WATCH: Cazwell Gives A Shout Out To The Papi Chulos With “Rice And Beans”

When DJ Cazwell isn’t spinning sickening beats for gay boys around the globe, he’s recording his own tracks. His latest, “Rice and Beans,” celebrates Latin love gods—and the video, by Marco Ovando, will have you grabbing your passport and heading south of the border.

Fleshbot (NSFW) debuted “Rice and Beans” recently and Caz told them it’s a paean to all the hot Latino boys, specifically a torrid romance between a white guy in the East Village and a hot Dominican boy uptown. “When I say ‘I’ll show up twice,” Cazwell explains, “It means your mama will know we’re serious.”

Source: Fleshbot (NSFW)

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  • James

    Who funds this shit?

  • w.e.

    Nice bois with too much clothing.

  • Chad

    Big umbrella on my piña colada. I think I’ll have to start using that euphemism for my online profiles.

  • n900mixalot

    @James: The club scene. DJs like Caswell make crock sh!ts of cash when they appear at those huge gay venues, as do the venues themselves. Plus, it is not that expensive to produce music videos these days, with the technology coming down in price as it has. A green screen is cheap, a MacBook Pro and a good camera, plus the right software, and you are done. Those dudes don’t look very expensive either.

  • kyle

    this is sooo r a c i s t

  • t money

    horrible, just horrible. all of his songs are garbage. whats next, a song about chitterlings and corn bread?

  • Basch

    This video and song are terrible. At least in his Ice Cream Truck video the boys were hotter, the dancing better, and the song (this is a stretch) better. Also, do you have ANY other ideas than having cute latino boys dancing in your videos??? It’s getting stale.

  • ousslander

    thought it was fun

  • Ty

    Cazwell is very sexy, but can the gays stop pretending this guy has any talent?

  • Gus

    The singing dog was the highlight of this video.

  • Red Meat

    I thought it was funny and shouldn’t be taken seriously, these queens above me just need to take that black dildo out of their asses.

  • Symp

    lol funny… dude’s always good for a laugh.

  • Carlos

    It’d be one thing if this song was actually written and performed by a Latino artist but even then it would still be stupid and rac!st. It’s written and performed by a gay white man, and it’s full of rac!st Latino stereotypes about us Latinos. He might as well have written a song and made a music video full of bisexual and gay black men dressed as “thugs” and called it “Newports, malt liquor, Fried chicken, and watermelon”.

  • drums

    Offensive, and anyone telling people who are offended that they should grow a sense of humour are just blaming the victim.

  • Jay

    I’m white and I’m offended by this video. It just shows how Cazwell is r a c i s t, has no actual talent, and gives all LGBT people or gay men a bad name.

  • JayKay

    It’s a shitty song, but anyone who thinks it’s racis+ is being an overly sensitive pansy.

  • Ty

    I think Cazwell is a no talent clown, but racist? Isn’t this video loaded with near-naked Hispanic men?

  • villa viper

    It is funny how white people manage to make everything about THEMSELVES. Instead of having a bunch of Hot Latino guys doing their thing and being sexy… we have to have a skinny white dude in the middle of all of this brown hotness stealing the brown glow.

    When is the GLBT community gonna show some REAL Minority love instead of all of this White Supremacy Bull..it :-(

    I wonder if a gay white dude could get away with a song called cornbread and friend chicken and have a bunch of black guys dancing around a white dude and still get away with it?

    Um…Doubt it..

  • villa viper

    @Jay: Jay you sound like a well meaning Politically Correct White dude but I have to disagree with you about the song.

    The actual song is cool.

    Problem is it’s a white dude singing it.

  • Maria

    I agree Villa Viper. While there are Caucasian Latinos in all countries and in the United States, Cazwell is NOT one of them at all. In Mexico where I am from we would call him a gringo guero. I agree that the song and video are r[email protected] (why does queerty censor that word?) but because they are made by an ignorant and [email protected] gay white man.

  • Maria

    I agree it would have been better to have solomente LATINOS en este video. ;)

  • Ty

    Come on… the guys in the video are meant be to sexy… it isn’t like Cazwell grabbed a bunch of stereotypical roofer guys that don’t send anything but negative stereotypes, it’s supposed to be an ode to hot Latino men. What’s wrong with that?

    It reminds me of the people who whined about Mary J. Blige’s Burger King jingle.. you want [email protected], how about why there are no white people in McDonalds ads, not a diva singing a song about crispy chicken wraps (that taste like glue I may add)

  • villa viper

    @Ty: It’s because white entitlement is vicious and nasty that you guys think you have a right copy and appropriate every ones else’s cultures.

