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  • chiDan

    The only thing missing is the nacho cheese (from 7-eleven) poured into the bag of cheetos.

  • scribe31

    should be called “shit dumb fuckers do, trying to be Madnea”

  • bagooka

    I lol’d.


    “Bitch, Chew got me fuk’d up” LOFL. sounds just like my sister. Love this. +1.

  • um

    funny; except for the joke about her being beaten (presumably by a black male partner). this is fuc^ed on so many levels, including:
    1. perpetuating the stereotype that black women are physically abused more than other women
    2. perpetuating the stereotype that black men are physically more aggressive than other men
    3. making a joke out of a woman speaking back to and threatening the person (male partner?) hurting her
    4. all of this made worse by the fact that it’s not done by a woman*

    *it is reasonable to assume this the main character is being played by a cisman who is doing drag as a joke. while gender id and expression and drag can all be very complicated, the video doesn’t hint to being a film that radically pushes gender

  • um

    @um: i’m talking about the part that starts at about 1:10-1:16 where she says, while crying “put your hands on me again, i’m serious – i swear, i’m gonna call my brother over hear. pack your play station and get out”.

    please don’t say this was a joke. i get it was a joke. i think it’s a problem it was a joke. i don’t think it was funny. let’s all stop making rape and IPV jokes, especially racialized ones please.

  • NP

    @um: you can’t be serious…nitpicking about ONE thing. if i wanted to i could quote every line and find something sexist/racist/stereotypical. but i’d be wasting my time.

    stop bitching and enjoy the video. it’s a joke damnit.

    also…@Dan Avery why is his sexuality in question if he dresses in drag for 3 minutes? chill with the assumptions, bro.

  • stevoj

    @scribe31: who or what is Madnea? lol you ventured a long way from the d and e

  • matt baume

    I think my favorite thing about this is that black girls and white girls really do not seem all that different.

  • Gregorie

    Yeah, I think some of the lines are intentionally the same. Delete, delete, delete!

  • scribe31

    @stevoj: it was early… lol

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