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  • Ron

    sounds a bit like woody Allen (just a bit)

  • Codswallop

    This ad strikes me as strangely homophobic. The point of the ad is that in nature you’d NEVER hear questioning like this. “Nature has nothing to hide.” So if follows that a dilemma about ones sexuality or having a sexuality that doesn’t ‘match’ your biology is “unnatural”

    Not that it’s terribly, blatantly homophobic or that I’m up in arms about it, but if you follow the subtext to its natural conclusion it leans that way.

  • pierre

    I don’t get it.

  • Baba Booey

    Like going to the gym too much? Obessive compulsiveness when it comes to masculinity? Straight-acting? Self-loathing?

  • Baba Booey

    I can’t imagine the life of a self-loathing gay Penguin obsessed with the gym and chillin’ with his bros. It must be very hard.

  • testflyer

    Some snail species are hermaphroditic, while others have separate sexes.

    Some land snails and slugs are not only hermaphroditic, but also cross-fertilize.

  • scribe37

    @Codswallop: It is funny how different people can watch the same piece and come up with different takes. I saw it as saying same-sex attracted animals don’t stress over what they want, just enjoy (lack of social stress, disapproving parents, church, etc). It would be silly for an animal to think that’s its behavior is wrong, because it is just acting on instinct, just as it is stupid for humans to feel guilty and overwhelmed by the world for how they are made.

  • Max the Communist

    At last, a charming mascot for the bi community!

    Hang in there, snail buddy and remember–femme is fab.

  • Chuck


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