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WATCH: A true-crime thriller about the systematic hunting of LGBTQ people

Streaming giant Netflix has just released the first trailer for Operation Hyacinth, a new thriller based on a true story of police hunting down a city’s gay population.

Set in Poland in the 1980s, Operation Hyacinth follows a police investigator named Robert on the trail of a serial killer targeting gay men. Rather than target only the killer, Robert’s superiors order him to begin hunting down and identifying all gay men in Warsaw for prosecution and imprisonment. Much as in the United States, Eastern Europe saw a huge spike in homophobia during the period due to the AIDS crisis. Robert begins to bond with a gay police informant named Arek, and soon begins to realize their relationship could put them both in extreme danger…for more than just one reason.

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Operation Hyacinth premiered this summer at Poland’s New Horizons Film Festival to much acclaim. The film arrives on Netflix on October 13.

Have a look at the trailer, and try not to feel a chill.