WATCH: Olympic Security Personnel Tackle Gay Russian Teen Waving Rainbow Flag During Torch Relay

In a harbinger of the repression yet to come, Olympic security personnel tackled a gay teenager for holding up a rainbow flag during the Olympic torch relay in the town of Voronezh.

Pavel Lebedev was held and questioned by police after law enforcement officers and security men wearing official Olympic uniforms wrestled him to the ground. “Hosting the games here contradicts the basic principles of the Olympics, which is to cultivate tolerance,” Lebedev told the Associated Press.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it’s not surprising that law enforcement officers quickly pounced on Lebedev for protesting the country’s homophobia. What is surprising is that Olympic security personnel went after Lebedev for a silent protest that did not disrupt the torch relay.

Lebedev’s friends uploaded a video of his protest and its aftermath. Judge for yourself for whom Olympic security is making the games safe.   

(H/t: New Civil Rights Movement)

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  • jimbryant

    Russians are Slavs. Slavs are a paranoid people. It explains much of the history of the last 100 years, a history dominated by murder of the Romanov royal family and the purges/genocides associated with Stalin. You had Stalin killing his own people through forced programs designed to fulfil the principles of Communism.

    If even holding a rainbow flag is considered propaganda, you can be sure that Putin’s stormtroopers will be out to crush any sign of gay pride, including in private. Fascists like Putin don’t just stop at the public but extend their reach into private quarters.

    Meanwhile, why aren’t our allies speaking up? The silence reminds me of what I’ve read about the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany – ie ordinary people just stood by silently while Jews were beaten and killed by the Nazis.

  • AuntieChrist

    @jimbryant: I have an idea, why don’t you go to Russia and lend a hand…??? JUST GO NOW…!!!!!!

  • AuntieChrist

    On a more positive note: Did anyone else catch the Daily Show last night..??? John Stewart nailed it.

  • Ay Cee

    So sad… these Olympics are going to be a disaster.. on a side note though – that boy was really cute!

  • concettamiller

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  • mikeincleveland

    Where’s Johnny Weir to defend the law enforcement awfulcers and say it was the teen’s fault?

  • Vegas Tearoom

    Nothing says good morning in Russia like a internal purge. Russia is a sick, paranoid country.

  • stranger2myself

    @jimbryant: Dear anonymous Internet ignorant. I know you are very anti-slavish because you’ve read too much of silly stuff. FYI bringing nazists and some standing silent card about Holocaust of Jews is just pretty damn low move on that topic. Because you are lacking of basic knowledge about Central and Eastern Europe. Not mentioning history of WW2. You should know that being Jewish is about having first Abrahamic religion as belief and all Jews before creating of country Israel had other citizenships. Most of them were living in slavish countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Czech… etc.). Before you post any other crap about Slavs please read:

    BTW. I’m Slavish (Polish). I have freedom that my grandparents fought and won for my country. I’m not prosecuted for being gay. I’m not attacked or called a paedophile by populistic politicians. If you want to blame people for situation in Russia blame only Russians. Blame their politicians, because they always have to create enemy to control people there. There’s no difference for them if it’s NATO, gays, church, Muslims or Jews and aliens. They just need enemy to hate. That’s how it works there.

  • Stefano

    The Olympic Security Personnel just do their job and it was the teen’s fault for holding up a gay flag ! He has no rights to do that. I had enough of the gay drama queens !

  • bdgc

    @Stefano: F**k you troll. If you have “had enough”, then get your b**ch a** off this site.

  • Stefano

    @stranger2myself : “they just need enemy to hate. That’s how it works there.” You can say that of Americans too. Remember Saddam Hussein or Communists or African americans or Fidel Castro, etc ? :-P

  • Stefano

    I forgot : Europe (mostly France and Germany), China, Iran, Iraq, Islamists, etc.

  • Spike

    The Winter Olympics are going to be a huge disaster, and the gay protests will be the least of what is going to go down.

  • redspyder

    @mikeincleveland: jimbryant IS Johnny Weir

  • redspyder

    @mikeincleveland: Allegedly, that is :)

  • AuntieChrist

    @stranger2myself: Dzi?kuj?, ja te? jestem polskim ?ydem i ?e ta osoba bardzo obra?liwe. I wish they would ban that jimbryant.

  • AuntieChrist

    Oops guess Queerty doesn’t do Polish. dzi?kuj?.

  • mezzacanadese

    I feel sorry for any gay living in Russia. A huge percentage of the population is anti-gay. And you do not have to be gay to run afoul of the law. A straight person was arrested for holding up a pro-gay sign in support of his gay friends. I have gay friends in Russia, and feel sick at heart about what they have to put up with. I dread what’s going to happen at Sochi.

  • Robert

    Stephano: Shame on you. You need to find another site to do your gay bashing. Are you in the 5th grade? Sounds like it!

  • sideout

    I’m in no way defending Russia, or their stand on the LGBT issues, but from the security’s perspective you have to view this as a possible threat on the event. He did run into the ‘parade’, regardless of what he was holding. Tackling is also a bit of a strong word… Also – the fact that they are both being childish towards the end by not taking/releasing the flag was a little ridiculous.
    With all of the possible danger that is starting to heat up around these games, I’d be on high alert for anything. I sure as hell wouldn’t go to these games – much safer to watch from home in this case.

  • B Damion

    Awww…this is some funny

    I hope they can get a kung-Fu grip on the terrorist like they got on this flag.

  • marc809

    Stopped supporting financially years ago. They are mainly about making money for themselves. Human rights mean very little to these corrupt officials. They have very little moral fiber.

  • hotshot70

    I’m not gonna watch any of the Olympics. I think we need to all boycott watching it. Give it WORST viewing numbers ever!

  • stranger2myself

    @AuntieChrist: You’re welcome ;)
    @scoobydube: no problem :D BTW It’s “Dziekuje” since queerty don’t support letter “?”

    @marc809: It’s easier to stick to anti-gay topic than saying to people how much money they stole from them in order to give the world expensive show on ice and snow.

  • Errol Semple

    Russian Nazis 2014.

  • ironhorse

    @jimbryant: I bet I get attack by the nazi police here in the isa for fly a pirate flag. I can thank all of you that supported Bush and Obama for keeping the Patriot Act. USA at war with Hackers and Pirates saying we help terrorist. All governments do anything to demonize people.

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