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WATCH: No One Has Ever Been As “22” As Taylor Swift, Ever!

Taylor Swift, “22”

Hey, new Taylor Swift video! Gays care about Taylor Swift, right? So, N E wayz, Taylor Swift is 22—right? That’s how old she is?—and she’s super totally into it! And so she wrote this song MTV Grammy Award-winning song about how awesome, perfect, crazy, cool, at the same time it is to be 22! She’s just so damn excited to be 22! And to celebrate the exceptional 22-ness of being 22, she invited a whole bunch of her pals over to wear hats and sunglasses and make a makeup skincare tampon commercial music video about it! So let’s all just leave Taylor Swift alone and let Taylor Swift enjoy being Taylor Swift at age 22! Enjoy it while it lasts, kid! 

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  • Chad Hunt

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet. Can she please not go the way of other people with no singing talent and just write for her betters.

  • balehead

    Never understood the Gay’s love for this one…..

  • adam madam

    this will only be remotely enjoyable when we can add the next verse, about how she’s a has-been at 23.

  • Tanooki

    Oh look a bunch of people judging someone they don’t know personally. You must not be gay or you would know what that feels like.

  • Chad Hunt

    @Tanooki: I didn’t judge her, I judged her singing talent or lack their of. I could have said she’s hollywood’s latest fame seeking, slutty, beard but didn’t.

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