Watch Matt Gaetz squirm after someone calls him a pedophile to his face

Get ready to cringe.

Matt Gaetz was tricked into posing for a photo with a guy pretending to be a superfan who then proceeded to point out how the antigay congressman has been accused of being a pedophile.

The incident happened on a beach in California over the weekend. Gaetz was in the state along with QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for their “America First” fundraising tour, which has reportedly cost them four times more than they’ve actually made.

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Video of the cringeworthy confrontation was shared on Twitter by It shows a man dressed in American flag regalia running up to the pair and saying, “Oh, my God! I’m so excited! Everybody thinks you’re crazy. I don’t think you’re crazy!”

Then he tells Gaetz, “People think you’re a pedophile! I don’t think you’re a pedophile. I don’t think you’re a pedophile at all. The charges against him are totally false.”

That’s when the Gaetz turns to a nearby security guard, who quickly ushers the man away.


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