarm on various topics, and yes frequently on Lambert wank. Sorry you can’t rebut my facts with anything other than juvenile personal attacks not even worth the time you wasted typing them. You ASKED the question and I answered it.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    “All he had to do was plead the 5th which he chose not to do. He chose instead to say that there was nothing good about Clay because Adam is a jealous bitter tool.”

    Misquote try watching a clip of the show. QUOTE: Andy: “Wanna plead the fifth?” Lambert: “No, I just can’t think of any nice things”.

    Proving you haters wrong is like shooting fish in a barrel, I swear.

    Let’s recap:

    Aiken calling Lambert a turd stirrer and analogous to Malcolm X is NOT insulting at all, and should NEVER in any way be controversial..

    Lambert when asked, saying “I just can’t think of any nice things” proves he’s a jealous bitter tool dick. Saying “I plead the fifth” is SO MUCH MORE ~respectful and un-dickly.

    Got it.

  • Michael

    @Daniel: The number of 1.2 is from January 2011, not this year. So in a year, he’s sold about 800k+. It’s not difficult math.

  • Michael

    @Daniel: Of course he thanked his fans. That might be the oddest comment ever. He’s been nothing but thankful to the fans in practically every interview.

    Why this conversation turning into a fanwar, I have no idea especially since the clip you all are discussing isn’t even included in this post. They’re both great singers and great guys. They don’t like each other and have taken shots at each other over the years. That fact doesn’t change that they’re both great role models for our community and the world. They’re human.

    As for the pissing contest over success, it’s really juvenile. You can’t even compare this year with last and get an accurate, level correlation due to changes in the economy and music industry, much less 10 years ago. Even Kelly Clarkson (to use another Idol as an example) hasn’t gone platinum in the US for her last few albums. Clay had a lot of success in his early years through sales/popularity and Adam is currently successful right now with worldwide tours/sale. They’re both good.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    @Michael: Right you are Michael, well said! BRAVO! :D

  • KV

    “I Wrote the Book” was FIERCE!

  • WTF?

    1. You can’t judge the albums based on sales seeing as how there wasn’t an epidemic of piracy when Clay’s CD Measure of a Man became #1.

    2. Adam is the one who has done more for LGBT than Clay. Just because Clay has become political, doesn’t mean he’s the one who has been getting results. All eyes are on Adam. Clay’s new CD only sold 4000 copies. His SINGING career has tanked.

    So while you’re on here, Daniel and Jason talking trash about Adam, especially you Jason.

    You know how dumb you sound saying, Adam’s CD is already failing when he made HISTORY by being the FIRST OUT GAY MALE to reach #1 on the billboard chart.

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