WATCH: Bristol Palin’s Demon Seed Is Already Dropping F-Bombs

It’s hard to believe something like homophobia is genetic, but Tripp Palin—the 3-year-old offspring of Pacific Northwest pest Bristol Palin and former Playgirl model Levi Johnston—is already spewing anti-gay epithets.

And we’re not even sure he’s potty-trained.

In a clip from Lifetime’s Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, the Palin scion calls his aunt Willow a “faggot” when she and mom won’t take him to the pool. Willow, of course, called a classmate “so gay” and “such a faggot” on Facebook back in 2010. And Bristol herself let loose with some homophobic invective at a rodeo bar when confronted about her mother.

Levi’s baby mama admits she’s not exactly Mother of the Year: “I’m doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp… I know he’s going to continue to push the boundaries.”

Please, Tripp is being raised as the reality savior of the Palin clan. He knew full well Life’s a Tripp was about as exciting as watching a stuffed bull moose collect dust so he stepped up to the plate and provided some much needed drama.

We’re confident that when he comes of age, Tripp will either emerge as gay-friendly eye candy like his daddy, or do sold-out Sarah Palin drag in Las Vegas.

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  • hf2hvit

    What would you expect from “good christian people”?

  • Golf

    Well, how charming that his Republican / Christian indoctrination is coming along so well.

  • Rooney

    That shit was probably fed to him from the cradle. I can imagine his granddaddy picking him up every night, when he was just a few months old and going all, “You’re not a faggot, ain’t ya, Tripp? No you’re not! Who’s not a faggot? You’re not a faggot! Who’s a faggot? Grandpa is not a faggot. But your daddy’s a faggot, ain’t he? Ain’t he a faggot? Yes he is, and we’ll get every single one of them faggots once you can shoot a gun, my boy.”

  • EmmaMTF

    You’ve gotta hear it more than once to start repeating it to people and understand the context of its usage. Tripp using it as an insult clearly shows he knows it’s an insult to be aimed at people he doesn’t like, so there’s only Bristol and her friends to blame for this.


  • paul berman

    When are we going to be free of this family? When is the media going to say enough of this white trash family and simply ignore them?

  • lizcivious

    @paul berman: Exactly! Why does the public continue to be subjected to these worthless people? I love the way Bristol pretends to be shocked over what came out of her brat’s mouth. You know he hears this every day. The kid is a hellion because his mother is too busy with self-promotion and spends no time parenting. She probably spends little time with him except when they’re on camera. Granny Sarah most likely pays for a nanny. I doubt that any of her children had any supervision growing up either (hence, the knocking up of Bristol). I suppose we won’t be free of these idiots till Sarah Palin retires from barfing out her two-cents worth of political nonsense. The whole clan needs to disappear into oblivion NOW.

  • SteveC

    Bristol Palin is clearly a terrible mother.

  • dvlaries

    You’re tardy with this. Wonkette had the story and the video by 1 Friday afternoon.

  • Sozo

    And she thinks it’s hysterical.

  • Buggsy

    @paul berman:
    The media will leave the Palins alone when you haters stop hating on them. As long as there are people like you guys who are obsessed with them, then the media is going to feed your appetites. Simple equation.

  • JON

    This video is nothing more than a simple example of when really stupid people try to talk, and record it on video. Bristol Palin is the gift of verbal diarrhea that keeps on giving!

  • Caleb

    Bristol Palin typifies everything wrong with the Republican right today — hypocritical and entitled with a siege mentality. They truly are the masters of always painting themselves as the victim. Perfect example, in her book, Bristol Palin basically accuses her baby daddy of raping her. I guess Tripp will have to work that out on a therapist’s couch one day, along with all of the other crazy baggage he unfortunately inherited. Another example of their BS: Sarah Palin went for the jugular of anyone who remotely made any cracks about her kids during the campaign. Bristol, however, felt perfectly comfortable commenting on the President’s daughter in her blog, then couldn’t understood that she had crossed the line, and then acted like the victim. The Palins all just need to go away and leave us in peace. They are no longer relevant.

  • WillBFair

    I especially like the background music. So now we can enjoy the f word in a well produced format. Next they’ll give us a hallway beating with three camera angles and a narrator. Thanks a heap.

  • Robert

    Why is this any different than any other 3 year old saying things that he shouldn’t be saying? Hes adorable and mean and mouthy just like all 3 years olds are. My own nephew at 3 was with me in line at a grocery store and as we were waiting a black lady got in line behind us, just then my nephew say’s “Who painted you”? to the lady. I was horrified but the lady laughed so hard it made me laugh. Goes to show that little kids will all at one time or another say inappropriate things in there childhood and it doesn’t make there parents bad parents.

  • jack

    Why did you post this? It is just a little boy acting up. Don’t make some big social statement out of it. Little kids should be off limits even when they have poor parents.

  • Marie Cohn

    Baby white trash sociopaths say the darndest things!

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!
    — from South Pacific

  • JON

    @WillBFair: You comment was hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle!

  • JON

    The first problem I see, which is typical of many parents, they threaten a punishment if the kid does something wrong or bad, and they never follow through.

    The second problem: The Lifetime Network gives her a tv show and puts that crap on the airwaves. Why the fuck would anyone give a shit about seeing Bristol Palin and her illegitimate child on TV other than her family?

  • Michael

    Good Christians is right. I was 7 when I was first called a ‘fag’. I didn’t know what it meant but I did know I didn’t want to be called it. And, gee, where else did I hear but Catholic School.

