WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets Spanked With A Belt, Zach Galifianakis Officially Best Person Ever

We’ve all grown a bit weary of Justin Bieber’s inappropriately shirtless in public, ass on Instagram, “we get it, you’re a stoner” behavior over the lat few months and luckily Zach Galifianakis takes the Bieber to task in this hilarious episode of his Funny or Die series, Between Two Ferns.

Before the shtick and the leather starts flying, Galifianakis expresses how excited he is to talk to the pop tart “right in the middle of your public meltdown.” The hirsute host then goes in on the teenaged twink for trying to recruit Anne Frank to his army of Beliebers, peeing in a bucket and generally being the most famous trashbag since Hefty.

Then shit gets real-ish. “I don’t think your mom would really mind if a stranger whipped her son,” Galifianakis says while taking off his belt. Since his bodyguards didn’t rush the stage and immediately subdue Galifianakis, and Bieber didn’t start tearing up like a stunt queen facing jail time, it’s safe to assume no international superstars were harmed in the making of this clip.

Zach’s got a point, though. Bieber’s mom probably wouldn’t mind if a stranger whipped her son (especially if she was still cashing them checks). “You’re not a child, and that’s the point,” the comedian jests. “So I can hit a grown man with a belt.” Yes, he can, and there are special places for that. Justin’s just not old enough to get into them yet.

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  • dewin

    How do you spell strange?

  • Kieran

    He deserves a spanking for inking his entire arm. If that’s not a cry for help I don’t know what is.

  • dannyboi2

    I do want to find humor in this, but it’s just stupid. And Justin did just fine batting those beautiful eyes, It’s Zach with the whole premises, it just didn’t go anywhere.

  • mpwaite

    LOL> It almost looks real.. Justin Bieber (Beevers) did a great job at looking surprised; However, Zack should have ended the mock interview after the spanking.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Let’s see… his manager sets up an appearance for a website FUNNY OR DIE and Justin clearly doesn’t get the joke. Even Zach doesn’t seem to understand what he’s supposed to do. Sad.

  • CarrollAP

    As he physically matures, his body is changing from a boy to a young man, but emotionally he is still about 5.

  • Greg Garavani

    One of the most boring Funny or Dies I’ve seen, I was kind of hoping JB was going to pull down his pants in this clip but I guess not, still love him though.

  • yaoming

    Should have pulled down his pants. Beebs probably would have been into it.

  • Polaro

    Making the Beiber cry with a leather belt would be worth millions, if it were real.

  • yaletownman

    Hitting young lesbians is just wrong. We are supposed to laugh at this?

  • Aidan8

    I wouldn’t mind taking a belt to JB’s ass… and whatever it leads to… :)

  • Teleny

    Bieber is very woman ish beautiful. It looks just silly when he tries to dress like a thug with the face of a female model. :)

  • Ogre Magi

    @yaoming: My pants suddenly feel tighter

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