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  • QJ201

    Of course I just sent this to a dozen people.

  • Karl

    I just sent it to a dozen people that I blew[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!].

  • Sceth

    The girl (Lilo?) had me in tears.

  • Pygar

    *sigh* I remember when I used to be spelled “Gaultier.”

  • rar3kain

    man, I’ve actually been going around the house…trying to make up words for a parody with this title and now i find out somebody beat me to it…lol…story of my life

  • Spike

    Gawd I hate creative and original people that come up with this sort of stuff. Way more interesting then pictures of boys in their underwear at some club.

  • driouxcipher

    This kid is indicative of everything wrong with Southern/DC closet culture. He is such an obvious closet case, he might as well be wearing a baseball cap and a plaid shirt at a gay bar (were he old enough). So sad.

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