Watch this diner full of people rally around a drag queen after she’s rejected by her family

Monét X Change stopped by ABC’s What Would You Do? to offer commentary on an episode where two actors playing the parents of a drag queen publicly reject their son while seated at a busy diner.

Amazingly, the vast majority of the other patrons came to the son’s defense.

“There are worse things,” one woman tells the parents. “The glass is half full. There are worse things. That’s his job.”

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“You look beautiful,” another diner comforts the son before offering him a hug.

But the real clincher comes towards the end of the segment when a woman tells the parents that she’s just returned from her son’s grave and they should be happy their son is even alive.

“I would be glad that this is my son and that he is here,” the woman says. “I just came from the cemetery where my son is dead.”