WATCH: Katie Couric Talks To Transgender Kids And Their Parents On “Katie”

On today’s episode of Katie, host Katie Couric talks to three transgender youngsters and their families—including 6-year-old Coy Mathis, who is fighting for the right to be recognized as a girl in school.

Also on today’s show, Dr. Renee Richards talks to Katie about her push for transgender rights in professional sports.

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  • Fitz

    Great! Except for the last part– the trans in sports thing. That is more complicated. Especially if they have gone through puberty already.

  • Thedrdonna

    @Fitz: If they haven’t gone through puberty, their musculosketal structure isn’t sex-differentiated yet, so there shouldn’t be any issue at all. After puberty, I would say there is a legitimate debate, but it would revolve around skeletal structure and the interplay of muscles and skeleton, because musculature is hormone-dependent and after a year or two of female hormones there is no difference in pure muscle strength between trans and cis women.

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