    What’s beyond obnoxious about him saying it is how his Bristol just laughed and laughed and laughed. I hope she burns in Hell.

  • Taylor

    Bristol Palin is a whore who broke God’s law of chastity and then pretended that she was date-raped by her idiot boyfriend! There is a place in hell for her. Children are not born with a vocabulary, so obviously the people around him use this language. Homosexuality is no more or less a sin than heterosexual fornication…All is an abomination to God!

  • TrekBear

    With Bristol, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  • Rick Rosio

    Go away and stay away.
    God, I need a bath after reading this load of crap

  • Robbee65

    Why waste time writing about this idiot from the other idiot Sarah??

  • mike ramon

    Take away the fact that palin was a half governor and a loser v.p. candidate and you pretty much have a trailor trash family, with all its trappings, stupid, lazy, an divorcees. No more news from the palins please were’re sick of them.

  • Chad Hunt

    I cant condone this site calling a 3yr old “Demon Seed”, going after someone’s children at any level when they are minors is just in poor taste. We can’t blame a child for what it is taught. We must blame the adults who teach their children poor moral values. True christians don’t judge or condemn others. “Judge notlest though be judged”, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, “love thy neighbor as thyself and be not bitter against them”. True Christians live their life as a light and example for others not as dictators. Its timefor the Democratic party to reclaim the titles of morality and patriotism. These are currently held hypocritically by the republicans who are anything but.

  • Ruhlmann

    Three year olds can be embarrasing sometimes. I took two nephews fishing off of a popular pier in town one day. They were three and eight then. There were all kinds of people there and as we were heading back a woman in her sixties was power walking in spandex top and bottoms. She was actually very attractive but her large pendulous breasts were bouncing and swaying to and fro. Well we get just past her and the three year old turns around, puts one hand on his hip, points at her and yells “hey….you sexy lady”. I just sped up walking and pretended I didn’t know him but she actually turned around and laughed which was the okay for others to laugh.

    On the drive home I kept asking him where he had heard this and he said he didn’t know. I asked him what sexy meant and he said “it’s when a lady has big bazooms”. Home and the playground is a limited turf for a three year old and they can only get stuff from either place.


    I was telling the Palins, some years back to “go fuck themself” like all republican they are bloody fucking Christian.


    @Rick Rosio: Not just a bath, brash your teeth to!!

  • DrewSF

    Honestly who cares?

  • Jeff

    Just call them the Wasilla hillbillies!!!

  • marc conder

    The usage of hate words by this child are indicative of so many things. What he hears on a regular basis, his ability to use them in context, his mother’s admitted lack of parenting skills and his potty mouth aunt’s influence.
    What is not evident is the so called ‘republican influence’ on this child. That is such a stretch, you have to be among those who see monsters under every bed.
    Children from broken homes begin life with out form, and as they age, their life continues to be more and more misshapen. A child needs 2 parents, representing both sexes. In this case, a mature man with a good grounding in his masculinity would be of great help to this boy. Vulgarity is taught, and it can be untaught. At this age, they are just words that illicit shock, so the child uses them. I do know that by the time he enters first grade, these same words are used to hurt, and cause distress. When any of us hear this kind of language being used, we must stop the user, and point out the harm, it can only help.

  • lizcivious

    @Buggsy: Excuse me Buggs, but I do not hate the Palins and I’m certainly NOT obsessed with them. I couldn’t give a moose’s ass about that family, but they are in the public eye. I am merely commenting on a clip I just watched and wondered why the public is subjected to a TV program showcasing Bristol Palin, whose only claim to fame is that she’s the daughter of a former VP candidate, and her undisciplined child. There are more worthy individuals out there that deserve the spotlight. One can’t escape the activities of the Palins or the Kardashians (another family that needs to disappear) if you own a television or have Internet access. If anyone is going to be a hater, it’s Bristol’s bratty kid. He’s not too young to be taught to respect others, a lesson that his mother and aunt weren’t taught since they are old enough to know what the F-word means and have no qualms about the usage of it.

  • B

    Everyone commenting seems to be focusing on this kid. But, someone decided to distribute this video of him. What does that tell you about them, including his parents?

  • Brad

    Do you think it’s right you call him demon seed? he’s a fucking kid he probably picked it up from the playground.

  • phiggles

    I agree – let’s rag on Bristol, not her poor kid.


    Hey! Read my new big gay novel.

  • crazyrepublicons

    Typical conservaturd trash

  • JenD

    This family is just a waste of human space. It is so sad that they want to have such class, and always want to play victims and then have a TV show exposing the wonderful upbringing they give their children. The child is bratty, annoying and disrespectful.


    Oh you little gay boys… You bitch and complain about what Tripp said and who taught him such. However you fail to see that you queens call each other that word all the time! And don’t give me the standard “Well, we can say it but you can’t” chant OR the “Well when we say it we use it as a term of endearment but when others say it they mean it as hate”. Yeah right!!! Like we haven’t seen how many queens, muscle heads, thinks, bears, the bondage inclined, etc use the term in anger at one another.

    You claim hypocrisy of Christian individuals & groups and mock its fate. However, your practice of the gay agenda with its hate rhetoric, disgust of others, name calling, labeling, etc…, is no different and oftentimes is worse.

    And why do you worry about the splinter in your neighbors eye when you’ve got a log in yours. Be a good example so that we can eliminate hateful language!

    ZACH: why would you label a three year old boy a demon seed?!! Grow the f^ck up!!! You’re supporting hate speech!

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