    Stay in your FU..ING Trailer parks and write songs about the hot red necks there.

    Leave the communities of color to speculate about their own!!

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    So everyone is bashing Cazwell but not saying a word about Marco Ovando?

    LOL White Supremacy and complaints about a white guy celebrating Latinos. Apparently there’s a movement to stop Latinos from creating cheap videos. Oh wait. Marco Ovando.

  • Jeff

    Yes it’s no longer okay for white guys to be into Latin guys. So have decreed the PC Police. (Politically Correct, not Papi Chulos, lest anyone call me a R a c i s t) Therefore, if a white guy wants to sing about Latin guys, they must now write the song and have it performed by a Latino?

  • Ty

    @villa viper: By your logic, every white man who ever jerked one off to Ricky Martin needs to die, right?

  • villa viper

    @Jeff: @Jeff: Yea pretty much..

    We hear how much you gringos love each other all the time through porn and practically every other gay media venue.

    Why don’t you let people of color step forward and let each other know how much they desire appreciate each other.

  • villa viper

    Ty I never said you needed to die because you jerked off to a white looking Latino dude like Ricky Martin.

    I am asking do you Gringos need to control EVERY FU..ING thing that has to do with sexuality?

    When is the last time you saw ANYTHING on Queerty or any other media outlet that had to do with a GLBT minority that did not involve SOMETHING White i.e partner, producer, manager..I mean seriously is control in your DNA.

    Is brown on brown love so bad, what about brown on black…um..no there’s always got to be something white in there somewhere or else its not legit.

    Step aside and let the soon to be Majority love itself without your pasty fingers all over it.

  • Ty

    @villa viper:

    You have some serious issues with race. Not all white people are out to destroy you. Its okay for you to call all white people trailer trash, but if a white person made comments about Hispanics being illegal immigrants who are too lazy to learn English and love living up to stereotypes suddenly that’s bigoted. Bigotry goes both ways. If I’m overweight trailer trash for being white, then you need to put the tacos and burritos down and find a job outside of roofing. Do you like that? then don’t make the same assumptions about white people because someone called you a bad name once.

  • villa viper

    @Ty: Here’s the thing papi :-)

    I am a Chicano and NONE of my family members are from Mexico! We are the originals from Texas, California and Arizona. Despite my horrible typing errors on here (don’t proof read as I should) I have a Masters Degree.

    Can you say the same Gringo? I doubt it..So much for YOUR FU..ING stereotypes about who I am huh!

    This entire post was about a white dude writing a song about Latinos and eventually getting fame and a paycheck for it. I say to you Gringos give up your need for power and control and let the brown and black people speak for themselves.

    Again I ask but will spell it correctly this time around. If a white dude wrote a song about fried chicken and collard greens and had a bunch of black dudes dancing around him would that s..t go over? F..K NO! So why is this sh.t o.k?

    It is o.k because you Gringos are so use to using minorities as objects at your disposal.

    This video is a testimony to your arrogance :-(

    You sly WHITE DEVILS :-0

  • Red Meat

    @villa viper: dafuq? Must have been a community college.

  • Jeff

    @villa viper: Then get out from behind your keyboard of racial hate and write that fucking song. I’m a painter and paint a lot of Latin guys, because that’s who I’m attracted to. In your racially exclusive world, that makes me the devil. Or is it just jealousy because so many Latin guys are attracted to white guys instead of you?

  • ChykolateDrop

    Like it or not Villa Viper has a point. This is the only site where Brown on Brown love or Brown on Black love is something that just don’t happen, like all gays of color are on the hunt for some pale twink who we can pound with our big brown or big black penis
    @Jeff:” or is it just jealousy that so many Latin guys are attracted to white guys instead of you.” Most times those Latin guys have serious issues with self hate, just like some black dudes who only seek out or attracted to white guys, so that is something I would not brag about.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @villa viper: You’re obviously not immune to a touch of racism yourself….

  • Jeff

    @ChykolateDrop: Yes, you are so right, if you are attracted to anyone outside of your own race, you are self-loathing. Jesus, we talk about a more inclusive loving world, but then we have the neo-segregationists. I’m convinced that the only people who post on this board anymore are paid trolls and guys with more issues than USA Today.

