WATCH: Must-See Musicals Picked by the Pros

IMG_9970All right, everyone, let’s talk musical theater.

Some gays, of course, are walking encyclopedias of the medium. But a lot of us have just cursory knowledge of the basics — Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, Moulin Rouge.

We got to wondering: is there some kind of “Movie Musicals 101” class that we could take to find more great song-and-dance films? If you’re relatively unfamiliar with the medium, if can be hard to know which ones are must-watch (Sister Act) and which ones are best left to the sands of time (At Long Last Love).

So we consulted the experts: the musical flashmobbers at Musical Mondays, a weekly celebration of all things musical at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood. Every Monday night, the Fans of MuMo sing and dance along to a random-ish selection of musical clips that play on the bar’s monitors. Grabbing whatever props and costumes they might’ve brought along to the bar that night, the Fans have seen just about every musical film, Tony clip, and VHS bootleg of Judy performances ever made.

Which musical movies do they consider essential viewing for the musical neophyte? Read on for their recommendations.

Here’s a clip of Andrew and Brian performing “We’ll Take a Glass Together” from Grand Hotel. Among their favorites: Singin’ in the Rain and Thoroughly Modern Millie — but the stage play, not the film.