WATCH: Tom Daley Comes Out! Says He’s Happy And Dating A Guy

Though there has been a fair amount of speculation, and many a furtive wet dream, leading up to this moment, Olympic diving twunk (twink + hunk) Tom Daley has come out.

In a video he posted to his YouTube today, Daley admits he’s only been willing to talk about things with which he’s comfortable. Now that he’s in a serious relationship, having met and fallen for a guy recently, he’s been able to take a figurative dive by publicly acknowledging his sexuality for the first time.

“Now I kind of feel ready to talk about my relationships,” Daley says. “Come spring this year, my life changed. Massively. When I met someone. And it made me feel so happy. So safe. And everything just feels so great. Well, that someone is a guy.”

Daley says he was “taken by surprise” by his new relationship, and though he still “fancies” girls, he says he couldn’t be happier.

Maybe that’s what that clandestine coffee canoodling with Dustin Lance Black was about back in October. Perhaps he was seeking coming-out advice. Or maybe there was something more. Either way, mazel! Welcome to the family, Tom.  In celebration, here’s a gif that never gets old:



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