  • Jeff

    Oh yeah, and if I’m white and tell a guy from another race I’m not attracted to him, then I’m a racist. The mind reels from how much people will go out of their way to find fault with any little thing.

  • Deee!

    Calm down, peeps. The important thing is intent, and he didn’t intend to be racis+. Why can’t we just listen to the song, ogle the hot guys and move on. We seem to have forgotten what fun means, we’re too busy being anal about everything…

  • Halston

    I didn’t find the video racist and I am a person of mixed Latino heritage. It was a cheap not so great video with quite a few funny looking guys with nice bodies but not racist.

  • vince

    this just shows that even white gays are just as r.a.c.i.s.t. as their straight counterparts

  • ChykolateDrop

    Jeff- I said “ONLY seek out or attracted to white guys”. I’m all about being inclusive but I absolutly hate anyone who feel that people who look like them are some how unattractive. We are not trolls homie, some gays of color happen to see situations like this a bit differently than white gays, man.

  • What the f**k

    @ChykolateDrop: Racism….inverse racism….SAME F**king thing! Queens throwing around accusations of racism destroy their points when they themselves make racist comments.

  • Ty


    Funny, isn’t it the self-professed Hispanic guy who has been on this “death to whitey” kick and professing his superiority because “all white people are trailer trash”? There is one bigot in this thread, and he’s not white.

  • Ty

    @villa viper:

    “It is o.k because you Gringos are so use to using minorities as objects at your disposal.

    This video is a testimony to your arrogance :-(”

    Two words: Magic Mike. White men presented as objects. Stop reading more into it than needs to be there. What is different about this video and a high profile movie coming out with five or six white actors (and one Latino, Adam Rodriguez, added to the mix) being used for sex objects?

    I think a white guy treated you like shit in the past and this is your way of getting revenge. You can’t choose the skin you live in, but you can choose being a narrow-minded bigot who hates someone for their skin color. The way you hate white people, you would act like a relative of yours got lynched before by a gang of rednecks.

    We’re all queer here, shouldn’t that be bond us more than race? Most Hispanic and African-American gay people I know look beyond race, why can’t you?

  • shannon


  • Ty

    @shannon: I agree. Funny this video is causing so much controversy. Most of us have known that Cazwell is tacky for years.

  • villa viper

    @ChykolateDrop: Chykolate you are completely on point. In Psychological Circles it is called INTERNALIZED OPPRESSION. Which is essentially the negative dominant beliefs about who you are turned inward.

    Most minorities in the US and other colonized countries have a learned preference towards whites because white supremacy is what they have been conditioned to believe in. At some point we have to take that power back and stop believing in white supremacy and stop dating the nasty pasty Gringos.

    Because let’s face it, Gringos only look good till they hit 30 and then they start to age like shit :-(

  • rev fartwell


  • Aiden

    @Ty: Yes, one movie that isn’t even out yet definitely up against centuries of the objectification of people of color.

  • What the f**k

    @Aiden: This is an inverse klan meeting for some bitter bitches…[email protected] from white ,black, hispanic…..whoever….is UGLY.

  • What the f**k

    @villa viper: You must know ,SURELY,that you shot down any legitimacy in your arguments when you allowed people to read that you too ……..are [email protected]

  • What the f**k

    @villa viper: Also I would like to point out that Spain’s colonisation of land and other cultures of the world was extensive.White people do not have a monopoly on [email protected] It exists in all cultures.

  • Maria

    Villa Viper I did agree with some of your very early comments but the [email protected] comments you wrote against white people make you sound hypocritical or very angry.

  • Ty


    I agree. You can’t fight bigotry with more bigotry. Talking shit about white people and trying to come up with the worst stereotypes about white people (trailer trash, overweight, redneck…) doesn’t make you superior, it brings you to the same level as the white supremacists. This mentality in the gay community baffles me because in general most gay people do not put color as their #1 thing, but their sexual orientation. White, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc… gay men can mix and mingle much more common than our straight counterparts who have far more distinctively different characteristics from one another. A shame that Villa Viper spends so much time hating white people when the people he hate are probably straight men, most gay people don’t see color.

    And regarding the whole “white supremicist” thing that looks down on Hispanic people in the looks dept…. do you know a single white heterosexual? Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Shakira, Selma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria are all women that are huge sex symbols to straight white guys. “Whites only like their own” kinda goes out the window when J. Lo and Jessica Alba are two of the biggest female sex symbols of the past 15 years.

    Honestly, I wonder if he is white and trolling. Just like some of the most bitter angry white-hating black people on the internet have been proven to be [email protected] white people trolling for attention.

