WATCH: Frankmusik’s Legal, But He’s Got “No I.D.”

British electropop singer Frankmusik (né Vincent James Turner) has much love for the gay boys: he’s performed at London’s G.A.Y., snogged blokes on occasion, posed naked in gay mag AXM (twice) and is currently touring with queer icons Erasure. But for his new single, “NO I.D.”, it’s all about the ladies. The Far East Movement collaborator, 25, has teamed up with Colette Car for a teen anthem filled with images of car races, sweet-looking betties and dudes in greaser gear.

“Frank and I needed some experimental inspiration so we decided to remix a song that I initially made with Space Cowboy,” Carr tells AOL Music. “Frank took the melody and beat in a whole different direction. There’s always insane creative vibes when we are in the studio together… We feed off the energy of the unknown.”

The “No I.D.” video is cute in a “Summer Nights'” kind of way—but we eagerly await Frankmusik’s follow-up single—”No Clothing.”

Image via Frankmusic Flickrstream