WATCH: Group Claims Being Gay Is More Dangerous Than Smoking

OK, who told? Janet Porter, president of the wacko right-wing organization Faith2Action, claims homosexuality is more dangerous for children than smoking.

In a clip from a deranged new video, which Porter seems to think is a clever parody, she reads to a group of children about the joys of smoking from a book Heather Has Two Cigarettes (a not-very-subtle dig at the revered Heather Has Two Mommies). Porter then passes out cigarettes to her class and brands one child a “smokerphobe” for not lighting up. You see where this is leading?

“Homosexual behavior is up to three times more dangerous than smoking,” according to the video. “We don’t promote smoking in the schools, so why would we promote something even more dangerous.”

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  • erasure25

    Just as the KKK makes being a minority dangerous, Faith2Action makes being gay dangerous. They are the cause of their own conclusion. They are a hate group.

  • ArtNYC

    Her size alone is a danger to herself and those around her, especially kids. She should address that before the long list she needs to get to. Gay should not be of her concern at any rate.

  • boring

    Allow me to talk to you about the dangers of second-hand pole smoking.

  • davegun2

    Oh pleezze. They are just such craven idiots. I can not believe them.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am sooooooo sick of christians

  • Xanderer

    Well doesn’t this just mean that we need to continue to educate people about safer sexual behavior? If male to male, or female to female sexual behavior is literally shortening lifespans due to diseases then there are a number of ways to reduce that risk. Blaming someone’s orientation is short sighted and bigoted.

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