WATCH: The Gay Mad Men Scene You Always Wanted To See


Aside from the late, lamented Sal, the ad execs of Mad Men are tragically hetero—which is a real shame because they look so fetching in their tailored suits and black-frame glasses. Here popculturepirate has given queer Mad Men-iacs a little sugar vis-a-vis a cute and sexy mashup featuring Don and Roger.

Whew, someone wanna get us a fifth of whiskey and a Marlboro?

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  • MEJ

    It was a great show, until Matthew Weiner decided to turn it into, “The Don Draper Hour”. An excellent ensemble cast was jettisoned in favour of spotlighting Hollywood’s then current it boy, John Hamm, Christina Hendricks’ big tits, and Weiner’s talentless son.

  • Curtis

    Nicely done, and the Judy/Barbra duet at the end was the perfect topper.

  • adamschip

    wow–he looks a lot like Rick Santorum

  • dvlaries

    Pete Campbell & Ken Cosgrove would make a hot couple too, their long-played rivarly just a cover for simmering mutual lust.

    Roger is hot looking, no argument, but at heart he’s an overgrown, whining spoiled brat. A gay pairing of he and Don, would only net Don a male Betsy, and he doesn’t need another one. Don with a man, oh God yes, but a better one.

    {{Happy dance.}} Eight more nights, and we finally get a fifth season. Alert to other fans, the first new one on the 25th is a two-hour, and starting at 9, not the usual 10.

  • Curtis


  • Curtis

    Thats one way to make a breeder show look kinda gay

  • Curtis

    Straight male “companionship” will always be hot, (if you stick to thinking about the gay innuendos), but seriously, its retarded.

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