WATCH: The Irish Version of the Jersey Shore Is Jaw-Droppingly Homoerotic

When it comes down to it, the guys of the Jersey Shore are fairly uninvolved with one another—at least in a way that suggests being gay. Sure, they go to the gym, tan in excess and wax their bodies to the point of prepubescence. But they’re not really into homoerotic stuff like ass slaps and nut grabs.

Cue Tallafornia, an Emerald Isle rip-off of the Seaside Heights classic. The title is a play on the Dublin neighborhood Tallaght, which, according to, is “well-known for its unique blend of working-class Dublin savvy.”

In other words, it’s like Staten Island.

But this isn’t just Vinny and Ronny with Irish brogues or an untanned Snooki drinking a Guinness. In the clip below, even the voice-over narrators say it’s like the start of a gay porn. (“They’re just waiting for those pesky girlfriends to go home!”)

At one point, the lads grab one of the boys out of a hot tub, rip off his trunks and flail around with his naked, mayonnaise-white body.

We’re sure their mums are so proud.

Source: Gawker