WATCH: Jon Stewart Goes Off On Mike Huckabee Over Gay Marriage

The Daily Show has somehow become the voice of reason in America, with Jon Stewart as its adorably pint-sized larynx.

Stewart welcomed back to the show Mike Huckabee and during the course of their two-part interview, Jon got a little heated over the politician cum Fox News host’s religious-based condemnation of gay marriage in a controversial political ad:  (around 4:00)

“We can come on and have a conversation but when I see that,  and I go, Mike Huckabee doesn’t just disagree with me, he believes that my position, that gay people are members of the species and whoever they love; that marriage strengthens traditional families because gay families are wonderful families raising wonderful kids and that the value of them is not their gayness. Marriage is about honest, trustworthy people working in a loving household, having nothing to do with what their sexuality is. How can you say that me believing that is registered in the book of fire?”

He may be small in stature, but you do not want to see Jon Stewart angry. You’ll laugh till it hurts.


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  • 2eo

    Jon Stewart is one of the leading voices of reason. People like Huckabee are thoroughly vile, worthless people, they have taken hate and turned it into a podium of violent, monstrous rhetoric.

    These people are better off dead. They won’t change and they cannot be reasoned with, their unreasonable and hateful positions have being proven wrong for decades yet they won’t budge.

    When they die, the world improves.

  • Caleb in SC

    @2eo: I agree. I sometimes pray that the Rapture is real so these narrow-minded, mean-spirited people will be taken up and the rest of us will be left the hell alone!!!

  • Wilberforce

    Stewart is a weakling, even worse than most media liberals. His job is to let nutjobs like Huckabee spout bull—- without challenge.
    I could have shut him down in one minute. How’s this?
    If life begins at conception, why are many fertilized eggs spontaneously rinsed and flushed every month? If you’re such an authority, where’s your degree in medicine or boiology?
    The general public doesn’t know your obscure bible passage, neither do most christians. And they’ll interpret that commercial as you threatening them with hell. So please quit the double talk.
    Fundamentalists, not christians, cherry pick the bible worse than anyone, always favoring obscure anti-gay passages, while ignoring the rest of the old law and the constant demands for charity and mercy toward the weak. Where is you commericial demanding that people vote for the gospels true priorities?

  • Cam

    For too long people have let these right wing religious nut jobs get away with saying all manner of things because it’s “Their Religious Belief”.

    If a belief is big-oted or rac-ist etc.. it is irrelevent where it came from.

    People like Mike Huckabee should be embarassed and ashamed to suggest that the country be run based on his religion, it is anti-American and more in line with Saudi Arabia or Iran.

    It’s about time that people like Huckabee received derision for the ignorant, Anti-American fools they are.

  • NormdePlume

    Reason and logic bumped up against fables and magic. Fables and magic lost. Big time.

  • Little-Kiwi

    gays aren’t the problem. Huckabee’s own straight son was kicked out of the Scouts for torturing and murdering a stray dog.

    so, straight sociopaths can marry and have children, but not loving gay couples?

    rot in hell, huckabee.

  • hf2hvit

    “til natural death”? What do you call CAPITAL PUNISHMENT???

  • Caleb in SC

    @Wilberforce: You obviously do not watch Jon Stewart on a regular basis.

  • natkra90

    This debate only shows just how divided our nation is today. What began as a nation that recognized that our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are endowed by our Creator, is now split between those who still hold that view, and those who reject God and all that He stands for. Homosexuality is an unnatural psychological distortion that comes to those who worship themselves as God. Find me one homosexual who’s not full of themselves, and I’ll recant that statement. The reason we have more homosexuals today than ever is not because they’ve finally come public; it’s because we’ve been given over to man-worship. We are a nation that has accepted political propaganda as science over sound logic and study. Those who think this is the right direction need a reality check. Our economy is on the brink of collapse while most children in America don’t grow up in a home with two parents. We don’t just have a political problem in America. We have a problem with outright, blatant, and unashamed wickedness. If you are a part of this problem, you’d better hope there’s no God, because if we didn’t beat the impossible odds of evolving from dust, you will melt with fear when you stand before Him.

  • 2eo

    @natkra90: This ones a keeper.

    Can we keep him?

  • Wilberforce

    @Caleb in SC: I do watch him on a regular basis, and I’m very used to his non-arguments in response to Republican talking points. It’s the usual tactic of media ‘liberals’, to let the nut jobs rant on with no serious challenge.
    You obviously don’t know the techniques of rhetoric.

  • Sansacro

    @natkra90: Travis Bickle! Long night driving that taxi?

  • Sansacro

    @2eo: In the basement, wearing a harness, with a biscuit in his butt nut! For sure!!

  • Caleb in SC

    @Wilberforce: Yes, law school never told taught me anything about rhetoric. Your problem is that you overestimate your tired arguments, which have already failed to gain traction. Sometimes, the best course of action is to let the crazies have their say and trust that the populace is smart enough to see how crazy they are. It obviously worked in this election since we reelected President Obama and gained a lot of ground on the marriage equality front.

  • natkra90

    @Caleb in SC: You seem to be indicating that what gains traction is truth. This would be what they would teach in law school since they believe that truth is not as important as what you can convince a jury.

    In reality, what gains traction and truth can be radically different. What gained traction in Nazi Germany was that the Jews were not fully human and therefore could be killed. This is what they branded as science. What has gained traction here is that unborn babies are not fully developed and therefore can also be killed. These schools of thought both stem from Darwinism. Hitler believed that homosexuals were more evolved too fyi.

    It is morally repugnant to say that what gains traction should be upheld as truth. This philosophy allows a society to become crazy to the point of recognizing truth as evil just as Nazi Germany did.

    Truth is not necessarily found in what gains traction. It’s found when you throw out all preexisting assumptions and bias to pursue that which you can prove with a sincere heart.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I couldn’t help noticing that Mr. Huckabee who lost 100+ pounds and parlayed that into a governship and a book deal about healthy eating is once again as fat a body as he is a fathead.

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