  • ChykolateDrop

    Yes some of Villa Viper’s comments were a bit over the top BUT I do understand his anger.
    @Ty: “Most gay people don’t see color.” I really had to LOL on that one man. If we are going to be real about this topic of bigotry within the Gay community then we have to come correct. You act as though the only bigotry that exist in the gay community comes from gay people of color. It seems the the Gay community will not tolerate this kind of behavior from gay people of color, and we shouldn’t, but have no problem overlooking the bigotry that floods this site from white gay men, just check out any article that involves The Obamas, a Homophobic person on color, or Trans-people. Like I said if we are going to call out chit like this then we must CALL all of them out, not just gay people of color. Bigotry is a ugly thing no matter where it comes from but if we act as though it’s only directed towards gay white men then WE are delusional lying bastards.

  • biscuit_batter

    this is just a silly fun vid, what’s all the fuss about?

  • Ty

    @ChykolateDrop: “@Ty: “Most gay people don’t see color.” I really had to LOL on that one man. If we are going to be real about this topic of bigotry within the Gay community then we have to come correct”

    Of course there is some racism in the gay community as there is racism everywhere. But for gay people to have friends of all different nationalities is in fact a more common occurance than our heterosexual counterparts who 99% of the time stick to their own. It is far more common for an average gay man to have friends of various backgrounds than it is for straight men who usually solely run around with their own group.

    Villa has the right to his opinion, but when he starts BASHING white people, calling us trailer trash and ugly… he becomes no better than the bigots he’s supposedly attacking. Me, I am a white guy, I mainly like white guys, but I have seen some black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic guys in my time that I can think “damn, he’s a good looking man”. We all have our own preferences and nobody can force us to like someone we don’t consider attractive, but to outright dismiss an entire group of people like Villa has done by saying *all* white people are lazy overweight trailer trash (not realizing that there are some severe negative stereotypes his group of people have as well), he’s not “rising above” but being worse. A mere “I’m just not really into white guys” thing can suffice, compared to the BS he’s pulled out.

  • Ty

    And this video actually does bring up another discussion all together that I’ve thought of especially when it comes to shows like Glee and characters like Kurt. This video is offensive to Hispanic men by being called “Rice and Beans”, and recently there was the Mary J. Blige controversy over the jingle about fried chicken. When are gay people going to band together and consider Liza and femininity to be as much of a negative stereotype against gay people as Hispanic roofers who no zero English and eat nothing but tacos or black people who collect welfare and eat watermelon and fried chicken, or the overweight trailer park white person. If you want a negative perpetuated stereotype that looks bad, Kurt IMO is just as offensive as Amos N’ Andy were. Yet African Americans saw Amos N Andy for what they were, an offensive minstrel show for white peoples amusement and had it pulled off the air… but somehow Kurt on Glee perpetuates just as many negative gay stereotypes for hetero bigots to laugh at “fags” and yet he’s somehow considered this positive role model.

    IMO the likes of interior decorating, drag, Liza, Judy, Gaga, fabulousness, “one of the girls” and the sort is to the gay community what tacos and roofing are to Hispanic people and fried chicken and watermelon are to African Americans.

    Off topic, but since people were condemning the so-called “r @ c i s m” in this video, I figure we may as well as a community discuss that too.

  • Ty

    @Aiden: “@Ty: Yes, one movie that isn’t even out yet definitely up against centuries of the objectification of people of color.”

    Who the hell said that I was complaining about Magic Mike? Most people I know who are going to see this are going to ogle the men, not to watch the movie. Don’t take everything with such offense, some people aren’t on the defense/offense with everything. I want to see Magic Mike and I can assure you that it has little to do with Channing Tatum’s acting skills.

    I was just saying that there’s really nothing “bad” about a group of hot men being put on parade as pieces of meat for other gay men and women to drool over. In this said video, Cazwell picked out “hot” Latin guys, not a bunch of negative stereotypical roofer type of guys. Cazwell has done other videos where he’s objectifying a bunch of barely dressed guys who are shaking their ass for the camera, watch Ice Cream Truck for one, the only difference between this and that is that this one has a singing chihuahua.

  • Marisol

    Biscuit Batter-Watch the video again and you’ll see how it’s r a ci st towards Latinos.

  • je m'appelle jello

    villa viper manger des tacos

  • Carlos

    I agree with the other Latino posters this isn’t funny and it’s rac!st.

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