Watch What Happens When Rock Bottom Just Means Your Cocktail Needs A Refill

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.03.12 AMWe’ve seen his ups, we’ve seen his downs. Well, it’s pretty much all been downs with g0-go boy Danny Carter. Three DUI’s, unemployed, broke and with some serious substance abuse issues. Is this rock bottom?

In the final episode of Jimmy Fowlie‘s Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Danny asks the same question. “Like Katherine Heigl in the final season of Grey’s Anatomy, I was done. Forever,” he tells us. And just when it looks like reality may have finally broken through to him, he regresses back to true form.

For previous episodes head here, and be sure to look for Jimmy in season 2 of Lisa Kudrow’s equal parts meta and awkward The Comeback.