WATCH: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Unlucky In Love As The First Gay Bachelor

Remember that regrettable experiment in gay dating shows, Bravo’s Boy Meets Boy, featuring heterosexual gay-for-play contestants in some sort of cruel and completely unnecessary “twist”? Well, the folks at Funny or Die revisit the concept, this time sans the straight plants, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson starring as Bryden, the first gay on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Sadly for Bryden, he can’t get the time of gay from any of his potential suitors, who end up hooking up and leaving him stroking the long stem of his rose. I guess therein lies the problem with gay dating shows, and gay dating in general — who needs one bachelor when, as one of the pool-partiers so astutely points out, they’re all bachelors?

Meanwhile, cut to me on a Friday night:


Followed by three bottles of Charles Shaw pinot grigio:

gay-bachelor-sobGood times.