WATCH: Colby Jansen’s first non-adult movie just went online

Patrick Wallace and Colby Jansen in Matt

Adult entertainment star Colby Jansen has just made his first non-porn debut.

He stars alongside actor Patrick Wallace in the 12-minute short Matt. After playing at several LGBTQ film festivals, the movie was posted online last week and can also be viewed via streaming service Dekkoo.

Matt was the brainchild of writer and director Ori Ravid. He raised some of the funding via a Kickstarter campaign. It focuses on a one-night hook up between a young twink and an older daddy, both of whom are called Matt. No prizes for guessing who plays who!

The short explores the sometimes awkward dynamic between someone with a lot of experience and someone with very little. It’s a sweet little offering that may get you thinking of your earlier sexual experiences.

Matt from Ori Ravid on Vimeo.

Ravid is from Agoura Hills, CA. He graduated from NYU with a degree in Film and Television Production.

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He says he first had the idea for the movie a few years ago: “I found out that someone I had a huge crush on was dating someone significantly older than him, so I arranged a sleepover with someone in my neighborhood who was significantly older than me out of, yes, jealousy, but also curiosity.

“I wanted to know what a 45-year-old could possibly get out of someone emotionally who was 25. Turns out that I was really just insecure with myself in a lot of ways and I’ve done a full 180-degree turn on that thinking since then, but that was the inception of the idea.

“I reached out to Colby because, as someone familiar with his work, knew he could act and would be a “dream daddy” to cast. I emailed him the script and he agreed to do it pretty much immediately.

“I was lucky to find Patrick Wallace who plays Younger Matt just a few weeks before we were set to shoot.

Patrick Wallace and Colby Jansen in Matt’s Short Film

The movie was shot in August 2018 over two nights in Los Angeles.

Ravid has said in previous interviews that he wanted to portray an authentic hook-up. What does he mean by that?

“I wanted to portray a gay hook-up that feels realistic and also free of melodrama – something that I feel like is rarely done and if I had seen in my informative years could have made me feel better about myself sexually once I got older.

“I’ve had a lot of straight people tell me how relatable it is for them after watching it too, which isn’t something I was necessarily expecting but am super happy is the case.”

Colby Jansen tells Queerty that the project was “really refreshing” after his adult entertainment work.

“I had an absolute blast with Ori, Patrick and the rest of the crew. It was challenging to really focus on acting and get my tone, inflection, facial expressions and timing down. And I believe it really has helped me in the acting part of my ‘other’ kind of acting.”

Fans of Jansen need not worry that he’s now turning his back on porn.

“I’m still working as an adult actor,” he says. “I still have my OnlyFans and I’m making content with men and women now and I still work for major studios. As long as people keep booking me, I want to keep working!”

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